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  1. Ultravires makes one every year, you’ll find it somewhere on their site.
  2. The OLE solicitor’s index is hilariously awful. Whoever made it clearly got tired about 3/4 of the way through. Just an absolute rag,
  3. Almost zero. My gpa was 2.5 and my lsat was 171 and I was not accepted as a regular applicant anywhere. I didn’t apply to Windsor but “holistic” does not mean they throw all the numbers out the window.
  4. Corp/Sec is usually held at the Federal Court in Toronto with a dinner at Osgoode Hall (the LSO one on Queen St).
  5. Davies Corp/Securites and Willms & Shier Environmental have been cancelled.
  6. I bought a cheap watch with a brown strap to match my belt for interviews and then never wore it again. Not a watch guy. It was totally unnecessary.
  7. If work would pay me more to make up for the extra square feet I now have to have then maybe I’d think about it. But I also want to be paid more to make up for the office perks I don’t enjoy anymore. And I’m very curious about what the big shops are doing for dinner these days...
  8. Apparently the market in Oakville, Burlington, Milton etc is absolutely white hot, as is the cottage market.
  9. Again, this is nice for folks with WFH setups who want to use them. This is very inconvenient for couples where both partners are young professionals who now have to find space for two home offices. I’ll be working for a firm that will give me a place to work, and if they all dry up I guess I’m opening my own office.
  10. Perhaps investigate some spin on the Toronto. It’s so simple though I’m not sure what you’d do.
  11. It’s likely still 8000 characters, it was in the 2016 cycle as well.
  12. So you must complete two years of in-class study, on top of however long your degree would take, if you go to an online law school. Just don’t do this, anyone. This gets ragged on every time it gets brought up not only because many posters think online school is bad, but also because the NCA requires two years of in-person study, full stop.
  13. I don’t think many people can answer this, and if someone can, they probably shouldn’t. Think about what you’re asking...
  14. I think this is a prior summer, but I believe Bennett Jones has had its summers come in, though I don’t know if that’s an everyday thing or just for training or what.
  15. It should be included with your westlaw subscription which you may not have access to yet.
  16. Before the applicable deadline.
  17. I don’t see how a Housing and Disability Support placement is going to help your chances on Bay St if you have a B average.
  18. I suggest you don’t buy it new, there should be a billion floating around. You don’t need it after 1L and many 1Ls use it.
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