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  1. sarcastickayaker

    Waitlist 2017

    There was a mixup, and UOttawa thought I was attending. Today that was fixed and they cancelled my admission. Therefore someone on the waitlist should be getting in shortly.
  2. sarcastickayaker

    Accepted to Alberta 2017

    FYI, my status has not changed on BearTracks, despite declining a few weeks ago. I suspect it will take awhile for the decline/re-offer process to happen. Best of luck
  3. sarcastickayaker

    Accepted to Alberta 2017

    I declined my offer, so one of you on the waitlist will get my spot. Decided not to attend law school.
  4. sarcastickayaker

    Engineer weighing acceptance to law school - to go or not?

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for the thoughtful replies, I would especially like to thank those who reached out to me via private message. I ultimately decided attending law school was not for me, and declined my offers of enrollment. I felt as though a career in patent law just did not fit with my career and personal interests, and I was unsure if I am sufficiently interested in other fields of law to warrant attending. Additionally, I was deterred by the high monetary and opportunity of law school. If anyone is curious, instead of law school I joined a small start up company and am going to see where that takes me.
  5. Hello, I have been browsing these forums for the past 2 years and the advice and information on the site have been a hugely valuable resource. I am now requesting advice regarding transitioning from a career in engineering to law. I have been considering this transition for 3 years and now that I have been accepted to law school I need to make a final decision soon. I was hoping members of this form may have similar experiences with making a transition from some other career field to law and would be willing to share their experience and advice. Personal Background I am in my mid 20's with 2 years of work experience as an engineer in training for an oil and gas company. I was laid off in September 2015 and jumped into an M.Sc. degree in engineering mainly due to having no success finding a job. I figured this would give me something valuable to do while writing the LSAT and applying to law school. I was pretty set on going to law school for the past few years but am getting cold feet and want to research the career some more before jumping in. I would be able to secure a good job in engineering upon graduation. I am not married and do not have children. Motivation to become a lawyer Two experiences motivated me to write the LSAT and apply to law school i) a talk on patent law from a patent agent and former engineer from vancouver and ii) I am president of a not-for-profit organization and we dealt with a significant legal issue. We couldnt afford to hire a lawyer, so I had to step in and mange the case, and eventually we were able to reduce the legal consequences. I found the process of analyzing facts, building arguments, and negotiating before an appeals body exciting and somewhat fun. I am primarily interested in patent or corporate law. Parts of law which appeal to me are i) office job which is better than freezing my but off in some godforsaken place in the middle of western Canada doing oil and gas engineering work ii) less travel, it was clear that to move up in my company I would periodically have to move myself and my family wherever the company needed me iii) For better or worse, some more independence in my work iv) Perhaps having the opportunity to help engineering companies with important legal issues would appeal to me v) Maybe my engineering background + law degree could set me apart from other candidates for jobs. vi) I love to read and write, which from my understanding is a significant portion of the value lawyers bring to their clients. I think I can graduate without debt, and some family members are lawyers which may help me secure a job post graduation. Some disadvantages I can foresee are i) long hours get in the way of my hobbies like skiing and biking ii) opportunity cost is high since I could get a decent engineering job iii) somewhat predisposed to depression which stress can exacerbate, but so far I have managed the condition as to not be an issue in my life iv) I have a tendency to shy away from conflict, which I imagine could be a problem as a lawyer. Law school acceptances I have been accepted to U of A, Western, and Queens so far for admission in September. Initially I was leaning towards U of A since it is where I want to practice. However I have realized most patent work is in Ontario, so I would be better off moving. I am a bit torn, since interests change and I think it a bit unlikely that I will end up practicing in patent law The basis for this assumption is in engineering school I also changed my mind from what initially engaged my interest at the beginning of my education. Request for advice Specifically, I had the following questions, and would greatly appreciate your insight, 1) What factors would you consider for someone in my position deciding to attend law school? 2) Should I go to a school where I want to practice (U of A), or where patent law jobs are (Ontario)? 3) Perhaps I am a bit scared and nervous to make this transition since I am leaving something which I am subjectively "good" at with a guaranteed job to something more unknown. Is that a rational fear and how would you manage that uncertainty? 4) Is being a lawyer as bad as people on the internet say it is? L 5) Is there something I am not considering or am being unreasonable? Thank you for your time,
  6. Just an email. Beartracks wasn't updated yet.