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  1. CrimNation

    Chances - Access

    You should be fine. Just make sure your PS is on point. Did you write in September or November? Like did you have any scores on file after the 158?
  2. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    I just googled and called...I just posted a list right above your comment...
  3. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    This is the most updated list of dates and deadlines for Canadian Law Schools (for 2018/2019 at least): Dalhousie = February 28, 2019* Lakehead = November 1, 2018 McGill = November 1, 2018 (for documents such as LORs, PS, CV, etc. They take the January LSAT) = November 8, 2018 for application payments Queen's = November 1, 2018 TRU = February 10, 2019* UBC = December 1, 2018 U of C = November 1, 2018 U of M = December 1, 2018 UNB = March 1, 2019 U of O = November 1, 2018 U of S = February 1, 2019 U of T = November 1, 2018 UVic = January 15, 2019 at 4pm UWO = November 1, 2018 UWindsor = November 1, 2018 Windsor Dual = April 15, 2019 York U = November 1, 2018 *Rolling basis like all the other schools, but prioritize the applications in by November 1st as "early admissions".
  4. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    Ok so only TRU and Manitoba are wrong (besides UWO at the bottom but let's ignore that). I will post a list shortly of all of the most up to date deadlines. Thank you for pointing it out.
  5. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    No, that’s why I’m trying to sort this out. I know what I’m saying. They are all correct except for TRU (on the main chart at least that first shows up on the link). UWO says November 1st on the main chart and scrolling down it says January 15. I would ignore the down ones and just focus on the chart as it is more accurate. Manitoba is indeed November 1st on both the chart and the scrolled down options.
  6. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    UWO and Manitoba are correct. What do you mean? I see that TRU is definitely not 100% right - it is November 1st for early consideration but Feb. 10 for all applications to be officially in.
  7. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    TRU is actually out of date. It’s November 1st for early consideration and scholarships and Feb. 10, 2019 for final admissions.
  8. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    Tbh, the link Providence sent was perfect. I checked each school individually and the stats are still up-to-date. http://www.oxfordseminars.ca/LSAT/lsat_profiles.php
  9. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    Thanks. I already saw that website. I was just making sure. I checked each school individually and it seems like everything is on par.
  10. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    I agree with what you are saying but it doesn’t hurt to ask/post. Only mods should really have the final say here. Thanks to those who contribute(d) to this post. It is much appreciated and I hope we can all benefit from this thread.
  11. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    I clearly stated that I found a few on my own but If I missed any it would be nice if someone can contribute. We can’t work as a team? What’s the point of this website then? This post can help others who are applying as well. Especially first-timers. And for everyone who liked his/her comment - I hope this post answers your support to his/her comment.
  12. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    Ok thank you, it means a lot, honestly. If anyone comes up with a couple more - toss them in!
  13. CrimNation

    How Many More Options?

    Which schools still accept applications in 2019 for the September 2019 starting class? I know Windsor Dual is one of them. What else? It would be super helpful if someone can list them down by name and deadline. This can help me and the others. I found Dal, UNB, and Tru thus far but I’m definitely missing some more. Also quick lsat question - is the March 2019 lsat taken into consideration for the Fall 2019 class? Or is January 2019 the last one? Thanks for those who contribute to this post
  14. CrimNation

    LSAT Location and Write

    Hello, does anyone know where the November 17, 2018 LSAT was held at UOttawa? Are there any changes to the system/policies/or format of the test as well? Thank you for clarifying.
  15. CrimNation

    Chances 159 LSAT, 3.40 cGPA, 3.50 B2

    I agree with @Luckycharm on this one. Also wanted to note - someone with a 3.4 cgpa should have a higher B2. Maybe a B2 of 3.7+ would be more outstanding. Keep in mind it is a B2 for a reason, these are your best 2 years out of all the years you had in university.