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  1. I think they are wondering about accepting an invite to a Wednesday meal when interviews are on Monday and Tuesday.
  2. If it's anything like the Torys breakfast, everyone is invited and then discouraged from attending if things don't pan out on Monday and Tuesday.
  3. Most firms send ITCs so that students know they're interested and can plan their call day appropriately. Not all firms send PFOs.
  4. @Uriel is this really the thread to be talking about Morgans? The climate around here would turn their airship into the Hindenburg.
  5. I know. I said “every” firm (minus the typo). In other news, U of T sounds like a snake pit.
  6. Wasn't U of T on Thursday or something? Jesus man, let them have their long weekend. I'd be blown away if every first finalized their in-firm invites on Friday.
  7. Rashabon said everything I was about to. Holy shit man. Walk away from your computer and enjoy your Saturday morning.
  8. Definitely not to Q2. I had great interviews that went nowhere, and a couple that sputtered that led to an in-firm invite anyway.
  9. This is more what I am talking about; 9-6 strikes me more as what is “possible” than what actually happens for many of the lawyers I’ve worked with. Not to mention being in the office 9-6 doesn’t include the 2-3 hours at home after dinner, or in the morning before coming in.
  10. 9-6 with “occasional” evenings and weekends sounds like a lie, unless they were talking about their summer program.
  11. They could only get these stats from self-reporting, and I don't think it would work: authenticated self-reporting would require students to admit they did poorly (unlikely) and anonymous self-reporting could't be verified. Best not to concern yourself with these things and just worry about what you can control instead.
  12. Nobody can answer this. Has it happened once? Probably. Will it happen again? Who knows. Is it common? Nobody knows. From the student side, the only exposure we have to OCIs is our own, that of our close friends, and what we hear through the grapevine. On the firm side, they don’t really know which candidates are interviewing elsewhere.
  13. ^^^^ still how they do it at Ottawa. Edit: Oops, I was referring to someone reading the Rules at you.
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