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  1. Absolutely, the CSO people are very helpful and I'll talk to them for some advice for sure.
  2. Thank you for the input adVenture, it's very comforting to learn that there're still opportunities out there outside of big law, I think real estate is probably a big area in Vancouver, and it's great to learn from your colleague as well! Thanks again.
  3. Absolutely, thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it!
  4. Thank you for the encouragement Malicious! And no worries pzabbythesecond, it’s totally fine
  5. That’s very helpful, and too be honest, I enjoy talking to people from boutique practices a lot more and the only reason why I kind of focused on big law is the fact that most corporate firms are big law. I’ve definitely enjoyed solicitor work more and I guess I’m interested in helping people achieving something (making a deal happen, setting up tax efficient estates). I agree that I have been focusing on certain areas and I will take your advice and keep my eyes open to different areas. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you, spicyfoodftw, I will definitely keep investigating.
  7. Thank you guys both for the inputs! That's an interesting idea pzabbythesecond, I've actually never thought about it. Disputes, could you please share more info about how this individual found these opportunities? are these posted jobs? when do the opportunities usually come up?
  8. Thank you for the advice Diplock. I came from an Economics/Finance background and have some knowledge in capital markets and investment analysis (valuation models and some of the banker side of work), that's why I'm naturally more interested in corporate finance and M&A, as I imagine that clients would appreciate it that I speak their language and also it'll be easier for me to understand the work better. Also because I found that I tend to do better in courses in these areas, due to the same reason I suppose. I hope I could do the work I'm good at and I have an interest in, and feel a bit reluctant to force myself into another area that might give me a job but I don't really like. But I do understand that hopes and realities are completely two different things lol. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hi fellow law students, I'm a 3L at UBC with no article lined up, and I feel a bit frustrated and discouraged by the unsuccessful applications during 1L and 2L. I have made an appointment with the career office but would like to hear what people think here as well. Experience wise, I have some work experience at law school, working as research assistant for two professors, and I've worked at a non-law job during the summer before law school. My grades are not too bad (I think), mostly Bs and B+, with an A in biz org and an A- in taxation of trust. But I also have a C in constitution because of a very dumb mistake. I came from a business background and ideally I would like to practice in M&A and corporate finance, but also interested in trusts (mostly because I really liked that course). What do you guys think my strategies should be? Are big firms even an option at this point? or should I just focus on boutiques and network with as many as I can? What will the timeline look like? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  10. agreed, that's often the message i got talking to professionals. thanks for the input sng!
  11. Hi testcase, thanks for the insight! That sure sounds interesting, I assume the lawyer you were referring to works in a big firm in Toronto?
  12. Thanks for your input setto! I’m not a Charterholder but have cleared all the exams. I guess I just don’t see many people who are doing this and I’m not sure if it’s because they sound related to each other more than they actually do, or is it just more of a career choice. Thanks again for the inpu!
  13. Hi guys, I’m currently a 2L student and I’m curious how law firms look at the CFA program. Anyone found it helpful in securing an article? Or does it generally help in your practice? Thanks for all the inputs!
  14. Thanks for the input! I've never been to Toronto so I really can't say if I want to live there, but Vancouver sure is getting a little boring to me. I'm only transferring to Toronto because I want to land a job on Bay Street and it seems UofT graduates have the highest chance of getting them. I understand your point that good enough grades for transfer can also get me OCIs in Toronto, but I'm thinking living in Toronto could potentially give me more opportunities to network with the big firms and maybe will enhance my chances? Bottom line is, transferring will not hurt me in anyway (in terms getting a bay street job). I don't know if it's correct for me to assume that? Thanks again for your input!
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