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  1. I hope it goes well, but if it doesn’t you’ll be very ready for 2L. I was unsuccessful in 1L but way more prepared for my 2L in-firms with a better idea of what I was walking into. Good luck!
  2. Most of your friends who were accepted by probably the best law school in Canada and most applicants’ first choice decided to go there? Odd that.
  3. All the firms I’m aware of applied the raise to the incoming class. At least one applied it when it happened, to last summer’s class.
  4. Not across the board. The across the board raise was to $1700/week (from $1450/week). Some firms that used to pay articling bonuses and bar study pay chose to roll those payments into the weekly rate and went to $1900/week.
  5. I don't know how you pay off the UofT debt without going into biglaw, which you don't want to do.
  6. Stikeman Elliott's is back up, with no associate raise. Edit: It appears all of the the usual suspects have their Toronto pages up, and nobody is reporting more than $110,000 (other than BJ and Davies of course).
  7. Your prof gave out too many As and had to bring the grades down. Every class is adjusted to an average that meets the school’s guidelines. Sometimes this will result in your grades being brought up. That’s law school. Edit: However, there’s nothing wrong with asking your prof for feedback anyway to make sure they didn’t do the math wrong. I’ve had three colleagues throughout law school who found out their grades had been recorded incorrectly only after asking when their final mark seemed strange (the most egregious example was a final mark of A- when the student initially received a B).
  8. Op should apply to Ryerson and hope the profile stays the same next year. Otherwise no shot until mature.
  9. I suspect you are quite young. You will likely stop thinking this way by your 30s. The vast majority of people who could get into law school do not apply to law school. They're off doing other things. It's fine and good to feel proud of yourself for having accomplished a goal. That's great! Keep doing that. Try to maintain some perspective about it though; you're asking for special recognition so that you can show off that you got into law school. Why do you need that?
  10. I can't imagine how that would be useful in the real world. It sounds like 12 months of navel-gazing.
  11. Ya I think they started calling to offer admissions this year.
  12. As a rule, I only tell someone I'm a law student if I'm asked. Nobody, absolutely nobody wants to hear it from you first. Wearing a sweater is normal and fine. For those of you looking for something more to signal to the world that you're extra-special, the accepted practice is to carry your law textbooks everywhere, cover facing out, so that nobody can mistake how important you are.
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