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  1. I got in with a 3.12 and a 152 highest lsat. I did 5 years of undergrad (2 degrees concurrently because I felt as one of my degrees did not represent my true potential). I applied to 5 schools (Calgary, Ottawa, TRU, Windsor and Windsor Dual) - I was waitlisted at 3 (TRU, Windsor and Windsor Dual ) eventually got in at Windsor and asked for my name to be lifted off the waitlist at the other two schools. That being said I have been heavily involved with extra curriculars and I would like to think I received strong reference letters! Just dont give up and try your hardest with the LSAT. Many people will say it's different because it's Windsor so their admission standards vary (which they do) but just try and mold your personal statements to what the school looks at (and staying truthful to yourself). Don't give up. I was obsessed with these forums for all of my undergrad and felt super discouraged because of my gpa (yo shit happens and you move on) but do try to apply in Canada! Hope this helps! If you want to chat more, you can pm me
  2. Hey! Looking for a place to stay at. If anyone has a room available let me know or if they are looking for a place & want to look together.
  3. So I called Mary today and asked her about my status as I was still referred as well (for Dual). She had said my file was with the 2nd reader but had emailed the director to ask what was going on. She then called me back about 20 minutes later and then told me how the director told her that I was actually on the waitlist and it just hasn't been updated (I guess it wasn't updated on her files either). She said being on the waitlist was a good thing as they are still sending offers out. I suggest calling and asking about the status of your file.
  4. I have a question - how did you fill out the supplementary application? Did you attach a document for the answers or did you print it and write it in yourself. The document is not editable.
  5. Nope - will be done in April of 2018! Yeah, I have no clue what C or F mean either
  6. Mine says C but my undergrad is not completed.
  7. Hi everyone! I just need some clarification on the lsat requirement cap. It states: "you may not take the LSAT more than three times in any two-year period." So I have taken it once in 2015, 2016 and was planning to take it once more next year. Will I be able to take it again in 2018 since I've only taken it once every year in 3 years, so the space between 2015 to 2018, is it enough to surpass the time period?
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