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  1. Am I OP? or the other individuals?
  2. Appreciate all the feedback. Any chance at Stikes? Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you for the reply! Am I out at Goodman, McCarthys and Davies? Even Stikes?
  4. Hi Everyone, I just finished first year and would like some feedback on my grades. I will be applying for OCIs, just wanted to know what people that have been through the process think. Currently interested in corporate and commercial law. Contracts A+ Criminal A- Torts A- Property B+ Legal Research and Writing B- Constitution C+ Thank you for your opinion.
  5. Hi, I am first year at an Ontario law school. Based on personal circumstance, it is recommended that I transfer back to BC. So I am interested in transferring into UBC. I just wanted to know what "grade" will get me in? Also, I do have doctor's note that can be sent with my application. Thanks for advice.
  6. Hi, I would like know how difficult is it to transfer to TRU for 2L? I have some personal reasons that force me to relocate to that area. Best,
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