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  1. easttowest

    Law School Calendar

  2. easttowest

    Here is My Situation... (3.01, 3.5, 149)

    The analogy fits. You seem set on it, so good luck in the UK.
  3. easttowest

    Gap year ideas?

    Work in a restaurant or other customer-facing role if you haven't already. Customer-service skills are highly transferable and ridiculously easy to acquire. Edit: I should say the opportunities to develop those skills are easy to acquire, not necessarily the skills themselves!
  4. easttowest

    Calgary lockstep bump

    No fucking kidding.
  5. easttowest

    Reading ahead

    Read as much of everything that you ever wanted to read before coming to law school... you may not get another chance!
  6. I mean, I came in from Nepean in 1L, so you could do it... it was terrible, though.
  7. easttowest

    Law school attire

    Excellent advice. Bay Days are just great, I grabbed my second suit during a fortuitously-timed Bay Days right before in-firms this fall. 50% off and under $400. I am fortunate that a decent Calvin Klein number fits me off the rack every time with only a bit of hemming required.
  8. What decade are you in? Our internet is $50 or less.
  9. It includes parking and everything except internet.
  10. Ottawa is not as cheap as I expected. I pay more now for a really nice one-bedroom ($1750, including $150 for parking) than I did in Vancouver for a almost brand-new loft in Gastown. That said, it is really nice and has everything we wanted. We also saw some two-bedrooms in the same price range. $1000 might be a stretch.
  11. Definitely not. I'm over 30 and had a professional life and am quite comfortable.
  12. I live with my partner and we had a bit of a tough time, but that's because we needed things like parking and in-suite laundry. If you're not so picky the options grow considerably. I recommend coming to town and walking the streets if you feel like you're striking out online. The weekend we came up to view our current place I was able to set up two more viewings just by calling the numbers on signs outside of houses.
  13. I think they're more or less the same. Sandy Hill you can basically live right on top of the law building and the walk is generally on flat ground. Golden Triangle the walk is generally a bit farther and you might have to climb stairs to get to the bridge over the canal. Triangle is also right on Elgin where there are a few decent bars people go to, if that's your thing. Elgin is currently under construction and will be closed both ways for I believe another year, which could make driving a pain. I don't know all the details but you should look into that if you think it might affect you. I'd go for Sandy Hill, but that's just because I essentially live on campus and love having my bed a five minute walk away.
  14. easttowest

    Clerkships 2019

    I know of a SCC interview offer.
  15. easttowest

    Open house invitation

    Very strange. I hope everything works out for you.