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  1. Haha well there is already a rejected thread for UBC with numerous posts so this shouldn't be that alarming... I do apologize though, I wish this could get moved over to UVic's thread!
  2. Called this morning to get an update and was told it would still be a couple weeks. A few hours later they called back and told me I was in! LSAT - 156 GPA - 90.2 Index - 91.7 Good luck to those still waiting! If you haven't heard anything, it can't hurt to call.
  3. Does anyone still say file complete - awaiting evaluation? Every time I call they tell me they haven't calculated my GPA yet. I'm fairly certain my index score is at minimum 91.6... This is so frustrating
  4. Just got the e-mail! LSAT: 156 GPA: Not sure exactly. Average is about ~90%. Ooops I totally meant to post this in UVic's thread. Could someone move it over? Sorry!
  5. Aw, sorry to hear! But at least you were able to clear it up. Thanks for letting us know!
  6. Hey, yes I was talking about you! Just PM'd you. I think it would definitely be worth it to just call admissions and ask them to confirm your GPA. That way, you will know for sure what your index score is and if it turns out they've miscalculated it as lower you can let them know.
  7. That's great news!!! Congratulations. I wonder if the other person that posted in the rejection thread with a 91.7 was also miscalculated...
  8. That's super weird. Someone just posted in the Accepted thread that they got in yesterday with the same LSAT and a lower GPA than you (index 91.3). I wonder what's going on. Let us know about your confirmed GPA when you find out. I would think you would have at least been wait listed with an index like that...
  9. Thank you! Best of luck to you with any other applications.
  10. Did UBC confirm your GPA? I have a self-calculated index score of 91.73 :/ I asked them to confirm my GPA last week but they told me it had not been calculated yet. If other people are getting accepted with lower index scores, is it safe to assume they are taking into account other things?
  11. Thank you for the info Rin. I've noticed most people who got accepted with similar, or lower index scores, had significantly lower GPAs but much higher LSATs. Is there any evidence that schools (specifically UBC and UVic) are more likely to accept those types of candidates as opposed to high GPA/low LSAT? Or is it just because those types of splitters are more common? If anyone else has any info on this it would be much appreciated as I haven't seen many people with similar stats to mine in the UBC/UVic accepted threads.
  12. Hi everyone, Just got my LSAT score back for the December writing and am understandably disappointed... My diagnostic test was a 158 (with no prior studying) so I definitely was not expecting this score. Anyway, that is life... Luckily, I have a very strong GPA. The schools I have applied to are UBC and UVic. I went to UBC and have an 88.9% average across all my courses. Since UBC drops your worst 12 credits, that brings my average up to 90.2% (I believe UVic will also drop at least 12 credits, possibly more). From what I understand, 90% and above is a 4.33 for UBC and UVic? Regardless, for the UBC index calculator, they use your percentage average so based on that I've calculated myself an index of 91.73. Any thoughts on whether this will be good enough? I feel out at this point for UVic based on their demographics for the 2016 class (Did not admit anyone below 70th percentile LSAT). Thanks for your input- and I hope everyone else who wrote in December is happier with their scores!
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