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  1. I'm still taking my LSAT next week! I figured (hopefully) I'm only applying to law school once, so might as well.
  2. What is my likelihood of getting in with a 3.95 cGPA, 166 LSAT? Taking LSAT again in December (next week)
  3. What is the likelihood of practicing in California with a UBC law degree? Just saw in the offer letter that some people practice in NYC, but no mentioning of California?
  4. @uwoknight: I'm still rewriting the LSAT next weekend, though I was also accepted a day ago. (166, 88 average without drops) Rationale is similar to yours- better scholarships, better shot at American schools.
  5. Just received offer letter! Deadline to accept is 2/28/2017.
  6. Yeah same thing just happened to me too. I re-registered for December LSAT after getting a 166 on the September one, indicated to UBC law, and got accepted last night.
  7. The first wave of acceptances came out last night for UBC law!
  8. Got an offer today too 3.95 GPA without drop, 166 LSAT (though I indicated I was taking the December LSAT again?)