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  1. Constant

    McGill vs U of T - business & commercial law

    No brainer...go to U of T.
  2. Constant

    Suits For Men

    On occasion...great way to mix things up See above Windsor...always
  3. Constant

    Scotiabank PSLOC Osgoode

    $150k for U of T
  4. Constant

    U of T grading

  5. Sure...if the difference between Harvard and Western is marginal then you are correct.
  6. So a 10% improvement in LSAT would be marginal??? As if. Pretty obvious it would materially improve your chances of getting into a law school of your choice.
  7. Tough to quantify but I agree that marginal isn’t the right word. I’d say material.
  8. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/news/university-toronto-faculty-law-ranks-among-top-10-public-law-schools-in-world-once-again-times Apparently the opportunity to attend the top law school and university in Canada. Talk amongst yourselves.
  9. Constant

    Admission to BC Society and Good Character

    Disclose this and sleep easy.
  10. Constant

    How much do law firms monitor your outside behaviour?

    If you don’t know don’t ask.
  11. Constant

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Exactly. We can speculate on the rationale for dumping the Ryerson law school but regardless it was a great decision.
  12. Constant

    Going to the gym during law school

    About time to put a ribbon on this thread.
  13. Constant

    Going to the gym during law school

    Did...still do now that I'm working. Exercise should be a priority. Easy to work into a law school schedule...more challenging now.
  14. Constant

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    This is great news.
  15. Constant

    Would BigLaw firms care if...

    No...be the better person. If that isn’t enough then this. If you escalate you can anticipate a response. This won’t end well.