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  1. Nothing of substance to add. Just wanted to say that THIS PROCESS IS FUCKED!
  2. OCI - Fasken - Sept 5th - Submitted Aug 19th
  3. For people who have heard back already, when did you submit your application?
  4. Kind of hard to calculate because I went on exchange one semester but somewhere in the 3.7-3.85 range
  5. Accepted!! OLSAS GPA: 3.69 LSAT: 161, 166 Fairly weak EC but solid essays Pretty surprised to be honest. Thought I was a late March candidate, if accepted at all. For all the future applicants reading this, goes to show that you never really know.
  6. Is there a fb group for those accepted?
  7. Got the email this morning. cgpa 3.69 Lsat 161, 166
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