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  1. lawstudent6

    Rejected from McGill 2017

    Sorry to hear! Do you mind sharing when you receive the email/notice the minerva change? Wishing you the best of luck if you applied to other universities!
  2. lawstudent6

    TFI exam

    Hey! In my case, I sent every page of my transcripts. So I couldn't tell you if sending only the first page would work nor if just the school sending a message would work either. In my opinion, I would just send everything and not just an email from your school, since that's what they require. I wouldn't take any chance if I was you.
  3. lawstudent6

    UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    For those who have received an offer when is the deadline for your to accept/decline?
  4. lawstudent6

    UdeM Certificate (advice)

    Also, I've read that you said that you must have completed 21 credits when we apply, so does that mean that we should start the certificat during the summer to make sure that we have enough credits. Because by the February date, if one only does 5 classes during the Fall semester (15credits) it won't be enough.
  5. lawstudent6

    Sherbrooke 2017

    Bravo! Quand as tu soumis ta demande? Es-tu universitaire ou cégep? Et si tu es de l'uni, pourrais-tu partager tes stats/programme svp? Merci!
  6. lawstudent6

    Accepted at McGill 2017

    Congrats! When did you apply?
  7. lawstudent6

    Sherbrooke 2017

    On March 17 another person was accepted as well (Minnie 77), with a 3.88 in Biochemistry, bac completed. She posted on a different page, but not here. Her post can be found here: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/46495-newupdated-first-known-offer-and-links-to-acceptedrejected-threads-2017/page-2 For those who have been accepted congrats! When is your deadline to accept/decline your offer?
  8. lawstudent6

    UdeM Certificate (advice)

    Hi AAAlawschool, Depending on the answers I get from the law school I've applied to, I may be going the same route as you. Therefore, I was wondering, now that you're about to finish your second year: 1. Did you feel like you were at a disadvantage compared to your peers? Par exemple, pour la course aux stages (est-ce que tes notes du certificat transfère ou est-ce que sur ton diplôme ça dit juste que c'est crédité?) 2. Following on my 1st question...Were you able to do some networking with law firms? 3. Do you also feel like it's harder to form friendships since they all know each other? 4. I'd like to be part of some clubs and hold an exec position, I'm assuming it will be harder for me since I wasn't involved in 1st year, any insight? Would I be able to join these clubs even if I'm not officially in law school? Thanks a lot
  9. Oh I didn't know there was a change in status.. I thought it'd say ready for review until we get a refusal or an offer. So basically if it says under review that means our file is actually being looked at?
  10. lawstudent6

    Accepted at McGill 2017

    Congrats on the acceptance!! But does that mean that you plan on refusing your offer?
  11. lawstudent6

    TFI exam

    Yes I did
  12. lawstudent6

    TFI exam

    If ever someone was wondering about the length of the process. It took me 9 days - including weekend- (so 7 business days) to get an answer regarding my request to dismiss my TFI.
  13. Congrats Minie77 Go post in the Sherbrooke accepted page: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/47558-sherbrooke-2017/
  14. lawstudent6

    TFI exam

    I did send the transcripts for each year Not sure if you went through the process, but if you did, do you know how long it'll take for a reply?