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  1. I agree about NY being over-hyped. If someone really wants NY, it makes much more sense to try and go to a T14 on a significant scholarship, rather than try and take the back-door through UofT. Also, I don't think NY is an optimal outcome for a lot of people. The pay is great for a few years, but the hours are brutal and it's very up-and-out.
  2. I'm wondering about this as well. I've heard the 50-60% statistic, but I've talked to some UofT students and they said that figure doesn't take into account the students who go to New York, as well as the students who want to do PI/government work. So if you assume ~10% go to NYC, and ~10% go the PI/gov route that 50-60% would be ~70-80%. Anecdotally, I've also heard from UofT students that most UofT students who want a Bay Street job, tend to end up getting one (of course, that could be just a function of who I've talked to). I'm not sure if this is true- can anyone offer any clarification on these numbers? I'm also debating US vs. UofT and this is one of the most important factors in my decision.
  3. I'd say your chances are extremely good! The LSAT median is usually around 166/167 (with a 75th percentile between 168-170), and the median GPA is around 3.8. So you're above both medians by a significant amount. If your personal essay is good, I'd put your chances at ~80-90%. Good luck! Edit: UofT doesn't average scores! So no need to worry about the 161.
  4. You should definitely apply to HYS! Applications in the states are open until February, so it's not too late. I'd also suggest applying to more schools in the T13- with your stats you can likely get some generous scholarship offers (including full rides). It would probably be best to apply sooner rather than later though, since spots do fill up in US schools the later it gets. Congrats on the great score!
  5. I think you have a decent shot! Despite your cGPA being below average, you have an amazing LSAT score which would be among the top scores at Ottawa (I think their average LSAT is ~158/159). If I were you though, I'd re-write to boost your shot at UBC and UofT. If you can crack 173, you'd have a good chance at both of those schools. Good luck, hope it works out for you!
  6. My two cents: - It will be harder to get back to Ontario from UBC, but it's possible. You'll need to get good grades though, so it's a bit of a risky move if you really want to live in Ontario. - I doubt employers will see you as a flight risk if you go to UBC. I wouldn't worry about that. - It's pretty different practicing in Vancouver vs. Toronto. I've talked to lawyers in both cities and the main differences seem to be: Toronto lawyers make more, Toronto lawyers work longer hours, and the Toronto legal market is bigger. I think (generally) it comes down to whether you want a more intense, or a more relaxed lifestyle. - Would you rather live in ON where (presumably) your family/friends are, or venture off and try something new? I think this is perhaps the most important consideration. - What kind of law do you want to practice? I know you said you're unsure about corporate law, but I think this is worth thinking about. Talk to some corporate lawyers, get a feel of whether it'll suit your personality or not. If you go to UofT, there will be a lot of pressure (due to the high debt load) to go into corporate. If you definitely didn't want corporate, I think UBC would be the better choice.
  7. Just curious, do you know what Myer-Briggs type you are? You can take the test here: http://16personalities.com I've read that INTJ is the "lawyer type"
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