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  1. For doing an "option," they put a note on your transcript saying that you did it. They just mean that you took a lot of courses in an area, and in some cases it's a stretch to see how the courses are related to that area. For example, after taking Environmental Law you could satisfy the requirements for the Environmental Law option by taking Maritime Law, Toxic Tort Law, Animals and the Law, Legal Writing, Real Estate, and Admin (which is a required course anyway). If I wanted to hire a student who was "specialized" in Environmental Law, I'd probably pick another student who didn't have Ottawa's "option" but actually took more environmental courses. That's an extreme example, of course, and most students will actually take more Environmental-focused courses. But by the way, 7/14 upper-year classes they'll accept for the option weren't offered at all this year. I can't remember if they were offered last year, but given that you are required to take Con Law in your second year and Bus Org, Admin and Civ Pro at some point in your upper years, your schedule fills up fast and it's actually quite hard to take classes when they're offered. Don't forget that classes fill quickly, often conflict, and many students leave course enrolment without a full schedule. For example, I was enrolled in two classes for Winter semester from July until recently. I was on waitlists for months. I don't need to take any classes to complete an option, but can you imagine needing one or two to fulfil those requirements but not being able to get in? I imagine that would be upsetting.
  2. Don’t go to Ottawa. Three faculties are crammed into one ancient building, yet they still use our classrooms for undergrad math classes, etc. The specializations don’t mean anything, and you’ll have a hard time getting into all the courses you need to take for them. Many upper-year courses are only offered every other year, and somehow all the good ones either have conflicting times or conflicting exams. They say they still award medals, course awards, etc but good luck finding out to who; they stopped recording award-winners on the faculty website in 2015. Most upper-year courses are taught by practitioners with varying degrees of competence. The really good ones don’t outweigh the absolutely awful ones. The cost of living in Ottawa is actually not that low, and the new LRT has broken the transit system. The only good thing about Ottawa is the excellent full-time faculty. They really are excellent. But go to UBC.
  3. Do you immediately start articling? Why not a short vacation immediately after the bar?
  4. Sure, if it existed, which it does not.
  5. BJ following is not that surprising, but Osler is interesting (and unexpected).
  6. You’re right; on reflection, the point being made was that we’re living better than the lord in his castle.
  7. We must accept our lots and seek to improve nothing, as we are far better off than the serfs working the fields for their lord.
  8. You do not have a low GPA for schools that consider L2 (like Western) or B2 (like Queens).
  9. Again, not be be too much of a downer, but it may stay "under evaluation" all the way through the summer, including after they've decided to reject you. It definitely does not mean a decision is imminent.
  10. I’m definitely not working as hard this year as other years, but I’ve gone to every class. My rationale is if I’m not going to do the readings I had better at least show up and take good notes. I also played more video games in September and October than in all of 2L. I know of a few students who really took it to an extreme, but the stereotype is generally overblown, as profreader said. A big part of 3L being a “joke” is that by this point, we’re not learning many new basic principles; generally, we’re applying tests and standards and concepts we already know to specific areas of law. More of the building blocks are in place by this point, so things come quicker.
  11. There's a thread on here about how there are apparently no open seats to take the test in January in all of Canada, so this may be moot.
  12. I'm skeptical the other firms will follow, but that would be nice.
  13. Not to pour too much water on this, but it according to last year's threads your status may remain at "under evaluation" for many, many, many months (think, end of summer).
  14. You should focus on getting good grades and a good LSAT score so you can get into a law school.
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