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  1. Ask other professors for a reference.
  2. Saw this thread earlier today and contemplated telling my boring story of my first full weekend of work while articling, which was two weeks ago. Strangely enough, the partner on the file followed up with me a few hours ago giving me enough work to take away this weekend as well. Beware all, this thread is cursed.
  3. You cannot generalize professors. There are good professors and bad professors at every school. On average the professors are tolerable which is, in my opinion, all that matters.
  4. That’s basically what I’m driving at. Courses will indicate your interest in the subject matter, which in turn demonstrate an interest in the practice area. If you’re lacking the course it may be difficult to demonstrate the interest. However, things other than courses can indicate to an employer your interest in their particular field. As I said, if you’re applying to big law this may not necessarily matter because big firms practice almost everything, exclusive of family and criminal.
  5. They won't care what courses. The only caveat to this is specialized firms such as labour & employment firms or litigation firms like Leczner. If you have all corporates courses, but are applying to these firms, it won't go over particularly well.
  6. The professional responsibility section on OLEs practice solicitor exam has questions surrounding criminal plea deals. These companies are a joke.
  7. Honestly sounds like you’re asking the answers to a high school law class assignment.
  8. I would be applying to literally every posting at this point in this economy. Can you find this dream position? Sure almost anything can happen. Should you be holding out for it given the current state of events combined with it being this late in the game? In my opinion, absolutely not. You should seriously consider expanding your practice area or your geographical area.
  9. You’re likely not the first nor last student who will ask for a reference. If it comforts you at all, I didn’t speak a word to one of my references before we met for coffee to discuss my reference.
  10. I just emailed the professors I had the best grades with and they all agreed. They’ll likely want to sit down and get coffee with you first to chat about your aspirations etc.
  11. Care to disprove my theory? In what world is a student who achieved the grade he or she desired going to get on ratemyprof and provide positive information? Instead, said student will attribute his or her performance to the work put in not the professor being "easy" or "super clear in his lectures omg". Conversely, if someone does bad it's basic human nature to extend blame to the professor. We're not great at internalizing blame if you haven't noticed. Internal locus of control for positive events versus external locus of control of negative events.
  12. The salty students who never went to class, never did the work, and wound up with a C in the course have much more incentive to whine about whatever non-issue they experienced on ratemyprof.
  13. You’re making a decision to live on opposite ends of a massive country based on moderate pay disparity? Where does your family live? Where do you have friends? Where are you going to be able to sustain a practice without being completely miserable? These are more important considerations IMO.
  14. What is one to do if they actually need to flag a question because it’s taking too long? You’ll just end up with a combination of questions anyways. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice the ability to return to questions simply to isolate PR. Edit - I see you’ve addressed this concern above.
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