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  1. Some people still engage in face to face interactions. Try it out sometime.
  2. I agree it's fine to email articling students and younger associates to talk. On another note however there's practically nothing to talk about so OP shouldn't waste his or her time. For some reason my family wanted me to meet every lawyer in town after I got accepted to law school. I have no idea why they're not even lawyers themselves. Nonetheless I met with a few lawyers and it's an absolute waste of time. 0L and lawyers have nothing in common and if OP is going to try to talk about law it's just going to be embarrassing (I'd know). If OP wants to talk about life as a lawyer in general it's also a waste of time because life as a lawyer is infinitely variable so who cares. OP will figure it out in time.
  3. I don't really know what this means. You can go to Ottawa and take every class that sets you up to be a Bay Street corporate lawyer. Every school says they're slanted towards social justice but IMO this doesn't mean anything. OP go where you want to practice. If you plan on practicing in Ontario go to school in Ontario and vice versa. You'll be met with skepticism during recruits if you don't have a convincing story as to why you want to practice in one province when you go to school in another.
  4. Lawyers don’t use the Dr prefix after obtaining a Juris Doctor?? I am a doctor of the law and I will use it on all my business cards.
  5. Best - feeling as if the rest of your life is in your control with endless possibilities and opportunities. Worst - feeling as if the rest of your life in within your control and dependent on now.
  6. You'd be shocked at how little consideration is given by someone in their early 20s to almost anything. If an authority figure, such as a school, tells a prospective student that something may or will occur, most will probably take this at face value.
  7. Maybe you should take a step back and debate as to whether you really should drop your masters. You're already half way there after all. First off, and yes it's harsh, but you may not even get into law school. Second, studying for the LSAT isn't overly time intensive so it may be worthwhile to finish your masters simultaneously while studying. A masters in accounting will be sure to attract some attention during OCIs.
  8. I just checked my transcript for those needing an accurate number, class capacity for real estate this year was 96. So it looks like class sizes are increasing but this is surely the largest as far as class sizes go at Ottawa.
  9. Yeah 150 was a shot in the dark and definitely off. 147A/B definitely have space for approximately 90 students or so and classes like real estate fill every seat.
  10. I want to be a famous actor but that doesn’t mean I’m going to drop out and pursue it. At some junctures, a simple desire to do something may have little weight as it may in this instance.
  11. To put things into perspective... for most courses I literally read the assigned cases and readings twice. Once before class and then once again while preparing my own summaries. I was at the library from 12-9 yesterday with 2 hours of class in between. During this time I read approximately 25% of readings for one course for the entire semester in 7ish hours all while creating detailed summaries. Yes it was the second time reading them so I was drastically quicker, but this is all to say that anyone spending 12+ hours in the library likely isn't approaching law school or studying correctly. I can count the amount of 12 hour days I've had doing only school work on one hand and I'm aware I likely do much more reading than the average student. 1L was fun, 2L after the recruit was even better, and if I land articling this summer 3LOL will be a breeze.
  12. For people who come from Toronto or Montreal they would certainly describe Ottawa as boring. I'm not one of them but it's eerie that the city basically shuts down after 5 when the government workers go home. Some people like it and some don't.
  13. I took an unintentional year off in between (after getting rejected) and I loved it. Worked for a year, partied with my friends, and just took things slow. I also found the extra year of maturity, and new found burning desire to succeed, helped me work my ass off in law school. If someone has an opportunity to do amazing things, such as travel, definitely do it. I spent 90% of my OCI interviews and in firms talking about travelling anyways.
  14. You’re missing my point entirely. It’s mind boggling a 1L student makes more than an associate when relative levels of knowledge is compared. You’re just putting words into my mouth for the sake of disagreement. Despite the cost of living, which I didn’t mention nonetheless, it’s certainly mind boggling that a student who knows nothing is paid more than someone licensed to practice law.
  15. Mind boggling to me how 1L students on Bay make more per week than a first/ second year associate in Ottawa.
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