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  1. Constant

    Prospects at a Big Firm/Bay St after OCIs/In-Firms

    Several paths to full service Bay Street law remain. These are canvassed in prior threads. I expect you can readily unearth them.
  2. Almost certain to be accepted.
  3. Constant

    Articling Salary

    Some firms pay materially more .
  4. Constant

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    No more reason to feel nervous about meeting them then any other human being. No reason to feel nervous about meeting anyone.
  5. Constant

    Work hours in big law

    Articling often involves significantly longer days then suggested and get looped into a big trial and say good bye to your life...so litigation is predictable to that extent.
  6. You do not need to stay for the entire reception. Make a positive impression and then leave if you need to go elsewhere.
  7. Constant

    Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    I don’t know the Vancouver market very well but the suggestion that there are something approaching 10 large firms paying first year associates $103k+ seems a stretch.
  8. Constant

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    Exactly...there is no magic to this.
  9. Constant

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    Agreed...you will likely have more debt then if you attended other schools, so it may take longer, but it will happen.
  10. Constant

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    I am surprised anyone accepting an offer from the U of T wouldn't have been aware of these issues. No one forced them to enroll at U of T.
  11. Constant

    Personal Statement Length

    Agreed. You can and should be no more then 750 words.
  12. Constant

    Suits For Men

    A great option but as you suggest more as a change of pace.
  13. Constant

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    This is key. If either you aren’t planning on pursuing biglaw or money isn’t an issue it is difficult to justify the more expensive schools. As frequently noted on this forum there is relatively little to differentiate Canadian law schools. There are some exceptions. For example if it’s biglaw or bust the U of T may warrant the additional expense. In most instances, however, save your money. A law degree is a great asset but no guarantee of financial security.
  14. Constant

    Articling options under consideration

    It’s very concerning. Bringing Ryerson law on line will only exacerbate the problems.
  15. Constant

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    They are comfortable enough with their circumstances to have them published. I know many people who left biglaw. Who knows what opportunities this couple may have had.