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  1. Describing them as hundreds of pages is quite misleading. Yes in total they’re hundreds of pages, but each section is around 100. Once you recognize the key word you’re down to around 4-5 pages per letter.
  2. Check your spam folder perhaps. I received the practice exams almost immediately after purchase. Edit - I haven't attempted to log in to take the exams however. But I received an email with a link nonetheless.
  3. Where did I state the inverse holds true? I never said those who haven't worked in service don't have social skills. Presumably, OP is wondering what looks good on a resume as a 1L. A quick cognitive shortcut is service industry = possibility for social skills. Hiring committees have told me such point blank. Applications aren't analyzed based upon what's not there. Why would I comment on those who haven't worked in an industry when that won't be on an application because it wasn't a lived experience? Solid rebuttal against a non-existent argument.
  4. Also, more often than not, the applicant with service expertise, such as a waitress or bartender, can actually have a normal conversation with strangers (interviewers).
  5. You could give some students a year extension and they still wouldn’t do any better... extra time doesn’t necessarily equal a better grade. Extensions aren’t cheating if they’re necessary for the person receiving them to deal with other things that some people don’t experience.
  6. Why does it matter? Will anyone’s opinion here motivate you or dissuade you? If you want a position, regardless of what anyone tells you, apply broadly then see what happens.
  7. Sleep in. There’s nothing you can do nor doesn’t anyone expect you to do anything.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Throughout school I've found myself to be the opposite. When I highlight I'm not actively reading just highlighting. I'll likely refrain for now and just write notes in the margin if necessary.
  9. Any suggestions on how to highlight? Or is highlighting a waste? Heard mixed reviews on here and elsewhere.
  10. LSO rescheduled the exams for late August and early September. Barring those dates, the exams may be administered online as is being done for the students who were supposed to write in March. In Ontario, the 10 month articling requirement has been reduced to 8 to fit in with this new timeline.
  11. There’s no way large firms force their articling students to miss being called. They’ve either been in touch with the LSO who’s considering allowing another administrative call to the bar or they have something else up their sleeve.
  12. Sounds like both of your points are the same. One said they’re coasting, one said they’re coasting but can’t party. Sentimentally, I was upset I wouldn’t have the realization moment that one class was going to be my last law school class. I’ll miss being on campus and things like that. Other than those things, hasn’t affected me much.
  13. The same as I normally would, which isn’t a lot to begin with. Create my summaries, know where shit is, forget about it until exam day.
  14. Me too... I've emailed Ontario Law Exam regarding the (former) June exams but haven't received a response.
  15. Given that many students will now be studying for the exams and articling at the same time, would it be worthwhile to read the materials in their entirety when they’re released in April and then simply “refresh” when it comes time to write in August/ September?
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