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  1. Frankly, even though I really really want to go to UofO, I would love a rejection or acceptance...it's the waiting that is killing me....co workers ask me daily.....oh man. The only reason I'm holding onto other 'under evaluations' are in case of funding....the only way I'd go to York, for example. If they just rejected me, I could just move on. Anyhow, Good luck to us all!
  2. Nope, she's in a totally different field..But I might message you for myself after the first semester if I feel I can hack a day or two behind the bar as social time. Cheers!
  3. Thanks everyone! You know, UofM really isn't the end of the world, they were my second choice. I'm interested in Human Rights, First Nations issues, Immigration and Poverty law. Both Ottawa and UofM will be fine, but for personal reasons I'd like to be close to home (Toronto) but can't afford York (even though I applied). Ottawa will also, I feel, have more opportunities for summer jobs and contacts in the government and NGOs. My partner will also have more job chances in Ottawa.... I feel a bit better about it. I have had to accept U of M, as they have no provisional acceptance, but we'll see what happens. Cheers! C
  4. Hi All! I'm a mature student, who got early acceptance to UofM, but have yet to hear back from anyone else. My GPA was garbage (2.95 - L2 3.3) - philosophy at U of T -- but that was 15 years ago, and since then I've scored 165 on my LSAT, opened and run 2 successful businesses (a restaurant and a cocktail bar), and worked my ass off. I also have a letter from a joint prof of LAW and philosophy at U of T, and he told me it was going to be a VERY positive letter, a letter from a former employee who is now a lawyer at a bay street firm, and one from an investor. I'm pretty surprised I haven't heard anything back from: Ottawa (my first choice), York, UNB, Dal, or Queens--especially after such an early acceptance from UofM. I know that Ottawa is more interested in GPA than LSAT, but does anyone know what they look at for mature students? It's pretty frustrating not knowing where my partner should look for a job, where I'll be living in a few months and such.....anything that might help prepare me for realities would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Seems like a dumb way to do it. Why don't they have a universal deadline for "accept/reject/waitlist" across canada. I have to respond to UofM by wednesday--and potentially lose $300 if I get into Ottawa, my first choice, or York with a scholarship. No one else has given me an answer either way. If there was one day that you were put in one of those categories, it would solve a lot of problems. Grumble.
  6. So I emailed the law department late last night this: ****************** Good morning! I just noticed a missed call on my phone this evening from the University of Ottawa. No message was left. I'm eagerly waiting to hear back about my application for the common law program, and wanted to know if anything was needed from me. Thank you so much, ****************** and got this reply: ****************** Hello *****: Thank you for your email. The call received wasn’t from our office, since we were closed last night. Your application is currently under evaluation. Sincerely, ***************** So, what the heck was the call about? I have no history at U of O, no friends or anything there, and when I returned the number, it was the general line for U of O....weird...
  7. No message, not change in status, no email.... Any ideas? #goinginsane
  8. Hm...*have* to accept of decline UofM by the 2nd of March....not provisional....
  9. Don't think U of M has provisional acceptance.....but not sure.... Edit: Nope, only accept of decline....and a $300 deposit.....
  10. What happens if we accept to a school and then get in somewhere we'd rather go? I got into UofM, but would rather go to Ottawa.....I have to accept my offer to UofM by March 3rd....Do I just lose my deposit, or is it considered really bad form to cancel after accepting? Cheers....
  11. I've been accepted to my second choice, and am still waiting to hear back from my first, so I want to get some reading in.....I'm not looking to start school early, but to read a few books that give a good overview of the law in Canada, and help bring some context into the first few weeks of class. I'm a mature student who has been out of school for 15 years, so I would like to get into the swing of things just a bit. Any books that anyone could recommend? Cheers!
  12. I was accepted to UofM in December. LSAT 165, Mature student, shitty GPA, a bit better with drops, but still under the index score cut off for the year. Holding out for UofO.
  13. Yup. Me too. I think they just enjoy watching us sweat!
  14. Darn. I thought it meant that my status was changing....I thought "weird....on a Saturday?" Sigh. This whole waiting thing is awful.
  15. Where it used to have a box that said "admission status: Under Evaluation" has just gone.....anyone else?
  16. WOW! I'm in! My first acceptance! LSAT: 165 GPA w/ drops: 3.43 Index Score: 75.611111 (repeating, of course) I am a mature student who has opened and owned a restaurant for the past 9 years. I think my LOR's were pretty good, but not stellar, and i have zero volunteer experience. My second choice behind Ottawa, so I haven't decided if I'm going to accept yet. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  17. I submitted on October 29th or so. Probably you are in better shape for the first round than I am
  18. Not at all. I'm applying as a mature student, so my GPA of 3.0 shouldn't be too much of a problem. My LSAT was 165. I emailed Rose, and she told me that I was not a 'mature' student by Dal's standings because I had completed more than 2 years of my undergrad (I finished my B.A.), but was going to be put in the "special consideration" category. In that category they look at your initial stats, and if you aren't competitive, they send you a soul crushing email that doesn't exactly explain the whole process, and then put you in the "special" category which they look at sometime between now and May. Cheers!
  19. I got this email on Thursday: Please be advised that your application to the Schulich School of Law is complete however not competitive with those applicants we are currently making offers. Your application will be reviewed again once we have had the opportunity to review more of the applicant pool.
  20. I called OLSAS and york about that. They want to know because they include that in work experience, so if you took two years off between high school and uni, you get to count that towards any years of being a mature student.....
  21. What calculator do you speak of?
  22. what does L2 mean? I got my 'not competitive' today, but they said they will review it again....165 LSAT, but shitty gpa from 15 year ago..... 10 years owning my own bar and restaurant.....
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