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  1. arandomstudent

    Transfer from UBC to UofT?

    Thanks a lot Bob, that's really helpful!
  2. arandomstudent

    Transfer from UBC to UofT?

    Thanks for the input! I've never been to Toronto so I really can't say if I want to live there, but Vancouver sure is getting a little boring to me. I'm only transferring to Toronto because I want to land a job on Bay Street and it seems UofT graduates have the highest chance of getting them. I understand your point that good enough grades for transfer can also get me OCIs in Toronto, but I'm thinking living in Toronto could potentially give me more opportunities to network with the big firms and maybe will enhance my chances? Bottom line is, transferring will not hurt me in anyway (in terms getting a bay street job). I don't know if it's correct for me to assume that? Thanks again for your input!
  3. arandomstudent

    Transfer from UBC to UofT?

    Hi guys, Currently incoming 1L at UBC, decided to transfer to Toronto or Osgoode next year because my main area of interest is securities law, M&A or anything financial related (Already finished CFA level 2 and would really love to combine two skills). From what I have learned, Toronto is a much more appropriate option for me. Anyone here have any experience with transferring from ubc to u of t? What level of class standing am I looking at here? Top 10%? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  4. status changed this morning and got the email just now. file was completed on 25 Nov. GPA with drops: 84.7% LSAT: 166 Index: 92.25
  5. arandomstudent

    Does graduate school gpa matter?

    I completely hear you. Would love to do all that, but on the other hand, economics is indeed something I am interested in. I am thinking about doing the master outside Canada though, so that I might get the best of both worlds.
  6. arandomstudent

    Does graduate school gpa matter?

    Thank you so much for the input. I really appreciate it. It didn't occur to me before that I was too risk averse. Thank you for pointing that out for me. When I say challenging graduate programs, I am referring to the economics MA at U of T, which is currently my top choice. I heard from other students that the midterm average is around 35%. It's completely hearsay but it does surprise me a bit and get me thinking what effect of a 35% grade might have on my application. I have applied to UBC law for 2017 too and I believe my chances are quite good for that. It's just I am planning to practice in Toronto, so U of T is a much better option for me.
  7. Hi all, I am in my 4th year but missed the application deadline for U of T this year. I am thinking about applying for 2018 admission and doing a short masters degree (8-12 month) to fill the gap. However, some of the schools I am considering can be quite challenging, so I am a little worried that doing badly in my masters might undermine my overall qualification. It says on the FAQ page that "A very strong performance in a graduate program may overcome modest weaknesses in an undergraduate record, but will not usually overcome an undergraduate record which is otherwise uncompetitive", but it didn't mention what happens the other way around. My cGPA isn't that impressive to start with, if U of T will look at graduate schools seriously, I might have to go with some easier options. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Yet still looking for a piece of mind. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys, first topic here. I'm about to apply to ubc fairly soon. My gpa after dropping is 83.9 and my lsat is 166. I calculated the index and it's 92.02, just slightly above 92. I've seen that 92 was the autoadmission level for last year, but also there's obviously a rising trend. Just wondering how are my chances this year? Thanks!