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  1. Yeah it’s weird, but my school only added a fall break last year. We used to go straight through with no break at all. It also only affects a minority of one year of students. It’s the only thing I would change, but I don’t think it really matters.
  2. I mean move the break for all law students, but I think you mean all students at the University. I can see why a school wouldn’t want different breaks for different undergrad programs. I also don’t really care. We added the fall break for the first time last year and it was funny to me that it didn’t line up with any part of the recruit. It just seemed like an odd choice.
  3. Nothing. Our reading week doesn’t even line up with in-firms. The only thing I’d change is moving the reading week. I don’t think students should get accommodations for the job recruit.
  4. Can you leave a pair of shoes in the office? If so, just wear boots for your commute. To keep warm, I’m quite sure you can buy an overcoat that will fit “over” your suit.
  5. I see both sides... I was ghosted by some firms in the 1L recruit and didn't apply again in 2L out of spite. On the other hand, a large firm emailed me after call day to let me know they wouldn't be calling, and my reaction was "...I KNOW!"
  6. About the only thing I can think of that's "unfair" about what's happening now is that "top" candidates are artificially restrained from meeting all the firms that want to meet them. If I'm an A student, I'm probably going to have to turn down some in-firm invites. If I leave without an offer I'm going to feel hard done by because I didn't get to meet all the firms that wanted to meet me, and maybe one of those firms would have hired me. But is that unfair? What's wrong with a firm benefiting from a student self-selecting out? In the example above, I've decided that I'd accept offers from all the firms I chose to meet with over all the firms I rejected. The firms I rejected get to meet students who've decided they'd accept an offer from those firms. Presumably, those students are excited to meet the firms I rejected. Those students aren't like me, who'd only accept an offer from a firm I rejected once I became desperate after striking out at my preferred firms. Of course, many students just want an offer; but should firms have to spend time interviewing students who'd accept five or six other offers before theirs just to make students feel better? And what about the non-top candidates who would possibly be pushed out when top candidates "settle" for offers from firms farther down their list? That just makes grades matter even more than they do now. They can't hire everyone. Someone is always going to feel they didn't get a fair shake, no matter what kind of a system you design. As BQ said elsewhere, logistically it's not that bad. It's also over so fast; end of August to early November feels long, but imagine if it were dragged out even longer?
  7. Eventually. You got a job, congratulations.
  8. I’ve always guessed he got a job through the 1L one.
  9. I’m not sure he can. He fits in well with a certain segment of Bay St. lawyers, that’s for sure.
  10. Nah. If you got as far in the process as you did, you had some champions inside the firms pushing you along. You'll never know why they were overruled, but I bet they're pretty pissed off about it; there's a comment in last year's thread about partners stomping around the halls because their picks didn't get offers. Dust off the application package and get them out there.
  11. Things sound much better at the Harvard of the North.
  12. The same applies. I have classmates who went on holiday - not exchange - for the first month or two of school.
  13. I think you’ll probably be surprised at your 2L grades. Mine all went way up. Remember that in your upper year courses you’re fighting the curve with 3Ls who may have drastically checked out...
  14. You should definitely stop. Admissions start in Nov-December for the top candidates and roll all the way through to the end of the summer for waitlists. Walk away for a bit, someone will email you if anything changes.
  15. Although candidates can hold their offers, I believe it wraps up pretty quickly in practice. I think usually what happens when a candidate receives an offer from Firm A but is hoping for one from Firm B, the candidate will hold offer A and call Firm B to confirm they have filled all of their positions. Once Firm B confirms, they’ll call Firm A back to accept. I suppose a candidate could receive two offers and then take a full day to decide, but I think that’s a rare case. If candidates flatly turn them down, the firm just moves down to the next name on its call list.
  16. Did you end up with 2nds today? If so, likely the same way. If not, you should send some emails to recruiters at firms that haven’t outright rejected you to see if you can come in tomorrow to meet more people.
  17. All quiet on the Western front... everyone must be at dinner.
  18. I hear ya; just barely though over the tinnitus. Wear earplugs everyone! It’s so much cooler than not.
  19. ^that is a bit different. I have heard horror stories, so I’m glad that wasn’t your experience.
  20. It's really frustrating when firms do this, I'm sorry you had that experience.
  21. 8-10pm? You guys are crazy (or maybe my firm was just different). Once things heated up I rolled in for ~9:30 and tried to be out by 7 or 8 (admittedly, this wasn’t always possible). It’s harder to get out early since workflow through the day is so unpredictable, so I chose to sleep in a bit instead.
  22. Why are you wondering these things? Just roll with it, your week sounds like it’s still going well.
  23. I asked to meet some more people in the groups I wanted to work in. I should add that I was still deciding at that point, so I did want to meet more people!
  24. Probably not. Send a note to the student recruiter in the AM to confirm the time.
  25. What the fuck are you talking about. When did Don Quixote log on?
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