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  1. If he wants to work in the GTA he should go to Ryerson.
  2. A friend of mine was in much the same position as you are. He completed the LPP and now has an excellent in house job. I know just one story but from my understanding far from unusual. I hope you find a suitable articling position but if not the LPP is a great option. Best of luck.
  3. Enough people put their children in private school and the public schools will be extremely well funded.
  4. Sure...an employer can always decide to pay you more. Don't hold your breath in this situation though.
  5. If it's all about getting through your work so you can get onto the more rewarding part of your life then you have the wrong job. My work and the balance of my life are integrated. I move seamlessly from one to the other most days. I can't imagine many other jobs have that level of flexibility.
  6. Why would it be controversial? This is relevant information.
  7. With that near to free tuition no need to finesse their admission criteria to fill classes.
  8. Certainly taken in the aggregate that group will be more a factor than the school attended. On there own several of those will have little impact.
  9. Grades are the primary factor but the school you attend is prominent among the secondary factors.
  10. Agreed save that having lived for a time in B.C. I was delighted to make Ontario my permanent home.
  11. Not sure about the accuracy of the tuition numbers you provided but am that "very similar" is a stretch.
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