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  1. Hi everyone! I'm a University of Western Ontario student, and I am going into 3L this September. As London 2 hrs away from the pick-up location, I'm wondering how long it takes if you choose the option of having the material shipped to you? My concern is that I will be wasting time while waiting for the materials to arrive - my exams are likely to eat into the time frame that the LSO releases the materials - so, I'm a little concerned that I will be sacrificing even more bar-study time. I'd appreciate anyone's input re how long it takes to have the materials shipped to you, and where you are in ON. Cheers & thanks a whole bunch
  2. Hi everyone! To give you some background, I did my undergraduate degree in Law & Sociology, and just completed 2L at Western Law School. I guess I've been on the Law train for a while now... I also work for two Clinics within Western Law. So, if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask!
  3. Hopefully, classes will open as time comes. Unfortunately, even after the add/drop period, which is now over, the courses are still full and wait-lists are long It may make sense if those who have gotten into what they want, drop the courses that they do not need, making room for others who need or want them. HMYO - it is not whining but to get suggestions and advice on others who are or have passed this stage.
  4. This does not improve the situation.. just makes it worst.
  5. Finished 1L and first time completed the course selection and the add/drop for 2L. Sadly, some students hold more that the number of course loads for the year (i.e. 10 to 18 courses). This deprives others who want to be in the course but can't and are wait-listed. Wish there was something put in place by the university to avoid this. Anyone has any suggestions besides WAITING... Thanks !
  6. Hey MikeyC77: I think the link is broken or the pic has been taken off. Could you pls re-upload or PM me? Thanks!
  7. Would you recommend living on campus in first year or off campus? Also, where would you suggest? I have heard a lot about London Hall.
  8. Perhaps but as you mentioned that you were told "...There is a low chance to be approved for a Law program..." this information is incorrect. As TD's website clearly states it a a recognised program. The personnel at TD most definitely should be educated and cease from providing incorrect information. I wish you the best in both funding and in law school. Cheers!
  9. Hi. I too had approached TD but had received different info. Here is a link that may help you as you will see that law degrees are financed up to $100K for 3 years. I further was informed that the interest is prime which is currently 2.7%; unlike Scotia at prime + 0.5%. The difference is that for TD you will have to start paying at least interest upon borrowing the funds. https://www.tdcanadatrust.com/products-services/borrowing/loans-lines-of-credit/student-line.jsp I think you should speak to someone else at TD and point them to their link. Really hope this helps.
  10. Applied on Nov 1 of last year via OLSAS. Got accepted on Mar 23. Good luck!
  11. Yes. It is updated on uwindsor and olsas.
  12. Yes I did. Got accepted in JD too. Cgpa 3.74 Lsat 149, 155 and 159 Great LORS n ECS.
  13. Excited to start this off. Received the email today. Accepted final to dual program
  14. Just received email. Accepted final in dual program.
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