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  1. Surprised you’re still waiting. I had a lower GPA and slightly lower LSAT but was accepted in December at UWO (likely an alma mater bump, they love Western grads) and in February at Ottawa. Ottawa is weird though.
  2. My friends and I had a no exam talk rule that worked well.
  3. I believe this was discussed in the Toronto Raises thread.
  4. It will be hard to adjust to going back to the office but I think getting out of the house regularly will be better in the long run. I will never live 1.5 hours from work, I’ve done it before and it does not fit with my way of living. I took a number of 9pm or later taxis home during my summer and I’m not looking forward to those. What I’ll probably do is make sure I have a decent home set up and leave at 6ish and pick it up from home. The trade off is losing free food for working late, but that’s a novelty that I can see wearing off when I’d just rather be home.
  5. Someone said in the 2020/21 Raises thread that NRF matched the associate bonuses. I would imagine that means they matched articling as well.
  6. I’d be very interested in hearing about the difficulties of making partner. That seems super useful and informative to a prospective applicant. In fact, I can think of few things more useful. In any event, it seems that firms are going to try a one-off (yes technically two because the payment is divided) bonus event rather than raises this year. I suspect that might tide a few people over until next year who don’t really want to leave but might if it does end up being more of the same.
  7. True but we don’t have to work those weeks. I’ll take the trade.
  8. I expect all of the somehow-related seven firms plus probably BJ will pay at least $5k (if Davies goes higher they’ll be on their own) and then it will be hit or miss beyond that. I don’t expect it to be widespread but I could be wrong of course.
  9. The 10k thing is apparently not true.
  10. Oh I know. I saw a brand-new “two bedroom” on Jarvis somewhere that was like somebody had described what a unit should look like from memory to a person who had never seen one, and then that person built it. The living room couldn’t actually fit a couch AND a tv stand. The “second bedroom” might have accommodated a cot, and the “office nook” may not have been wide enough for more than an end table. This corner unit had beautiful glass all around, yet the only entrance onto the wraparound balcony was... through the living room, in the best place to put a couch.
  11. Yeah, it’d be one thing if we were throwing our space away to build quality, worthwhile homes. Instead, anything new tends to be absolute dreck. Great thinking, everyone!
  12. I’m fairly sure today’s article was related to the “Wage Gap” series the Globe ran a few months back specifically focused on the gender wage gap, and it is within that context these firms are open to sharing some data. I don’t think any firms who said they’d share some numbers are contemplating doing so for any other purpose than looking into gender wage disparity. Likely, more firms got on board after the first ask for data after seeing a response to the Wage Gap series and hearing from their associates that they should think about getting on board.
  13. I lived about a 45-minute to 1hr bus ride from school in 1L. It was tough. I went to school every day from 8:30-late (packed lunch and snacks). Socially, I made an effort to go to most events by either staying on campus until the event or coming back downtown. Commuting didn’t affect my relationships with Professors or my peers simply because I was always around school. I moved close to campus for 2L and 3L and it was a much nicer time.
  14. I have a 2.5 undergrad gpa and went to law school as a mature student. I did not have what anyone would consider impressive work experience. I was successful in the OCI recruit.
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