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  1. Not even all that much drama...certainly an obvious fact.
  2. One of if not the top law firm in Toronto.
  3. Perhaps but if so the same applies to basically every profession. Where are the new medical schools?
  4. Medicine operates in that black and white area where for a time "if X happens you do Y" and then later "if X happens you do Z" and then if "X happens you do A" and so on...
  5. Can't give you much assistance regarding the two schools but there is little doubt that attending U of M will provide you an easier path to a law career in Manitoba.
  6. Sure in 20 years Edmonton might catch up. Doubt it though.
  7. Calgary is far and away the business centre of Alberta. Has many more head offices and a much larger business community. Edmonton is a government town.
  8. Complete non issue if done with appropriate notice.
  9. Agreed. I have friends sharing a great two bedroom condo downtown. Paying a bit over $1,500 each. They feel like they’re absolutely making bank after years of student life.
  10. There’s a wide range in salaries and circumstances for young associates. I know several articling students and young associates who live a convenient walk from their downtown offices. Clearly a reasonable option for some.
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