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  1. Hello, I was wondering if somebody could assess my chances at Queens for next year. Stats: 3.6 CGPA, 3.92 B/L2, 158 W1 and 168 W2. Graduated this year. Also have comparatively strong ECs (research/ivey published case/law firm experience) and I would imagine strong references. Thanks!
  2. That is certainly very encouraging (though I must say my avg. noted is B3 not CGPA). Thanks for the confidence boost though, looking like I will definitely be spending the majority of my free time over the next few months making sure my application/PS is as strong as possible. Will probably end up sending a few PMs over the course of the next few months - thanks for offering!
  3. This is the exact type of feedback I was hoping for - thanks so much for taking the time. Again appreciate the honesty; will make sure my PS is up to par.
  4. Thanks very much for your insight - appreciate your honesty. Will hopefully be able to craft a good PS over the next few months.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind assessing my chances for next year (as noted in title, B3: 3.84 (OLSAS), LSAT: 168 (2nd write), 158 first write). I have now completed all four years of undergrad. Additional information: - Comparatively strong ECs based on other posts/students' ECs (significant research focus among other things) - Law firm experience (3 summers, part-time over fourth year, and the upcoming year); have heard very mixed reviews on the value of this (useless to relatively useful); founding lawyer went to UofT if that makes a difference - Considered to have very strong writing skills by many professors in undergrad (hopefully translating to average/above average essays) - Extra courses in final three semesters (7, 6, 6; 5 is a full course-load); would also appreciate any insight into how this may affect my B3
  6. Hey everyone, could I get an assessment of my chances? L2 = 4.05/4.3; LSAT = 158; strong ECs and references; Ontario resident
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