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  1. I definitely did it wrong then; most of the questions I asked the partners/senior partners were about the career path of Associates in their firm to Partnership and the resources/guidance they received. They all seemed to like those questions though, so YMMV.
  2. Probably mostly just out of curiosity but I think that firms also want to know where their top candidates are going. If you got multiple offers that means you're a highly sought after candidate and firms are well aware of that. For example there were a couple top candidates in 3L right now that turned down several top tiered firms for a specific firm last year, so if it happens again this year it could be a learning lesson for the other firms to see what this specific firm is doing during the recruit.
  3. The head recruiter from BJ came to speak at our law school yesterday and said not to worry about that and that they treat all candidates the same during ITCs, so don't worry if they didn't offer you dinner in the emails; they'll probably mention it during the call on Friday if you're going with them!
  4. Paliare ITC came out for Western today.
  5. Anybody heard back from Paul, Weiss or Shearman yet?
  6. Dickinson Wright, DOJ, Wildeboer, and Aird & Berlin's are out for Western as well.
  7. Western only heard back from Davies and Bereskin (that I know of).
  8. Sorry to bring up an older topic, but my business school has school sponsored business cards that has my contact info on it. Is it still a bad idea to hand them out? (For what it's worth, MBA recruiters take a lot of business cards so we have them, but my law school still doesn't)
  9. Just finished 1L; don't worry, your Jan intensive (Long Memo) and subsequent moots will be done by then. You'll have plenty of readings to do over the week (It is law school after all), but there's nothing pressing due when you get back and I know people that left the country for the week.
  10. Was a 1L Caseworker in Bus Law this year; don't know what this year's directors are looking for specifically but they really just want to see if you can do the work and represent yourself well in front of a client. Business experience also not necessary. One of the case workers came from an Arts and Humanities program (Also helps that she's one of the top students in the grade) and did well iirc. Also be sure to have a variety of experience, and be likeable when you get an interview.
  11. I'm a current 1L in WBLC so I can offer a bit of insight as well. One of the pretty cool things you get is the corporate law training you get with a full service Bay Street firm and there's a networking event afterwards. This is a great and unique opportunity as a 1L that not a lot of other students in my grade got, just to learn more about the different corporate law offerings and getting a head start networking with partners and associates alike. In terms of volunteering opportunity, it's definitely worth it if you're planning on working in Bay Street since you'll be doing real life legal work for a local client. The work load is also pretty light and it's an educational experience since you basically hit the ground running. Can't really say much about how much it'll help with recruiting. My marks come in next week so I can tell you in a bit if it helps with 1L recruit or not haha.
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