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  1. I can say from personal experience that it is entirely possible to negociate a better rate than prime + .5%. After researching offers by RBC, BMO (both of whom I have personal accounts with), TD and Scotia Bank, I booked appointments with the latter two banks. Neither of the advisers with whom I met seemed particularly familiar with law PSLOCs and so I got the feeling that there could be something better than the offers they presented. Scotia offered 100k and one year after articling to begin to repay at ~3.95% (prime +.5) and TD offered a similar amount to be repaid at prime, but with mandatory monthly interest fees while in school and 20 years to repay. Both branches were in my current province and I will not be attending school here. I reached out to the contact in the above Scotia Bank list for my school and was immediately offered 125k+ and extra 10k during articling and a more thorough explanation of the terms than the first Scotia rep. He also said that he tries, credit history permitting, to get all of his law school students a rate of prime + 0. You simply have to shop around and also be realistic about your financial history. If you have any existing debt, they may also take that amount off of what you would have been offered.
  2. In the same boat. I check every day or two and it’s been pending for months!
  3. I realise that this is from 2017, but I have a question after speaking to reps with conflicting responses regarding interest payments. I was originally told that no interest payments would need to be made whilst in school or articling and that once the LOC went into repayment and became a loan, all of the interest that was accrued throughout that period in time would simply be added to the principal. Then I spoke to someone this afternoon from another province who said that was incorrect and that monthly interest payments would indeed need to be made, but your comment suggests this isn’t so. Please help! :’|
  4. Hey all, I was wondering how many of you submitted statements for the IC scholarship?
  5. I’m on an unnumbered waitlist and I only checked today from since Monday or so, so I don’t know when it happened.
  6. I believe that those who were offered spots from Individual Consideration or the Indigenous category have until a couple of days into April to formally accept or decline their offers, which could explain why waitlisted folks have yet to hear back.
  7. Sorry everyone-- I started it not realising it needed to be run officially. Guess I got a little excited. I left the group, though-- I'll wait for the real one to pop up.
  8. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a Facebook group for our class created. It could be really cool for us to get to know one another/help each other out before fall.
  9. Accepted via IC this afternoon. Delighted to see you all there.
  10. Hi everyone-- I was a little hasty in replying to the thread and didn't see people had already begun to mention their results. I wish nothing but the absolute best to those who did not receive an offer at this time. You owe it to yourself to try again, considering you made it this far in 2018. All the best.
  11. I doubt none of the people commenting here have been selected. Also, I have been checking the Accepted 2018 thread and no one has said they got in recently, let alone via IC.
  12. Welcome to another day of hell, folks. I’m about to jump on a plane and I’m scared I’ll miss something.
  13. Just got rejected from Windsor single JD. Not sure what their verdict will be for dual, but sometimes there’s more of a chance in that stream because the cost of tuition is higher than some people want to pay. I don’t know if I would accept an offer for dual anymore. Still waiting to hear back from other schools.
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