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  1. You’re right, but some people are low-key paranoid and like to keep their stats anonymous.
  2. That is what they said in their rejection email. Although they are probably saying it to "make us feel better", I kind of agree with it.
  3. Windsor doesn’t go by rankings. It’s more based on stats and who they think is a better candidate hollistically. Also, I called and ask, they are slightly more than half way through the applicant pool. So if you haven’t received a response yet, it simply means they have not reached your file yet. So I guess stay patient folks!
  4. @NovemberRain @IrishStew Everyday at 6:35pm 😄 You can unsubscribe. I don’t think it will interfere with the email notification for offers. One is a mailing/advertising list and the other is more from adcom rather than the faculty.
  5. The question is about winter. So would they evaluate her in June when winter grades are official. You’re talking about fall grades and they evaluated that in January when it was official. Sorry but your post doesn’t really answer her question.
  6. Yes, just make sure you are sending an updated transcript by June. It will cost you another 12 or 13 dollars I believe. For Ontario schools, it is done in one shot thru OLSAS. Quick, easy, and convenient. However, for schools outside ON, it will have to be separate, so another 12/13 dollars to each school individually. This is assuming they have not read your file yet. You can send an email and tell the law schools to wait as you will be sending updated grades, but it is up to the law school if they want to wait or not.
  7. It will mostly be based on your undergrad grades, but they will take your MA into consideration (generally). Your MA just helps to show that you pursued further education and a higher degree of education which can help strengthen your application (because not everyone applying will have an MA, so that will give you an edge). But cgpa wise, they will be focusing on your undergrad. If this post was actually for Dal’s way of evaluating grades and degrees, then I suggest calling their admission’s office for more accurate information as they will be evaluating it. I hope that helps!
  8. A fourth? This is just spam at this point.
  9. Honestly it is hard to say. I have seen people with your stats get rejected, waitlisted, and accepted. In general, though, you have a fair chance. Just wait and see!
  10. Did you check your Spam folder for one of the emails? It’s odd you would only get 2 and most of us 3.
  11. Is there a correlation between receiving 3 emails about an open house and your chances of acceptance? I feel like the answer is no 😄
  12. Fair, but I think @capitalttruth gave the best answer. It depends on other factors. We need to know OP’s stats to give a more conclusive answer. Full description of your stats please? It is hard to base it solely off an LSAT. You might have factors that can compensate. The very very short answer, though, is right when @erinl2 says it is a rarity.
  13. Yes it’s normal. We all have it. You can take a deep breath now haha.
  14. I would assume so becuase we are in March now. Usually classes are full, or near-full, by May. That is also when the Waitlist begins.
  15. Not only when you submitted. Lsat too. Some people submitted on Nov 1st but didn’t have an lsat score on file until December (November’s Test).
  16. Everyone is posting their first letter of their last names but I don’t think it works like that. It is based on rolling admissions so those who submitted first and have an lsat score ready first usually get evaluated first. As you can see, all kinds of letters are still pending. So letters are irrelevant right now. Anyways, I’m still pending LOL.
  17. I found the info but it doesn’t give a straight answer. I’ll send an email to the Gvmt of UK. I thought that post might be able to help give other Canadians an idea as well, but yes, the best way is to email the department themselves.
  18. Hello, How long does it take to get a Student VISA as a Canadian citizen to study law in the UK? Can someone please send me the link to start applying? Thank you in advance.
  19. I agree with everything you said except for the any VS every part. OP’s best bets are schools that emphasize LSAT (like Western) and schools that take drops (like Manitoba for example). The only way another school like UOttawa (who looks more at cgpa over lsat) would take the OP is if the OP has a legitimate Access claim and provided documentation. Then Ottawa can see the reasons behind the cgpa, look up to the lsat, and be more holistic towards that person. Although, there is little debate as to why someone’s cgpa was affected and not their LSAT, but that depends on the case.
  20. I think Erin is referring to the "You may get into any law school in Canada" part. Yes the lsat is high but both the cgpa and L2 are significantly below avg. So no not any school. Chances? Yes. Any school? I wouldn't say any school. But definitely a chance at a couple of schools.
  21. Stats? I am still Pending Review as well.
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