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  1. kmss5923

    Cambridge vs UofT

    Thank you to everyone for your insight. I think I just need to figure out where I would most like to practice.
  2. kmss5923

    Cambridge vs UofT

    Thank you for all your insight! Does anyone know the process of going from Cambridge directly to NY? If I did this, I would still have to write the NCA exams if I ever wanted to return to Canada, correct? Can anyone elaborate on how difficult it would be to get my foot in the door at Bay St. if I go to Cambridge? Does anyone think a degree from Cambridge would be viewed negatively there? If I am proactive and work hard to connect with firms, could I potentially be okay getting a job there because my degree is from a reputable school? For the record, I reapplied this cycle with the goal of Harvard and the result was waitlisted with an interview post waitlist, which was a slightly better outcome than waitlisted with no interview last year, although disappointing. I was accepted at Columbia, which would have been amazing for the NY opportunities, but I just had no way of financing it. So, I completely understand that American schools may be better for my goals, but right now I am between UofT or Cambridge. Thanks again.
  3. kmss5923

    Cambridge vs UofT

    I am currently in the process of deciding whether to attend UofT or Cambridge for law for a JD or BA in law. Here is a bit of background. I am from BC, but am interested in practicing law either in Toronto, New York, or other large international legal markets, such as London. This being said, I would like the option to practice in Canada, as I don't like the idea of not being able to return home and work if something arises. I know the general knowledge that one must go where he/she wants to practice and I also know that UK degrees can be looked down upon. My reasons for going to Cambridge would primarily be for the educational experience itself and the international opportunities. I feel that I could justify my choice to Canadian employers, as it is not like I couldn't get into a law school in Canada. My reasons for going to UofT are that it would likely set me up well to work in big law in Toronto or New York. At Cambridge, I would be doing the 2 year degree, so if I did decide to come back to Canada I could theoretically be done the NCA exams at the time I would be graduating from UofT anyways (although I know there is a huge difference between finishing the exams and securing an articling position). I know that going to Cambridge is considered risky and that people often suggest doing an LLM abroad instead. Does anyone have firsthand experience with how large firms view degrees from Oxbridge and whether I would be seriously hindering myself by missing out on the networking/summer opportunities that UofT has to offer? Further, because the degree at Cambridge is more of an academic degree, I would be missing out on opportunities such as volunteering at a legal clinic. It is hard for me to believe that employers would not see the merit of a Cambridge degree or an alternative route, but based on what I have read on the forum, the far safer bet for employment is to get a Canadian degree. I have spoken to grads from both UofT and Cambridge and they all seemed happy with their decisions; however, those who went to Cambridge were practicing in London, which may make a difference. Financially, both degrees will cost me the same amount due to scholarships/bursaries. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  4. kmss5923

    Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Received the email this morning as well. LSAT 170, GPA 3.95/4.0
  5. I received a second email the next day mentioning entrance scholarships.
  6. kmss5923

    Accepted to UVic 2017

    Accepted as of today. LSAT 170, GPA (3.96 on the 4.0 scale). Received a scholarship offer as well.
  7. I also received the email!
  8. Online status changed to offer as well as of yesterday. (LSAT 170, GPA 3.96). Does anyone know how long it takes for the acceptance emails to be sent out after the status checker changes? (I know someone said historically one day later, but if anyone gets an email please let me know.)