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  1. No, just stay patient. Some people get referred later and accepted before others and vice-versa. Just be patient. If you are really concerned, just call and ask.
  2. @Luckycharm turns out to be wrong - @Hopeful10101 just got accepted to UOttawa.
  3. BloodOrange got it right. The invitation doesn't have anything to do with acceptances for anyone. Some got the email but still got rejected a few days or weeks later. I think it is based on being referred before the event then they have reached your application on time to send you an invitation. Anyways, congrats!
  4. I can see my application on UwinSite and it still says pending. It has been like this since January (when I applied). So I am ok right? All these comments are getting me low-key worried 😛
  5. A few more, yes. I predict you will be waitlisted again, but this time with a much better number/ranking. Now, if you call UOttawa and ask what's up, they will just tell you it all depends on the applicant pool and to remain patient as they have not made a decision on you yet. So they will not be able to comment much, tbh. Also, I kind of agree with @ArchivesandMuseums. We cannot say anything for sure because we cannot see your PS and LORs that also help your application. But do remain hopeful. With or without UOttawa, I believe you have a good chance.
  6. Getting the Meet and Greet email does NOT mean you got accepted or that you WILL be accepted. The school will just tell the applicant that it is not necessarily meant for acceptance or the likes of it. Also, no admissions committee will comment much on your chances of acceptance. Now the question is, what differentiates between some people getting the Meet and Greet invitation and some not? Well, my speculation is that those who got referred before the event, will get the email as they have time to come and prepare. Those who got referred after the event, well what is the point? The event is done, until next year. It should be automated and sent to all who applied. Call and ask to get clarification on why they didn't send it to everyone who applied.
  7. I mean, ultimately yes, it is meant for the accepted students, but if you have a good reliable friend who is genuinely interested in law school then why not bring them and get them networking ahead of time? Also, some people weren’t admitted and still got the meet and greet email (prior to getting rejected). So it should be fine I guess. It’s a business too. It can help entice them for reapplying next year.
  8. You’re right, but some people are low-key paranoid and like to keep their stats anonymous.
  9. That is what they said in their rejection email. Although they are probably saying it to "make us feel better", I kind of agree with it.
  10. Windsor doesn’t go by rankings. It’s more based on stats and who they think is a better candidate hollistically. Also, I called and ask, they are slightly more than half way through the applicant pool. So if you haven’t received a response yet, it simply means they have not reached your file yet. So I guess stay patient folks!
  11. @NovemberRain @IrishStew Everyday at 6:35pm 😄 You can unsubscribe. I don’t think it will interfere with the email notification for offers. One is a mailing/advertising list and the other is more from adcom rather than the faculty.
  12. The question is about winter. So would they evaluate her in June when winter grades are official. You’re talking about fall grades and they evaluated that in January when it was official. Sorry but your post doesn’t really answer her question.
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