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  1. Does anyone know how long we should be receiving calls for? ie. when would it usually be considered safe to go about our days without running the risk of possibly missing a firm's call? Also, if you have to schedule a firm for a first interview on a Tuesday, will they take this as an indicator that you are not interested? (if the firm indicates to you that they have both Monday and Tuesday spots available)
  2. Thank you both for your advice! It was a personal injury firm and I was the only student if that helps at all. It's definitely more about the experience for me at this point though!
  3. Hi all, I'm curious if anyone knows the approximate range that small or sole practitioner firms in Toronto typically pay 1L summer students. I worked for the firm the summer before 1L and volunteered the 4 months previous to that, so I have 8 months experience working with different files and creating memos/factums/court documents. I've also attended court on behalf of the firm, so I think I have a pretty good amount of experience for my age to leverage. Last summer the lawyer who hired me asked me what I thought I should be paid, and I was given that amount hourly- I'm assuming that when I go back this summer I'll receive the same question. Does anyone know what an appropriate amount for a 1L student would be? Thanks!
  4. By any chance would anyone be willing to share an outline/summary for Professor Khimji's 1L Property course?
  5. I tried self-study using a Kaplan book for about 4 months with a 152 diagnostic, and only managed to move my score to a 153-154. Some people can get great increases by studying by themselves, but I wanted results quickly so I took a month long course (Princeton Review Fundamental) and wrote my real LSAT 2 days after the last class. I managed to score a 162 final which I was very happy with, especially since I was taking two other types of school at the same time! If you really need the score for September, I'd recommend looking at course options. If you're happy to write in December as well, I'd try self study for a little bit and then if that doesn't pan out, try a quick course. Sometimes having a teacher around to explain a certain question structure or type can be exactly what's needed (from my experience)!
  6. Waitlisted on June 21st! LSAT 162, cGPA 3.47, L2 3.67
  7. Accepted today! 3.47cGPA, 162 LSAT
  8. Just declined my offer on March 30th, hope it goes to someone on this forum!
  9. Just declined my offer on March 30th, hope it goes to someone on this forum!
  10. Received the acceptance email yesterday, so excited! LSAT 162, cGPA 3.47, L2 3.67
  11. Recieved the acceptance email today! LSAT: 162, GPA: 3.47.
  12. Accepted today! Just got the email 17 minutes ago and I'm ecstatic as this is my first acceptance! LSAT: 162 cGPA: 3.47 L2: 3.67 Nearly maxed out the sketch with social justice EC's, also strong reference letters and PS.
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