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  1. Congratulations! The parking people scared the crap out of me - I have to drive in from an hour out of town every day and was almost having a heart attack when trying to buy my pass since they said it once sold out in seconds a few years ago. Good to hear my panic wasn’t completely warranted, haha! Look forward to seeing you all in September. :)
  2. They opened at midnight. The website completely bogged down the moment it opened the applications. I think 400(?) passes in the Timms building (closest parkade to the law building) were grabbed within five minutes of it being open, based on what my permit says. The permit staff I spoke to suggested the passes for that parkade would be sold out in minutes while some more distant parkades might yet be available for several days. They said Windsor was probably the next closest or University Terrace, both being a number of blocks away from the law building.
  3. I have Dino for Crim and Adams for Con - sounds like I can expect a fantastic year. Definitely eases a bit of the nerves. I appreciate the head's up!
  4. Yessssssssss! :D Seems like lots of the professors are pretty highly spoken of. Are there any real duds or are we pretty lucky with almost anyone we end up with?
  5. I got me 8 AM Crim on Mondays and Wednesdays during fall, then 8 AM Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays in Winter. Fun!
  6. Update for everyone: I set up a meeting with the owner of the company yesterday and we sat down and I told him the news. I said I wanted to stay on full-time until August 1st, and then I'd like to make myself available on a part-time/remote basis until they were ready for me to go. The owner was incredibly grateful for the extensive notice, hugged me, was thrilled that I was leaving for reasons to better myself, and sent out a congratulatory company-wide email letting everyone know I would be leaving at some point for law school. He's like a proud dad. Unfortunately, the controller is refusing to speak to me. She's like a jealous aunt. Ultimately, I learned that the amount of notice a person should give is based on how easily you can be replaced. I realize now I should've maybe given a month or two extra of notice to make the transition as easy as possible. But offering to stay on on a part-time basis seems to be a good way to go. I doubt I'll keep this up when I start school, but this built a good sense of trust between me and the owner. He's asked if he can be my reference when I'm looking for summer/articling jobs, and even suggested that when I graduate, I returned as his in-house counsel (unlikely). It was a great experience for me. Thank you all so much for your suggestions and support. ❤️
  7. I spoke with Laura some time ago and she mentioned: "We will be sending out more information in early April about the second deposit and further information." As early April has more or less passed us by, I imagine we'll be hearing from them very soon.
  8. I absolutely love ME - even more so than DA. For all the rage and flack ME3 got, I actually loved the ending. I've never actually tried Baldur's Gate however, as I've never met someone who's played it. How would you rate it in comparison to DA and ME? I have no issues with older games; I still regularly replay some of the oldest Final Fantasy games.
  9. Yesssss. I just moved onto DA2 and am thoroughly enjoying all the copy/paste map levels.
  10. I'm replaying the Dragon Age series. I'm reliving the glory days from before BioWare burst into flames.
  11. Oh my god, that sounds amazing. Definitely makes me feel better about arriving prepared. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Some of my friends from the moldy HUB studios moved into Newton. They loved it.
  13. Yep. We ended up on the news and in the newspapers because it was so bad. They launched a bunch of investigations and tons of people came forward with horrible stories. A general consensus was that the 50 year old kitchen's were disgusting. People couldn't use the ovens because they'd never been properly cleaned and you "could taste 50 years of food." Another common issue was that Residence Services staff would show up randomly for cleaning/inspections and would shoo you out of your bed at 6:30 AM because they had been told you were moving out that day (when you weren't) and they had to clean for the next tenant. They also famously withheld tons of security deposits. It doesn't matter how much you clean your unit after you move out - they still hire professionals to clean the whole place anyways and then deduct the cleaning bills from your deposit. If an assigned roommate leaves early, you get charged for those cleaning bills even if you're still living there. Again - this was a few years ago. They might've smartened up since then.
  14. Stay FAR away from HUB. I lived there for two years. It's infested with pharaoh ants in half the units. Studio units are generally on the bottom level, and a few of my friends had those and had horrible flooding problems and mold. The ant problem was the worst - we lost hundreds of dollars in groceries. The ants are so small they even infested our Tupperware, so we couldn't protect anything. They got into the fridge, our furniture, and our beds. Residence Services moved us into three different units - different sides of the mall and different ends of the mall. There were ants everywhere. At one point, they said it was because the kitchen equipment was from the 40's, so they replaced our entire kitchen. The ants were still there. They cut a hole in the wall and thousands of ants poured out. HUB ended up giving up and resorted to spraying the unit with poison once a week. My roommate and I ended up with constant migraines and nosebleeds. Finally, they just moved us to East Campus village. They told us the only solution for HUB mall was to empty the entire building, remove all the shopkeepers and vendors from the main floor, and tent the whole place for a month. They said it wasn't possible due to the lost revenue it would result in and said they just had to hope people wouldn't complain too much. It's been a few years since this but I haven't heard of them tenting the entire building since then so I feel confident in saying the issues are still there. My own thoughts, anyways.
