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  1. Bruh nobody is signing up in the early windows. They’re law students, of course they’re going to neurotically take too much time to over-prepare.
  2. I’m so exhausted by this stupid exam. I’m writing on the 14th and can’t wait. Tomorrow I’ll be scheduling the solicitor for the 4th so I can salvage at least a month this summer. I can’t wait for this to be over.
  3. Not at all. Think of how students on waitlists would feel if students who had already been accepted elsewhere were allowed to sit on U of T’s (for example) waitlist until September. Waitlists would only move at the last possible moment, leaving waitlisted students little time to plan and move.
  4. Ryerson is not Apple and you’re the first to bring up “prestige.” Absent unique circumstances (must live in GTA during law school, for example), nobody should go to Ryerson over any other Ontario school except for perhaps Lakehead, especially this year. Think networking is going to be hard with an online 1L? Try doing it when there are zero grads in the profession.
  5. Why? All of my friends who went to Ottawa work with me in the GTA.
  6. Had you been spending your summer reading the Ontario bar materials like some of us, you would have known to have set up a “tickler” system to remind you of important dates!
  7. They did say that long term stability “is there.” Even if I wanted to leave, I’d stick around until we know how this pandemic is going to shake out, at least.
  8. I wouldn’t open myself up to the prospect of having to look for a job in whatever kind of economy exists a year from now with a mortgage and dependant.
  9. Lol. The Ottawa grad and Ottawa practitioner (I can't remember if erinl2 went to Ottawa as well) with many thousands of posts between them don't know what they're talking about in the Ottawa thread. Edit: I will say that I agree though; you should let your provisional go firm and go to law school in the fall rather than take your chances. Law school applications soared during the last recession, I'd get in while you can.
  10. If it didn’t work this way, students who have offers and are on waitlists would drag out their decision all the way up until September, leaving schools and other candidates who are only on waitlists with less certainty.
  11. If you’ve been following the Ottawa-related threads, the class is likely full and the waitlist has been made. Last year, the class was filled by July 13 and the waitlist apparently saw little movement. A few students who were not placed on the waitlist remained “under evaluation” until they were rejected. No news from Ottawa at this point is likely bad news. Call Ottawa for the faint chance you might receive an offer there, but take the Windsor offer if they say anything other than “you’re getting an offer.”
  12. Mooting was a no-brainer for me since there’s a moot that is literally exactly my desired practice area (and what I will be articling in) that will never come up in a clinic. I was incredibly fortunate that the issue in my year happened to be a kind of litigation that I was drawn to long before law school but didn’t know anything about in the Canadian setting, and our research turned up a strange jurisprudential development that I built a DRP in 3L on. For me, everything dovetailed perfectly to create an incredibly solid foundation to start my career.
  13. I got the actual email yesterday and nothing this morning, but everyone I know who didn't got one at 4am today. We all signed up yesterday.
  14. Solicitors isn’t open yet. Just Barristers today.
  15. I wonder how they arrived at this vendor. Someone in a chat shared a picture of the address of their head office, which is a suburban bungalow. Sadly I haven’t been able to verify this for myself, but I choose to believe Don is sweating in his kitchen office trying to sort this all out right now.
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