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  1. Lakehead's claim to focus on small city law also doesn't really make sense nor exist. The substantive knowledge won't hold you back from Toronto, but the school's connections to TO might have an impact.
  2. It means it’s a day of the week that ends in Y. Digging into the hypothetical a little bit, don’t worry that no one responded to your email because they’re just busy. You really can’t read into these things so don’t let it bug you.
  3. My firm isn't doing shit either, and I would imagine most aren't actively doing anything.
  4. One aspect of the bullshit on my end, and seemingly is a simple fix (but maybe I’m misinterpreting what’s going on behind the scenes), is the fake urgencies created on files by partners. The issue with me is getting the 7pm email that entails several hours of corporate work and having it due the next morning. It’s fine, I understand there’s urgencies, but when I stay up all night on a file and get an email 4 days later from the partner saying they’ve yet to read the memo but they appreciate the quick turnaround it just irks me. Forget compensation transparency or a four day work week, I’ll settle for not actively stealing time that practically doesn’t need to be stolen.
  5. Seems to me that everyone says this every year.
  6. As much as it takes to answer the question. 1L students have a problem with panicking, citing law for 3/4 of the paper, and then doing a tiny analysis. If you’re typing 6000 words, which is apparently 24 double spaced pages, you’re almost certainly doing it wrong.
  7. Get the reference and move on. Who cares about how strong of a reference it is. You getting or not getting the position won’t hinge on the reference.
  8. Stop thinking about it because, for better or for worse, you can’t really prepare for an OCI (that much) seeing as how most of them are free flowing conversations.
  9. Because a firm that seeks out as much information as possible about applicants in order to differentiate one another has bad judgement.
  10. There are possibly hundreds of threads on this forum about this.
  11. Maybe wait until the end of the month and reach out?
  12. My firm environment is extremely collegial and supportive. If students are going into their big law summers thinking they can consistently gym midday they’re going to be sadly mistaken. When did this become accepted practice? You can leave and gym if you’re not busy. I’m not disputing that. However, you can’t stretch the flexibility of no direct oversight to such an extent to then say you can maintain a consistent gym schedule during the work day. No one will be keeping tabs on you, but when you’re not available when someone needs your assistance it’s going to be remembered. The probability of this happening is much higher when you’re always at the gym VS getting lunch. The argument becomes even more nonsensical when one can just wake up and gym before work work. Firms aren’t here to cater to the intricacies of each person’s lifestyle.
  13. First, where exactly do you work? If your superiors are well aware of your consistent and midday gym sessions I’d like to submit my CV. OP asked about a consistent regime. I cannot think of one associate at my firm that takes hours off to gym midday. Litigation, no way you’re on the courts hours. Corporate or real estate, how exactly is one doing a financing outside of bank hours? Let’s regress a bit and even comment on student life wherein your at the will of whoever is delegating work. If you’re not in the office, irrespective of “sneaking”, you’re not truly where you’re supposed to be or doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Second, my point is that you likely won’t be there in 15 if you’re at the gym. Turn this into a consistent pattern and someone will question why you’re never available, especially those senior partners who dominate their juniors’ time. Third, I commend any student or young associate who advances the laissez fair attitude of yours as to when someone should be working. Someone should “technically be working” during work hours, which ultimately align with your clients work hours, which tends to be when advice is rendered, which ultimately trickles down to juniors’ assistance. It’s not simply going to “dick around” when you know you’re needed. It’s about never being around when you are needed. Lastly, no being at the gym doesn’t sink your reputation. Similar to what I said above - if you’re not available when needed, and it’s a recurring pattern of unavailability between 1-3 for example because you can’t gym from 7-9, I do believe it will. The unfortunate thing for students and juniors is that the negative stands out much more than the positive. If you’re willing to risk the downside then go for it, get the midday pump.
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