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  1. This is insane. I hope they get their heads out of their ass and announce some things that make more sense in the next few days.
  2. Not really an obvious thread for this... LSO cancelled the June bar just now.
  3. They're for corona. Generally though, the routes in/out of Ottawa to Gatineau are a disaster in the morning/afternoon rush. Plus parking on campus is prohibitively expensive; I'm not sure how the public transit situation works, but busses have to sit in traffic too.
  4. Cons: You'll live in QC, which means you'd have to change all your documents over, including health card, etc. Your commute will be hell. QC has currently set up checkpoints to screen people coming in/out of the province; hopefully they'll be gone by the fall, but who knows!
  5. (Assuming this is an OCI-type firm that hired you in the fall) Have they sent you anything about the summer program? Start date, a questionnaire, forms they need you to fill out, etc? If so, just assume things are going ahead normally until you hear otherwise.
  6. Have you heard nothing at all, or have you heard that they will keep you updated? If the former, you should reach out. If the latter, they told you they would keep you updated so they likely will.
  7. Great point. If they choose a winter recruit I’d be curious to see which kinds of courses students clamour to get into for the fall: black letter courses with an predictable curve, or seminars for the transcript?
  8. Generally you leave because you're not making partner, though that's changing a bit with people hanging around as "Counsel."
  9. Real Estate at Ottawa is a joke. One prof does it all and hasn't updated his course/exam in years (it's closed-book for a reason!).
  10. My thought too, but I don't know why firms would also delay the articling start date if things are back to "normal," and don't know that most firms have room for two classes of students for the month of overlap.
  11. What a creative new twist on asking for legal advice!
  12. I have a paper I've been putting off cleaning up to submit for publishing. I'll be dusting that off and finishing another one. I could have been doing that all along, but I've been spending most of my time not wearing pants and doing puzzles.
  13. Many students live in Sandy Hill or the Golden Triangle. The vast, vast majority of students live off-campus. Ottawa doesn't even have enough spaces for their first-entry undergraduates.
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