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  1. You're a 2L summer in 2020? If your offer letter was at $1700/wk, you're at "market."
  2. What sort of flexibility are you imagining? Law is unfortunately not the most portable profession.
  3. Don’t apply to the 1L formal recruit with a transcript of Cs unless you’re.. I don’t know, a former professional athlete or something similarly impressive.
  4. PSA... you can probably get Scotia to go to Prime + 0. That's what I have; I just needed to show them that someone else had already offered that. Go to TD, get an offer at Prime, then see if Scotia will reduce their rate.
  5. I don't know anything about the National program, but the website is likely talking about a 4.0 on the Ottawa JD GPA scale, which is: A+(10), A(9), A-(8), B+(7), B(6), C+(5), C(4), D+(3), etc. down to 0.
  6. It's incredibly unlikely that you will get a 1L offer out of Ottawa. If you don't have mostly (and you should really have nothing less) than As, you likely won't receive an interview. January term is a perfect opportunity to prepare your application without hurting your grades. You'll have lots of time to work on it, just get it out of the way. If you want to apply, treat it as a chance to prepare your resume and cover letter for the 2L recruit. Hopefully it turns into something more than that.
  7. What in the world are you talking about.
  8. Lots of people transfer after 1L, complain about Ottawa, and wish they weren’t there. That these other posters “never” heard that is surprising, but I guess that comes with a 300 student class. That said, it has no bearing on campus “morale” that I saw.
  9. All entirely possible. I should turn on my NALP Canada alerts to keep up.
  10. Why don’t I think that’s a change for BJ? For some reason I thought they were already above the standard grid but could easily be mistaken.
  11. Ah well. It’s not that bad but it changes the job search. It’ll be gone eventually.
  12. So the troll account was deleted?
  13. Speaking of “no solid arguments,” your appeals to the various authorities of your American-trained friend, Jeremy Diamond, and the Raptors aren’t nearly as persuasive as you believe them to be.
  14. Is this sarcasm, or are you actually thanking an anonymous and quite possibly trolling person on the internet?
  15. For some, I’m sure it is. For most, at least for 1L, you’re only hurting yourself if you’re not putting school first.
  16. Apply General then, if you have the stats.
  17. ^ what in the world is this. I’ll edit this to say that living frugally is a good thing to do when you’re facing down debt. But fuck off about what “Canadian youth need to learn.”
  18. I mean, good luck. We almost all get a few Bs though, just the way it is.
  19. I got a job through the 2L Toronto recruit and have terrible undergrad grades. They came up twice during interviews at different firms. That many students from Oz and UT end up on Bay St has more to do with the thought that those are good law schools but nothing to do with undergrad grades. Generally, the lowest tier 1L students at any school aren't going to land on Bay, even if they had a 4.0 in undergrad.
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