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  1. Did anyone hear from CAMH, Keel Cotrelle or MAG - ministry of health and long long term care?
  2. Does anyone know when Blaneys will be offering interviews?
  3. I’ve had a phone interview with WeirFoulds
  4. Has anyone at Queen’s heard from Torkin Manes?
  5. was hoping to bring back this thread to see if anyone has any updated/new info on it. Thanks
  6. Thank you so much for this!! Super helpful. I probably should have mentioned that I am interested in practicing in Toronto, but I guess this advice is applicable to any city. Good luck to you too
  7. Hi everyone, I am currently a 1L and have a keen interest in health law. However, I have no idea where this interest will take me/ what is even out there for me. Does anyone have any advice of what types of jobs to look into/ what firms to apply to that have a specialization in this? Thanks!!
  8. Also waitlisted. cGPA 3.51, L2 ~3.8 LSAT 158 edit: for those wondering, it indicates that you have to respond with whether you want to be on the waitlist by May 10.
  9. Accepted today cGPA 3.51/ L2 ~3.8 158 out of province
  10. I was referred on Feb 17. Last name L
  11. Accepted this morning! cGPA: 3.51, L2: ~3.8 LSAT: 158 good luck to those still waiting
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