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  1. Got my offer this morning and applied late May
  2. Thank you so much I know your time is coming! Oh trust me, I totally understand! Every hour at work I would check the forums and would wake up at 5:30am for the 3 hour time difference to check the status I was emailed and notified on OASIS
  3. Still in total shock, I’ve dreamed about going to Osgoode since high school! Accepted this morning straight from queue via OASIS, went in queue February 27th cGPA: 3.52 LSAT: 144/146/156 ECs: volunteer, work experience, two publications I’ve checked this forum and OASIS daily for two application cycles and my dreams finally came true, don’t give up and stay positive!!
  4. To me that sounds like a decision may be coming your way
  5. I've been in queue since February 27 so same here
  6. That gives me such a sense of relief knowing there's still plenty of spots for April and May
  7. I got the long written email!
  8. Just got the email! cGPA: 3.52 LSAT: 156 Not surprised, but damn, that email oddly made me feel good inside? It was a nice way to be rejected
  9. In queue on the 27th, last name starts with M, filled out part B
  10. I hold events at a university and we require people to register and bring their tickets so we know who came and who didn't and what the final numbers were, not sure if it's the same process but I'm assuming it's for logistics and not to change their opinion on who gets in
  11. I'm 99.99% sure it won't affect your chance because your file is used to decide whether or not you're admitted. I also don't think they'll know who goes because it's advertised on their main page which makes me assume it's a generic school-wide open house http://www.uwindsor.ca/
  12. This just happened to me and now I want to know why lol have you had any updates since it changed?
  13. Accepted just now! cGPA: 3.52 LSAT: 156 Best of luck everyone
  14. I've usually been emailing them and have had a decent response rate, but it's always a different person! I phoned the person that the invite was from
  15. You're absolutely right! I phoned them and was told that it's for admitted students and was admitted this morning
  16. After 1.5 months as "Referred-Admissions Committee" I was accepted this morning! (A little anticlimactic as I received the meet and greet email on Friday) cGPA: 3.52 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 144 (sept 2016) 146 (Dec 2016) 156 (Nov 2018) Decent ECs and normal work experience. My application was geared towards social justice! Side note: I was accepted in 2017 with a cGPA 3.52 and LSAT 146, so those with a lower LSAT keep your hopes up Windsor is a truly holistic school
  17. I'm a little confused now... I never received an open house invitation for March 2nd but received a meet and greet invitation for March 27th. Did anyone also get the meet and greet?
  18. I was sent a Meet and Greet for March 27 in Toronto at McCarthy Tetrault LLP and have not yet been admitted either
  19. I'm general, but filled out part B
  20. What's your stats? I'm still not in queue either
  21. Hey! It was the single JD, I had a 3.52 cGPA (distinction in the honours program) and took a gap year to work and ultimately work through my anxiety.
  22. I was told something similar that my file had been updated with my new LSAT score and that the "LSAT Duke University" would be corrected. I'm starting to have the same concerns as you
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