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  1. FingersCr0ssed

    Transitioning After Articling in Criminal Law

    The topic provides general advice to the precarious situation of not being hired back. Despite OP asking for advice criminal law the topic is no doubt of assistance. To an extent, job searching is job searching.
  2. FingersCr0ssed

    Transitioning After Articling in Criminal Law

    Additionally, I am not sure if I would agree that it is prudent to assume you're not getting hired back at your firm. It may explicitly or implicitly have an impact on your work ethic and other things that may influence your hire back chances. In the end it may just be a self-serving prophecy when that may have not been the case when they hired you.
  3. FingersCr0ssed

    Career advice for 2nd year associate?

    I mean that is definitely an avenue, but I am not sure how advantageous it would be to be known as the associate who files human rights complaints against your seniors, regardless of the merit they may have. This is not to say that it should not be done, and in fact it may be wanting, but I would proceed with caution if considered.
  4. With a 3.0-3.2 I would be gunning for easier undergrad schools to even secure a chance at getting into an "easier" law school. I know people who have come from easier undergrad programs, and they're competing against those who completed a "hard" undergrad program; they're doing just fine in law school. Step one, get accepted. Step two, do well once accepted. If anyone cares where one has completed their undergraduate degree they need to take a deep look into the past and examine their own because, barring "elite" US schools for example, undergrad programs are a joke and indicate nothing in my opinion.
  5. FingersCr0ssed

    Year of Call - Alberta v Ontario

    To my understanding there is even variation between national firms in Ontario. Some national firms in Toronto, such as Davies, start their first year associates at 130k. So you're not really correct but I imagine you're estimations are close enough.
  6. FingersCr0ssed

    Going to the gym during law school

    Yes, there is tons of time to hit the gym. I'm in the gym every day still for 1-2ish hours. Some people use it as a study break or a break from class. I instead use it as motivation to wake myself up in the morning and get a lift in. Before law school I was told that if there is something in your life you cannot live without, you need to maintain this "hobby" throughout law school. For me its the gym, and I will surely continue when I'm practicing.
  7. FingersCr0ssed

    Would BigLaw firms care if...

    To me this has privacy concerns written all over it, which many have already alluded to. Let alone the criminal ramifications in 162.1 (even though I am not sure if this provision has been used often yet). Be that as it may, if anyone showed me embarrassing pictures of literally anyone, I would very quickly judge the person showing me 10x more than whoever is in the picture. Im only saying this to reinforce what everyone else is saying. It seems like you already nearly made a poor judgement call in the heat of the moment when you started this thread. Make sure to relax, and to think things through if you're again uneasy about this situation in the upcoming future.
  8. FingersCr0ssed

    Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

    "Certified copy of the LSAT score report form. You are not required to take the test if you were admitted to a Canadian law school without an LSAT score report. Upper-year applicants who have never written the LSAT will not be required to take the LSAT." This is from Queens, but it illustrates that someone can transfer from McGill to Queens without having written the LSAT. Additionally, I am thinking that Ottawa may be one of the only Ontario schools to not require the LSAT in transferring.
  9. FingersCr0ssed

    Work hours in big law

    First off, I have no idea how bonuses work whatsoever. But, would the M&A associate with 2000+ billed get a bigger bonus than the 1700 labour associate? And in that regard they aren't really paid the same?
  10. FingersCr0ssed

    Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

    "Applicants in this category must submit their official law school transcripts, two letters of reference, including at least one from a law professor, as well as a letter from the Dean of the current law school attesting to the fact that the student is in good standing and has not been the subject of any disciplinary actions. LSAT results are not required for Transfer applicants." Quick Google search showed me this on the Ottawa webpage.
  11. FingersCr0ssed

    Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

    This is not true.
  12. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    I seem to recall actually hearing a student discuss the LSAT with an associate at dinner. To this effect I blame each and every school who fails to prepare their students for the realities of what dinner with a bunch of lawyers entails.
  13. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    I believe this needs to be stressed a little more. I really don't see it as a difficult endeavour to 1) learn the basics of sports conversation, or 2) to be able to contribute to a conversation on travelling even if you have never been. 1) In relation to sports, I was blessed to be able to play sports my entire life. However, I have a complete distaste for watching any sports on TV, and I don't know a damn thing about what goes on in the world of sports. Leading into the weeks of the interviews I started to follow Toronto sports, and Toronto sports alone. You are interviewing in TORONTO. You don't need to know the first thing about any team other than the Raptors or the Leafs. In my opinion, 3 conversation avenues come from talking about these teams, or any team for that matter. (A) they love the leafs, but good thing you did a little bit of research to know they're not sucking as they normally do. Additionally, Toronto sports fans are normally super fans, so let them talk. (B) they hate the leafs, but good thing you know they used to suck and now you can throw some quick jabs at leafs fans. (C) they don't give a shit about sports, which is what one person told me, and at this point you can be nice and truthful and say thank god because I don't either. 2) In relation to travelling talk, I am further blessed in that I have been able to travel. However, travelling talk can be diverted from talking about where you have been, to where you want to go and why. At this point you don't need to have any former vacations to dazzle the people you're talking to. Everyone has aspirations, or at least you should, and these travelling desires can easily flow a lengthy conversation without having to have stepped foot in another country. You can even divert a travelling conversation into one about television. You haven't been to Croatia, and everyone is talking about it, but you know Game of Thrones was filmed in sporadic parts of Croatia, talk about Game of Thrones and its everlasting glory. If I had to tell a future student one thing in relation to in-firm preparation it would be that your time spent finding every single piece of information on your interviewers could be better spent studying things that will definitely come up in conversation. I spoke to one interviewer about a recent case he won, but I spoke to 75% of interviewers about sports. Everyone invited to these interviews is extremely talented and smart. Law students tend to over prepare in the wrong avenues, worry, and under prepare in the realistic things. My simple advice would be to divert some attention elsewhere. On their 8th interview of the day everyone would much rather have a conversation about literally anything other than the firm's mentorship process.
  14. I took an accidental 2 hour nap yesterday while watching Netflix. You have time for a hobby while in law school.
  15. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Maybe the largest of the large (I don't know I didn't interview with them), but the firm I am going to seemed adamant about selecting "future partners". Again, it could be the coaxing of the interview process, only time will tell.