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  1. Maybe I should've mentioned that I'm a U of A undergrad... Since the U of A considers A+ and A to both be 4.0, that means I'm in a sad pickle. It does seem a bit unfair if they just accept other schools' grading methods that consider A+ to be 4.3. Since there seems to be a bit of disagreement here, I think I'll give Heather a call on Monday to hear it straight from her. But thanks for everyone's feedback!
  2. Question - when calculating your score with the GPA*22.5+LSAT formula, is the GPA calculated with A+ as a 4.0 or as a 4.3? I ask, because if calculated with 4.0, my GPA is 3.68, but with 4.3, my GPA is 3.8. (Once my winter grades are calculated, I'll have a 4.0 score of 3.97 and a 4.3 score of 4.1). The difference matters to me because I did shit on the LSAT (155) and the 4.3 pushes me above the 242 index. Any insight is great.
  3. Hi guys! I just finished a massively successful year (4.2 average) but need to continue boosting my GPA. However, I did run out of money and now need to work while going to school. Luckily, I've secured an absolutely AMAZING position that pays a huge amount, so I would like to work full-time to pay off debts/save some money for when I eventually do go to law school. I need to take 6 more classes to get the GPA I want, so I'm considering taking either 3 in fall and 3 in winter, or 2 in fall, 2 in winter, and 1 in each spring and summer, depending on whether or not I can handle 3 courses while working full time (any feedback from people who've tried that route?). Ultimately, the question is: to your knowledge, how do admissions look at students who took only two or three classes a semester WHILE working full time? Schools of interest are U of A, U of C, and U of S. [I believe U of A is purely based on numbers and I can't justify anything in a personal statement] Thank you for any and all feedback you can offer.
  4. Pazerudael

    Rejected 2017

    Got my rejection yesterday! It's so nice to finally know. GPA: 3.4 LSAT 155 I'm a little sad they didn't wait for my winter marks. Had they waited, my GPA would've been a 3.6. XD Oh well, I'll be applying next year with a solid 4.0 and hopefully a better LSAT! Best of luck to everyone else.
  5. I had no idea that the transcripts showed different information like that - that's fantastic! Thank you!
  6. Yes, but transcripts also point out how many people are enrolled in a class, and this online class has 950 students. I feel that it's sorta of implied that it's online.
  7. Hi guys! Hope all is well with you. Question for you. I'm taking an extra semester in Fall 2018 to boost my GPA a bit. One professor that I have a close friendship with asked me if I would consider an independent study with her. I've also found an interesting course I would like to take, but it's offered completely online. Do these sorts of classes influence admissions' decisions? Are independent studies considered easy or lazy, and are online courses (offered formally though the university) lowly regarded in any way? I know any answers would be largely speculation, but speculation is welcome. Side note: I'm not interested in Ontario schools. All other Canadian schools are still on the table. Thanks in advance!
  8. That's fantastic advice, guys, thank you! Also, I've been notified that I'm an absolute fool. I don't know why I did it, but somehow I thought that averaging the average GPAs of my two final years was accurate, giving me a 3.55. By actually averaging all classes individually for the last 2 years, I have a 3.73. Please excuse me while I bash my head against my keyboard. ;hawgeshdas0gu9w4j;aslfd On the bright side, if I take at least one semester more of undergrad (as a 5th year of undergrad), I should be able to boost my GPA to a 4.0 which should be able to get me into a grad program if I fail at getting into law school. Happily, I can use all of your advice! You all are truly the best.
  9. You're a dear. I've never once in my life considered any time of graduate school outside of law school. Perhaps I will look into this, although it'll have to be for next year, I guess. Thank you for everything! <3
  10. I've received a private message that has confirmed exactly what you've said, Solas, thank you! I don't suppose you know if open-studied credits are considered, or do would I actually have to cancel my graduation and just continue with a fifth year of undergrad? Thank you again for your time.
  11. Hi guys! Question for you all: I need to boost my GPA [L2 = 2.9 + 4.2 = 3.55] but I absolutely hate the idea of taking another year of undergrad after I graduate (which I don't even think is technically possible - apparently I can only do 'open studies' at 2 - 3 classes a semester). I was considering maybe starting a paralegal diploma program as a backup plan in the case it takes me longer than expected to actually get accepted in a law school. So the question is - how do law schools calculate GPA when you start a second degree/program? Do L2 schools continue to only look at the last 2 years of the first undergrad degree, or would they look at the last year of the undergrad program, and the first year of the paralegal program? Or would the paralegal GPA not be considered until I've finished the program? I would appreciate any insight from you guys, as well alternate suggestions of any sort. You're the best. <3 Cheers!
  12. Pazerudael

    Saskatoon Car Insurance Rates

    Yes, it was. But it was relatively cheap. I can't remember the exact cost, but I was shocked by how low it was (in perspective, my BC out-of-province inspection ended up being $1200).
  13. Pazerudael

    Saskatoon Car Insurance Rates

    To give you a bit of an idea, I moved from BC at $270/month (one year driving experience) to Saskatchewan and my insurance dropped to $75/month, still with about only a year and a half of experience. Had a 2007 Ford Focus, no accidents. They're really cheap.
  14. Pazerudael

    2017-18 Application Cycle Thread

    I feel like I might be participating in this thread shortly. XD
  15. Really?! You don't think I'll need to do an extra year of undergrad?