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  1. It really depends on the firm. Some like to ask a few behavioural questions (Describe a time where you faced x challenge and how you responded... Tell us about a good/bad experience you had on a team, etc). These are a waste of everyone’s time, but come up with a few stories so you’re not sitting there with nothing to say. You can often use the same story for a bunch of these questions so don’t worry about trying to imagine every question they could ask. Other firms are much more casual and it’s more of a conversation than an interview.
  2. Just start with the CEDs or Halsburys or a textbook for literally every task and you should be fine.
  3. Since you should be writing your exam on a computer (GM I think you’re a little older so might be inclined to write by hand but I’m older and tried both and say definitely don’t write by hand!), another trick I would do is start my exam by putting in each issue as a heading, and then filling in that outline with my analysis. Depending on the exam, I would also put the elements of the relevant test (if there was one for the issue) as subheadings. That way, if time gets tight, at least it’s on the page (and you won’t forget about it!). You can throw a sentence at it, or maybe not even if time is that tight, but at least you saw it and said something about it.
  4. I loved every minute of law school but would absolutely hate it this year. I went back when I was older, so law school was a fun vacation from being a grown-up for me. I feel very sorry for students who are missing the social experience this year.
  5. ^ They’re in Feb 21 with March “in-firms” this cycle.
  6. I’d pick a day and take a day. A full day off is just so good.
  7. I might not lift a finger this weekend and it shall be glorious.
  8. I don’t think this is weird. Maybe wait until the weekend is over and then ask the recruiter for feedback on your application (they likely aren’t going to be fielding emails from other candidates the weekend after Call Day). The worst thing that will happen is they won’t reply. The second-worst is they will reply with a non-answer. Beyond that, any reply will likely be helpful.
  9. It’s gonna be a weird year since some (most?) schools went pass/fail for 1L. That said, a B+ average should land you a few OCIs. I don’t know if the breakdown matters. If it helps, I had 5 A- and 3 B+ and received five OCIs and one in-firm invite from a non-OCI firm. A friend had 4 A- and 4 B+ (possibly 3 B+, 1 B, I can’t specifically recall) and nine OCIs.
  10. It’s probably nicer than doing everything in 2.5 days and cutting firms out that you’d have accepted offers from simply because you don’t have time for them and want other firms more... and then leaving the week with zero offers.
  11. On the other hand, you can have zero ECs or community involvement, like me, and also go to law school. I wouldn’t stress about this. Focus on your GPA and LSAT.
  12. True, though it’s definitely not sending the message they’re apparently desperate to convey.
  13. It’s weird to me that nobody thinks about the optics of these things. I never send correspondence to anyone past a reasonable hour unless I know they’re expecting to see it come in that night or we’ve been talking throughout the night. I always draft what I want to send and then actually send it at 8:30am or whatever. In Gmail I had something where I could schedule the send, I’m sure outlook has a similar feature. You just look... more prepared and less possibly crazy.
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