  15. Adding to this: Laura told me that they "will be sending out more information in early April about the second deposit and further information."
  16. I agree with what's already been said: avoid the north side and anything near 118th like the plague. Even if you pick somewhere not on the north side, vet your landlords carefully. Avoid property managed by Avenue Living regardless of where in Edmonton they are. I lived on Jasper for a few years and loved it for both the convenience of amenities and being near the LRT. I've also lived in Strathearn which has an amazing community, cheap rent, and fantastic property management. The downside is that the buildings are older and have an expiration date: the community is going to be bulldozed in the next few years to make room for the LRT expansion. Transit also isn't the most convenient in this area.
  17. TD gave me all my approvals right away and promised me access to my funds yesterday. I followed up with them and suddenly they are now saying that they can't do that until I can provide verification documents for my enrollment. Just an FYI that TD might promise immediate access but they don't seem to follow through.
  18. Damn, I forgot about the references thing. Guess straight-up honesty is best! Definitely. Perhaps my telling them will make them view the legal profession with a more positive light. Maybe their fondness for me will overcome their dislike of being sued. One can always hope!
  19. Don't read too much into this, but they just lost a wrongful termination case based on discrimination against religious requirements (something like that - I don't know the full story since I came in after it happened). They've internalized it as the law being unfair and lawyers working against them instead of them just being less than accommodating. The accounting department is still paying off the lawyer bills and each time one comes in, they start bitching about the entire legal profession all over again and how all lawyers are crooked assholes.
  20. Sorry for the delay in replying to everyone - I've been having a crazy time since I got my acceptance on Friday. You all raise some great points and I certainly have a lot to think about. It's promising to hear some of the great stories about giving months of notice without issue. I think I'm going to spend the next month or two gauging the waters. We just had an employee who ended up leaving last year due to family problems brought back and moved into a more accommodating role for her situation, so that seems to suggest that my employers will be on the more flexible side of things when I tell them. Definitely hoping I won't burn any bridges. I think they'd be supportive if I went into anything but law school. Might just tell them I'm going to graduate school rather than any specifics. You guys are an amazingly wonderful community. I can't express just how much I admire you all.
  21. There is no opportunity to grow a legal career here. In fact, the owner and most of management look down on the legal profession. Once I leave, I think I'll be cutting quite a few ties. Despite that, I still want to leave a good mark on the company. I like the idea of a month or two of notice. I imagine anything more than that might be excessive. Thank you for your input! I would still like to hear a few more thoughts to see if I could face a penalty of too much notice.
  22. Hi guys! I just got my acceptance letter and am totally pumped to attend the U of A this September. I do have concerns about giving notice to my full-time job, however. With past jobs, I've been perfectly comfortable giving two weeks' notice, but I am currently managing the customer service department for a company that growing and completely revamping its infrastructure. I feel very invested in the growth and success of the company and want to make sure I don't leave them hanging in any way, while at the same time not jeopardizing my own financial security from now until school starts. The company is in the middle of growing and but also has an unfortunate tendency of putting things off. They're supposed to be hiring me a full team to train this summer but I think they might end up pushing this further back. I'm worried that if I don't say anything and only give them two weeks in August, then there won't be adequate time to train my replacements and make sure the department is running smoothly before I leave. At the same time, I don't want to give notice too early in case they're able to lay me off early or something. I'm not sure if laying a person off because they plan on leaving eventually is even legal. Could someone with a bit more professional experience be able to give me some thoughts on this? Should I give the standard two weeks' notice in August, or should I let them know earlier? (Regardless, I plan on securing all of my appropriate funding beforehand, including students loans/LOC, etc. - I want to make sure I can actually afford to go to school before I tell my employer that I'm bailing.) [Not sure if I'm submitting this to the right section. Sorry!]
  23. Just got my acceptance letter! I'm guessing that means they calculated my GPA with my language courses!
  24. Just got my acceptance letter! GPA: 3.92 [unconfirmed] LSAT: 155 This was the only school I applied to, so I'll be accepting if I can secure the appropriate funding.
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