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  1. I was a mature candidate with a very high LSAT and a cGPA in the 2.5 range and Ottawa accepted me, so they definitely consider other factors.
  2. 1. I did what interested me (research for profs/moot/writing workshops for other students). I "joined" many clubs but most clubs at my school seem to exist solely as CV-stuffers for the execs. I mentioned none of the clubs I joined on my own CV. 2. I very much doubt they care how many clubs someone joins. I know the lit boutiques I met with cared that I was mooting, and the writing stuff came up as something to talk about. 3. Mooting was excellent, but a lot of work. I can't wait to not do a moot in 3L. 4. You'll be fine. I worked weekends right up until the exam period in 1L.
  3. Ottawa sends nothing, unfortunately. I suspect that they need to send 3-4x the offers as the smaller schools to fill a class and the cost just didn't make sense anymore. It's a real shame; they wonder why their alumni don't have much good to say about the administration but they certainly don't make it easy on us. Ottawa has some incredible, incredible professors in the faculty, but the school itself has a hard time staying out of its own way.
  4. If you're right, their accreditation should be immediately withdrawn. You're getting about a 1/3 of the options available at any of those schools, plus one less semester. I hate this.
  5. Looks terrible. "Social Innovation and the Law" and "Legal Innovation" are required courses but you're out of luck if you want to learn about securities or tax.
  6. I have a friend who did an SPI. If you send me your question via PM I may be able to answer it.
  7. From the article, the program runs through the University of Saskatchewan: https://law.usask.ca/programs/nunavut-law-program.php
  8. This is a terrible hierarchy. If you don't get into Western you should finish your degree and then apply to every law school in Canada.
  9. On a more practical note, it is much easier to get reference letters or RA positions if your profs actually know who you are.
  10. Fair enough, I got my numbers from the Ultra Vires special.
  11. I also had to choose between Ottawa and Western. I chose Ottawa. Most days I think I would make the same decision if doing it again. Some days I don't. Not a ringing endorsement, I know, but it's an honest one. I wasn't aware that Ottawa's reputation is "diminishing"; if you think Bay St. hiring means anything (and I don't think that it does, really, but it is a metric), Ottawa placed more students on Bay this summer than any of the previous five years, and at most of the biggest firms. We didn't get any at Davies, but then neither did Osgoode. But you don't care about that. Ottawa is rapidly becoming more focused on social justice issues in law. It's clear that they are attempting to attract a particular kind of student, which is fine and I'm sure will work well for them even though I don't agree with it. The building is awful, but not overcrowded. I'm there every single day and have never had a hard time finding a desk to study and and usually get the same one most days. Don't get me wrong though, the building is bad. The student population is very diverse. Most people aren't doing Bay St. but that's also because many people had no interest in doing it whatsoever. I don't know how hard RA positions are to come by, but it seems as though if you have the grades you have a good shot. I've worked for two professors and can think of five or six of my friend group who have had RA jobs as well. The clinics were either not very popular this year, or they were unsatisfied with the applicants; they extended the application deadline twice and sent a number of emails inviting students to apply (of course, this could have just been a one-time thing). None of my friends are on the law review, but none of us applied either. I meant to but forgot about the deadline last year. I don't know anything about government positions because I've never looked into them; hopefully someone else can answer those questions for you. This is purely anecdotal, but all of my friends have paid legal work in the 2L summer, and the 3Ls I know have articling jobs. If social justice and class diversity are your priorities, you would be very happy (probably happiest) at Ottawa.
  12. I don't think the poster was saying it is mind-boggling that someone would choose Ottawa, just commenting about the disparity between the markets.
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