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  1. Can help you with McGill guide.
  2. Whatever you want. Might be nice to have to kill time during long speeches. However you want.
  3. I imagine what this means is they don’t give offers until after the OCI-recruit offers have gone out, and therefore comply with the LSO guidelines. I think you’re fine. Blaney McMurtry and WeirFoulds are two Big law firms that don’t do the recruit and start their process after the OCI one has wrapped up. I’m sure smaller shops do the same.
  4. I very much doubt one like that exists. Additionally, most scholarships at Ottawa are only available to people who can qualify as Ontario residents for the purposes of applying for OSAP.
  5. If you are in Access I believe they are mandatory.
  6. You’re in a great position one year out of your undergrad. Do you have student debt? Why not get rid of that and save some money while you decide if you really want to spend ~$65,000 on tuition alone so that you can maybe earn the same amount of money you’re making right now four years after you leave your job (depending on where you end up finding a law job).
  7. You do not need to work in a law-related job after 1L.
  8. That’s what I mean. What other recruiting efforts could you focus on now (in August)?
  9. Elsewhere on what? If you want to work in Toronto no one else is recruiting right now.
  10. This sounds weirdly familiar. Practically though, stacking an LLM immediately onto a JD doesn’t seem that useful unless you plan on staying in academia.
  11. Windsor also did very well in the 2L summer recruit this year. Ottawa does okay, about 33-35 students in Toronto each summer.
  12. Really not that big a deal. "You write it, I'll read and sign it" is pretty normal. Not common, in my experience asking and getting letters for various things, but once in a while.
  13. Yeah, there’s no scholarship. I’ve been on Dean’s List every term and this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. https://scholarships.uottawa.ca/p/a/17146/ I looked because I was curious. Scholarship does not apply to common law.
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