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  1. I don’t think this is true. I am quoted to do 7 NCA exams in Canada once I finish my LL.B from the UK. One of the requirements is a 2:2 average at the minimum as well. Some UK students are doing the 3 year LL.B program and they have to do 5 exams instead of 7. I made sure I did all this research before going abroad. The NCAs and CLFAs gave me this consistent info. Here, I am getting different info.
  2. If you have an LL.B from the Uk, you can do the NCAs upon arrival to Canada, no? The minimum requirement is a 2:2 average (equivalent of like a C average).
  3. Hello, sorry if this has already been asked but, why is completing the NCAs not possible? Is it due to COVID? Are they not doing the test online? Thank you for clarifying.
  4. Uozone. No email yet. They will send out the email within 2 business days after seeing the rejection on the home page.
  5. UOttawa told me the opposite. “You will most likely be waitlisted this year. Do apply as access again.” And then rejected this morning. Frustrating? Disappointing? UOttawa, for many years, has been disorganized like this and we can see this trend on the forum how people are getting conflicting answers left and right. I went to UOttawa, and although I really miss those days, I must admit my school needs to work on their admission committees. Also, in reference to the comment from Katrine’s email, I mean, yes it is the blunt truth, but she could have worded it more professionally like “just stay tuned/stay patient as we are still working through the applicant pool.” Instead of saying “don’t get your hopes up.” Neutral is always safer, anything can happen, really
  6. I WAS TOLD THE SAMETHING! Leanne told me these exact words, I remember vividly because she really got my hopes up “I would have accepted you last year, but don’t worry love, you are going to be surprised by your results, just be patient.” So then I asked “ok, thanks so much for the encouragement! When will I hear back” she says “next Friday you should hear back, at least an update.” ..5 Friday’s went by only to find out I got rejected. Hard to trust adcom people.
  7. Despite the delay of the LSAT (Jan which supposedly pushed everything forward one month), UOttawa still started accepted people one month earlier this year as compared to previous years. This should have helped balance things out. Also, in previous years, they were still accepted people from the Feb LSAT as compared to the last LSAT this year from Jan. So my point is, despite the Jan LSAT, things should have been balanced out because of earlier acceptances and UOttawa was still sending out notifications in May in previous years despite the Feb LSAT too. In any case, wait people! It’s not over yet! (Unless you’re already rejected).
  8. @emtee my apologies. @AKJ ok then in that case I guess there is little to no movement. I understand there are some outside of this forum but the majority are on this forum. Or make last minute accounts and update then never log back in haha.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. Leanne told me this a month ago. We have been thru about 4 Fridays now and I still have not heard back from anyone. In terms of movement, I guess there is slight movement. @emtee heard back a week ago from the Waitlist. She is in now.
  10. Oh yes that is true. I forgot. My bad! As for the Waitlist, has anyone called and asked? Otherwise we will just be waiting and assuming things.
  11. I see you accepted your offer at UNB yesterday. This means all other schools automatically get cancelled. So you’re in for UNB now, no more UOttawa I believe?
  12. All you have to do is call Windsor admissions and let them know you wrote Jan and want to be considered for Jan, If you don't call or email, they will take December and earlier. They will get back to you within 24 hours. It is kind of too late now, if you still have not asked to be evaluated for Jan.
  13. Late on the update here, but for future lawstudent users who are wondering what ended up happening to me, I ended up getting the approval to submit my application one day late as a one-time exception. Moral of the story is, they were nice, but lesson learned. Do not wait for the last minute to upload and/or finalize any applications! Peace and blessings to future Dal applicants!
  14. We can’t 100% predict because we don’t have access to your LORs/ECs/and PS (obviously), but from first glance it seems like a 50/50 chance! The LSAT is good and cgpa is kinda average so you should have a chance.
  15. I don't think he emailed yet, he was asking if he should. Doesn't hurt to email tho just to be on the safe side! Why?! So we just sit here and wait for a response? Then why did she tell me I would hear back by next Friday? It has been 2 weeks now and I still have not heard back.
  16. I am assuming in the beginning of June. Call and ask tho! Leanne is the person you want to speak to. Also, are we supposed to send an email to Leanne stating that we are interested in remaining on the Waitlist? Anyone got their numbers yet?
  17. You are jumping because It is not over yet. A lot of people have been rejected with significantly higher lsats. So is the lsat really the solution?
  18. Really? I don’t remember this happening last year. I got rejected way earlier last year.
  19. Wait so does that mean it is kind of a good thing? The fact that they are taking us into consideration for a second review? Thank you for clarifying.
  20. Thank you to everyone who liked my comment. Thank you for the support! For those that have a 149 lsat, I know it’s tough, but hang in there. It’s not over until it’s over. When that time comes, then reapplying and rewriting is always an option, if you want this really badly. Otherwise, blessings and good luck!
  21. ? We can't just jump to conclusions like this. I know so many people who got in with a 146, even. Leanne over the phone told me I would have gotten in if I applied last year, but this year more people applied so it was a tougher decision to make. Even if I have to rewrite, I wont. I wrote it 6 times already. I am waitlisted and I have faith. Be more open-minded, please.
  22. Hello 😊 Yes, I have over 600 volunteer hours from 4 different volunteering campaigns/groups. I also have all of the certifications to prove it. I also have 6 months of co-op experience at a law firm back from high school (if that still counts). I have General Manager (GM) experience at a car dealership as well. This was all during my studies. I guess it shows study + work balance. Also important to note, and I should have mentioned this on my initial post, but I applied as a special consideration applicant as well. Personal stuff I went thru during my studies.
  23. I would like to congratulate CapitalTruth, but we cannot say for sure he will get into UOttawa. Saying that his chances would be high is a better way to word it. And this applies to others in his position too. Not just CapitalTruth. Good luck Capital! I am happy for you.
  24. Waitlisted. Got the email at 12:59pm today. cGPA: 3.01 L2: 3.50 LSAT: 149
  25. No, just stay patient. Some people get referred later and accepted before others and vice-versa. Just be patient. If you are really concerned, just call and ask.
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