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  1. Complete non issue if done with appropriate notice.
  2. Agreed. I have friends sharing a great two bedroom condo downtown. Paying a bit over $1,500 each. They feel like they’re absolutely making bank after years of student life.
  3. There’s a wide range in salaries and circumstances for young associates. I know several articling students and young associates who live a convenient walk from their downtown offices. Clearly a reasonable option for some.
  4. There are a ton of apartments/condos in Toronto that put you within a 15-20 minute walk of the downtown core.
  5. Complete non-issue. You will probably have no better time in your life to focus on your workouts. Plan on big gains. Time the periodic scaling back of your workouts around the few busier times of the school year and you will be all good.
  6. Vacation in B.C. Go to school and work in Toronto. No magic to this.
  7. Might be some similarities between the businesses. Are none between the work environments. Someone’s mouth versus say a boardroom or a nice restaurant.
  8. You think. I have a hard time imagining a worse profession than dentistry. Who wouldn’t go to law school to avoid that.
  9. Frequent 12+ hour weekdays, working at least a few hours every weekend and periodically having 80+ hour weeks. That happens at more than a few firms. Not saying that’s the worst but I expect you can see it from there.
  10. Davies and Bennett Jones both higher.
  11. On occasion...great way to mix things up See above Windsor...always
  12. Sure...if the difference between Harvard and Western is marginal then you are correct.
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