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  1. I’m not denying my chances are slim to none in terms of Canadian schools. I would say 75% of the feedback that I am receiving is legitimate and reasonable. The other 25%, like HarveySpector for example, are going on a tangeant and I disagree with their reasoning. Also, someone saying your access claim might not be serious since you don’t want to post about it, is also based on mere assumptions and that kind of stuff makes me want to comment back. Because it’s simply false lol. Thank you for encouraging my dedication. The aftermath of the Uk is tough you’re right, but it might be worth it for someone who is dedicate to become a lawyer and is screwed when it comes to CAD options.
  2. Because I already paid over 2K for courses, books, and tutoring. The thing about chances threads is that it is always based on speculation from experiences and research. Everyone’s chances kinda varies though. I do agree with some of the comments on this thread. Some I respectfully disagree with and have politely given my replies. If you see this as an argument or something offensive, then I apologize, but please leave this thread.
  3. You’re right. What was I thinking. But anyways, I am hoping that law schools will see beyond the test and understand that there was a great deal of persistence and improvement and that type of work ethic may translate to my law school studies. I doubt they will see beyond it, but it depends on who reads my file, their mood, if they can relate, my PS, ECs, etc...It’s all about being open-minded and wholistic I guess.
  4. I am confident there are great tutors out there, but I am no longer interested in spending my time and money on the LSAT. It is time to move on from a standardized test that does not reflect my true cognitive abilities. It is consuming my life. It got to a point where I had to post-pone and reschedule meetings and appointments in order to write that darn test. Not fun. I am willing to put time and money on law school, and I understand law school is not easy, but I am past the LSAT phase.
  5. Yes. They low-key just want their money. They don't care if you succeed on the test. They set you on a time limit and expensive wage and tell you good luck.
  6. The UK was always a last resort for me and it seems I am reaching that position. I already took those all into consideration and I am up for it. But yes, definitely worth looking into. Thank you. My only concern is the 5-7 NCA exams. Seems daunting.
  7. Yes so based on my research for the past two years, I see my chances from best to worst are: UK, Dual JD, other CAD schools (maybe the ones that take drops, UOttawa waitlisted me last year with lower stats). I wouldn't underestimate my Access claim.
  8. I agree, but I really want law school. Anyways, chances are slim, but there is still hope. I increased my lsat significantly and hopefully law schools will see the dedication and improvements and beyond one part of my application, as wholistic as they claim. UK can be ideal if you really want to get your foot in the door. What about Dual JD?
  9. I know three people who got into CAD law schools with a 146, surprisingly. I know them personally as well. My access claim is very personal. I don't feel comfortable exposing that here. Like me as in low stats. If the lsat isn't working out, then maybe the UK is an option because they don't take the lsat. There are other ways to get into law school. Writing the standardized test and applying to CAD seems to be the most competitive and straight forward way. Nothing wrong with that, but that isn't the only way to become a lawyer.
  10. I am hearing a lot of bad stuff about the UK but it seems like it is an option for someone like me..
  11. PTs were all below 150. I opted to write 6x because I am really dedicated and really want law school.
  12. My lowest is a 131 and that was 2 years ago. I am an access student.
  13. I wrote the LSAT 6 times and I have just received my highest score at a 149. My cgpa is a 3.01 and my L2 is 3.5. My PS, LORs, ECs, are all slightly above average. I know this because I have applied twice already and received this feedback from several admission committees. I have applied to every law school in Canada except for Calgary and Alberta (because I forgot about them and passed the deadline but I am not dead-beat over it). I have also applied to 5 law schools in the UK. What are my chances? (Side note: I will not be rewriting lol)
  14. You have a fair chance. Fair as in not competitive. Apply and try!
  15. Impatient already? We are not even half way of the admission's process.
  16. 😄 Although it is rare that applicants go for a fourth round, I feel like some people are shy/embarrassed to post here. Keep in mind people, this is an anonymous website! We’re in this together. For those who are collecting statistics, hopefully this will be your chance.
  17. Just out of curiosity and just for fun, who here has applied to law school 4(+) times?
  18. I think you have a chance (a chance, not anything competitive) at almost any school. Just apply and try. Do bring your LSAT up though. I think as your LSAT increases, your chances kind of increase too. Good luck!
  19. Your chances are not the best and your chances are not the worst. If anyone accepts you, it would be mostly because of your LSAT. Also, keep in mind other factors that we cannot see plays a role too such as your PS, LORs, and ECs. Apply anyways, does not hurt to try.
  20. It is subjective. 2 people of the same or similar stats can both be accepted or both be rejected, or one gets accepted and the other doesn't. Depends on PS and other factors that we can't see. Also, I just want to point out that was 2012, we are way past that now haha.
  21. You should be fine. Just make sure your PS is on point. Did you write in September or November? Like did you have any scores on file after the 158?
  22. I just googled and called...I just posted a list right above your comment...
  23. This is the most updated list of dates and deadlines for Canadian Law Schools (for 2018/2019 at least): Dalhousie = February 28, 2019* Lakehead = November 1, 2018 McGill = November 1, 2018 (for documents such as LORs, PS, CV, etc. They take the January LSAT) = November 8, 2018 for application payments Queen's = November 1, 2018 TRU = February 10, 2019* UBC = December 1, 2018 U of C = November 1, 2018 U of M = December 1, 2018 UNB = March 1, 2019 U of O = November 1, 2018 U of S = February 1, 2019 U of T = November 1, 2018 UVic = January 15, 2019 at 4pm UWO = November 1, 2018 UWindsor = November 1, 2018 Windsor Dual = April 15, 2019 York U = November 1, 2018 *Rolling basis like all the other schools, but prioritize the applications in by November 1st as "early admissions".
  24. Ok so only TRU and Manitoba are wrong (besides UWO at the bottom but let's ignore that). I will post a list shortly of all of the most up to date deadlines. Thank you for pointing it out.
  25. No, that’s why I’m trying to sort this out. I know what I’m saying. They are all correct except for TRU (on the main chart at least that first shows up on the link). UWO says November 1st on the main chart and scrolling down it says January 15. I would ignore the down ones and just focus on the chart as it is more accurate. Manitoba is indeed November 1st on both the chart and the scrolled down options.
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