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  1. I have absolutely no interest in property law, so not being considered at firms with a focus on property law is completely fine with me. I know there's a risk of making it seem like I only took the credit/ no credit option because I was going to do poorly, however there is an equal risk that I will in fact do poorly if I take the final for marks. Neither option is ideal, but I think that focusing on Constitutional Law/ Civ Pro plays to my strengths and hopefully it is a gamble that will pay off. If not, c'est la vie.
  2. I'm leaning toward taking property credit/ no credit. My Con law is worth 65 percent of my grade so it actually makes a difference, and as you said it is worth 6 credits as opposed to 4. I'm also not feeling great about property in the first place, and realistically I would probably get around a B in the course anyway.
  3. There is now an option for 1Ls to take only property Pass/ Fail. I'm leaning towards this option since it's only one course and would allow me to focus more on Civ Pro and Constitutional Law. Is there less of danger of doing this, since employers will still get to see all the other grades?
  4. The York gym equipment works just fine. It's not new equipment by any means, but it has everything you need. It does get quite busy especially in the afternoon. It tends to be less busy in the morning/ evening. Osgoode does have intramural teams(basketball, volleyball etc.). As for whether you have time to go to the gym, my advice would be for you to make time. You will always feel like you should be studying more and that you are surrounded by people with an absurdly impressive work ethic. Everyone feels that way and you need to continue to exercise/ eat properly so that you can avoid the inevitable burnout. In the long run it is more important that you take care of yourself, and the gym is an excellent way to do that.
  5. Hi Bulldog2018. My suggestion would be for you to live at either Passy or the Quad if you want to be close to campus. That being said, there's not very much to do around York (and by that I mean absolutely nothing), and groceries are not easy if you don't have a car. Now that there is a subway, a lot of people have opted to live near St. Clair West or the Annex, which is a much better part of the city, and where there are plenty of grocery stores, shops, cafes, bars etc. As for safety, the York campus is actually pretty safe (never had any issues).
  6. Hi Cameilla, I had a very similar decision to make last year and I chose Osgoode. I can tell you that Osgoode's public interest opportunities are truly wonderful. I've been a part of CLASP (Community and Legal Aid Services Program), and there are many other incredible options to choose from if you want to get hands on experiences and get involved in the community. I have a learning disability, and the support I've received from Osgoode in terms of accommodation has been fantastic. There are also generous bursaries based on financial need and disability related criteria, and additional funds available from OSAP.
  7. I went into queue Jan. 31st, which feels like a lifetime ago. Good luck!
  8. Yes I did fill out part B. And I have until May 25th to respond. Good luck!
  9. Accepted today by email. Gpa 3.54, last 2 3.8 aprox (including this semester), lsat 159. Was fully set on Queen's until now!
  10. I'm in exactly the same boat as you. I provisionally accepted Queen's (over Western) and kept my application open for Osgoode. I too was put in queue on Jan. 31st, and haven't heard anything else since. As long as you provisionally accept (not firm accept), your application will remain open for Osgoode and whatever other schools you choose to keep open, and you don't have to pay a deposit for Queen's until June 1st, so you have lots of time to hear back from other schools.
  11. I was very involved in one particular group (both on the exec and as a performer) (20 hours a week commitment). I also held other Exec positions, but none of them had the same level of commitment.
  12. Manitoba acceptance was in early December, Western was in January, Queen's was in February and Uvic was last week.
  13. Thank you! I applied in February I believe but they hadn't received everything until a few weeks ago. My application changed from 'Forwarded to Review' to "To Committee for Review" or something along those lines. I received my acceptance a week after that. Good luck!
  14. Accepted on Friday (discretionary category) 3.52 CGPA, 3.72 Last 2, 159 LSAT. I declined my offer this afternoon so good luck to those still waiting!
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