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  1. easttowest

    Gender Stereotypes on Bay Street in 2018

    This is what it sounded like to me.
  2. easttowest

    Gender Stereotypes on Bay Street in 2018

    If you heard that one of your colleagues (who's never given any indication that they want to go in house) left for another large firm to do basically the same job, wouldn't one of your thoughts be that maybe they left because they thought they had a better chance at getting to the end goal somewhere else? To assume that they left because they want to eventually leave a firm altogether is a little strange.
  3. easttowest

    CIBC PLOC Prime + 1

    Do not get a LOC for more than prime, it's just unnecessary.
  4. easttowest

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    Regarding the job hunt: that's why I said "almost." I have a very, very low undergrad GPA and only one firm asked about it during the formal recruit. Regarding your second point: by the time that prediction is borne out, your low grades in law school will be far more meaningful.
  5. easttowest

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    Their undergrad transcripts, which are almost meaningless the moment you are accepted.
  6. easttowest

    Ottawa or Osgoode?

    ...this has been an issue at York for literal decades. Again, certainly not determinative, but something I considered among other factors.
  7. easttowest

    Chances 2.7 gpa, 157 LSAT

    Unless you can apply in Access to every school, you should re-write or focus on L2/B2 schools.
  8. easttowest

    Chances? cGPA: 3.66, LSAT 155, retaking January

    Ottawa possibly. Take a look at the accepted thread. Other schools, I don't know (I don't look at their stats really at all)
  9. easttowest

    Ottawa or Osgoode?

    Osgoode was lower on my list than Ottawa for a few reasons, and constant strikes was one of them. A friend who went through one of the strikes in the 90s took classes and wrote an exam in a church off-campus, I believe, and someone else I know left the school because of disruptions in their one year there. Was it the definitive factor? Of course not, but it was contributing. Certainly not the "second stupidest" reason not to go somewhere. Of course, as you say, Ottawa barely avoided a strike that I didn't know was on the horizon. Shows what I know.
  10. easttowest

    Advice going forward

    You're probably already looking pretty good at Ottawa with your GPA. Go take a look at the accepted thread there, a few 157s are already in.
  11. easttowest

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    So even though they're stellar students, they shouldn't be here because you think they're only here for diversity? Don't even know where to begin with this, really.
  12. easttowest

    Sask associate pay

    MT pays right around the going rate for the major cities they're in, so it's a decent ballpark.
  13. easttowest

    Ottawa or Osgoode?

    Ottawa is a fine school. If you want to get a job in Toronto through the structured recruit, you should know that firms come here last, fewer firms come at all, and some firms interview fewer students; only Gowlings sent more than one team of interviewers, every other firm met with 20 students. That's not to say getting a job through the recruit out of Ottawa is impossible - about 35 students/year are hired from Ottawa - but I'm sure that it's harder. Most scholarships are only available to Ontario residents (including the one for top 10% of your class), so that could be something to consider if you're from out of province... I need to add the caveat that getting a job in the structured recruit in Toronto is not how most lawyers get jobs, nor should it be something you feel like you have to do. I'm just mentioning it because what I said is true and you should know about it.
  14. easttowest

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    I don't disagree with any of this. I had some more things to say, but couldn't get it right and have an exam in eight hours so I should probably call it. Megbean, you'll be fine. I'm sure you can handle the stress.
  15. easttowest

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    She'll be fine.