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  1. FingersCr0ssed

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

  2. FingersCr0ssed

    Suits For Men

    I received my suit from Indochino. I did the measurements in store. In doing so I gave them strict instructions to go a little bigger than my in store measurements because I know I will be growing. I tried on the suit when I received it and I can assure you they did not go slightly larger as I requested. Take this into consideration during the measurement process. If you decide to tell them to make it exactly to size there is a chance it will come out smaller than the measurements and be too small on you. Nonetheless, the suit fits pretty perfectly, and no its not because I actually grew - im down 5lbs. Just some food for thought.
  3. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Any word on non-OCI firm ITCs for Ottawa?
  4. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    All students have probably noticed but Ottawa lists are out. What is the etiquette for bringing an updated resume to the OCI? Only curious because I started a new position in September that involves working directly with clients, which I believe is a nice asset, and of course a talking point in an OCI.
  5. FingersCr0ssed

    Suits For Men

    Ordered one from Indochino last week. I will report back with how it goes once I do their "second tailoring".
  6. FingersCr0ssed

    Suits For Men

    Advice on dry cleaning? I bought a m2m but its fused so I don't want to dry clean too often because I want to avoid bubbling of course. However, I am wearing it once a week so far, and likely to be twice per week in the upcoming semester. How often does one dry clean their suits? Cheers
  7. FingersCr0ssed

    Low Undergrad Grades

    How about Witchcraft or Poker 101?? Completely joking, but I would love for those courses to be mentioned and questioned in an interview one day.
  8. FingersCr0ssed

    Rural lawyering pay

    I make about sixteen thousand.... yes thats right you heard me sixty thousand.
  9. FingersCr0ssed

    Rural lawyering pay

    Just going to add my two cents here, but I think this is a bad idea. Calling and asking how much money someone makes just seems like a general no no to me.
  10. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Does anyone still have any firms on ViaLaw that have not reviewed their applications? I have 4 firms that indicate they have not reviewed the submission yet.
  11. FingersCr0ssed

    What type of Law is each school known for?

    I know that my school specializes in providing for a program that allows one to article, write the bar, and then become a practicing lawyer. Im not sure about the others though.
  12. FingersCr0ssed

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    How would traditional indigenous stories about governance, such as stories about the Weitiko, be woven into Canadian law courses? I agree that indigenous legal issues should be woven into the classes, but indigenous legal traditions as a separate class just makes sense to me. Having said that, I completely agree that it is unnecessary marketing. The article was originally published with a quote from the Dean saying that it "was the first law course of its kind for a law school in Ontario", which of course is a blatant lie.
  13. FingersCr0ssed

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    They are definitely going in batches as per the school. When I received my PFO from Davies (woohoo) at the same time as the other Ottawa student I came to that conclusion. The prior 5 or so posts, all from UofT students, also makes that fairly clear.
  14. FingersCr0ssed

    Just Started; Wise Advice Appreciated

    1) As you're just beginning you don't really know whats essential and what is mindless chatter. However, this skill comes with practice as many have said above. I would suggest at least attempting to read entire judgements for the time being. When you're slightly more skilled, in a month or two, you'll start to notice which segments of judgements are essentially "useless" for class purposes. But it also depends on the class. For example, just spitballing here, but lets say the historical analyses critiquing and examining the advancement of the law in a constitutional law case may be slightly more important than an overview of obsolete rules in a criminal context. Once you start to notice these things you can advance to a quick skim rather than a detailed read. 2) No one in law school knows anything other than the bar they're going to Friday. Its fine. On a real note though there are little terms, inter alia, that you'll just gave to google to start to understand. You'll start to pick things up, and if your professors are throwing obscure case references at you theres a fairly good chance it won't be examinable so theres no need to stress (unless its listed in the course syllabus then you will discuss it later anyway so no stress for the time being).
  15. FingersCr0ssed

    Books for 1L

    What I find to always be a funny turn of events is when the civil law students line up in the common law "bookstore line" because of the civil law sign directly above it only to find out that they're in the wrong line and need to go somewhere else.