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  1. Either of which would reasonably be expected to prompt some criticism. The poster has an overt tone of entitlement based on their identity. They are criticizing the system for not giving them special treatment because they are a minority. The idea that someone should get special treatment because of their race, and that it is justified to be outraged when your race isn't used to give you a discount for being a sub par candidate, is racist.
  2. Oh, cry me a river... You don't get some discount for getting a checkmark on some 'diversity checklist'. You are competing with other individuals who also come from diverse backgrounds (of which you know nothing about) and a 159 on the LSAT certainly doesn't strike me as setting you above the others. It seems like you've defined 'equity' to mean 'it's all about me'. Take into consideration all the other sob stories and consider that many of those individuals also have tangible skills and perspectives they bring to a law school class, and likely have higher LSAT scores. Why should you get accepted before they do?
  3. Interesting, because you are the only person who has brought up race as a contributing factor as to why someone might feel unsafe in this area.
  4. Excellent illustration of what I'm talking about with the conservative stereotypes. If you don't say what the liberals want, you're a classist, racist, bigot. It's like that's the only backfall lefties have when their arguments don't hold up. This is probably one of the many reasons OP doesn't want to go to a liberal biased school.
  5. Exactly. Status quo is liberal bias in looking at social issues and viewing conservative ideas as 'bigoted'. Being 'agnostic' isn't the same as not having a liberal bias.
  6. There are schools that specifically advertise teaching with a 'social justice' focus. And recruit students with a 'social justice' orientation. And even if we assumed that most professors are agnostic on social issues, the makeup of the student body is a significant factor in school experience.
  7. I think you're using a very generous definition of 'disparaging comments'.
  8. Yeah I'm not really sure why anyone would have misinterpreted your post with big L/C, little l/c. It was pretty clear. I'm going to sting you with the truth, rather than comfort you with a lie: Unfotunately, every university has strong liberal bias. You aren't going to find a conservative-leaning school in Canada. You shouldn't get an education in an echo chamber though, and challenging the status quo/ being challenged on your views is an important part of learning and arguing better. I can relate to how annoying it is to constantly be bombarded by bleeding heart liberals policing our language and culture, poisoning the media (and the people who consume it) and dominating schools. It sucks. But we need conservative voices on campus to break up the circle jerk. You can join a conservative student club, volunteer with a local political candidate, advocate for your ideas in and outside of class. You can't escape liberals though. You just have to deal with them and occasionally throw in some ideological interference (truth) when they take it too far (things have really begun to hit a boiling point lately).
  9. "It doesn't matter if you're blue collar, white collar... I'm collar blind." -Michael Scott
  10. Well I feel like I can relate to whomever this mysterious person might be that you may or may not be referring to. One can't just let stupidity go unchecked on the internet.
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