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  1. This tool calculated my gpa a whole % lower than UBC. I did have a somewhat complex drop situation but something to keep in mind
  2. Contact admissions! They're really helpful and it's better to be safe than sorry
  3. Historically is seems that an email is sent out the next day. Fingers crossed
  4. Online status just changed to offer. Congrats to everyone in advance! Stats: GPA: 84.6 (confirmed) LSAT: 170 Index: 93.01
  5. I'm in the same boat. First couple years my GPA is about 3.5 and last few is 4.28. It averages out to around 3.8. I don't have any good organic chemistry excuse tho. Just decided I should probably get my sh*t together. I spoke to admissions and they said they just compile everything to get a number to use in their index. It seems unlikely they wouldn't notice such a discrepancy but I doubt this has any major impact. Interesting side note about their index formula. I spoke to an admissions staff memeber and they said that someone revealed a students index score and that student reverse engineered an index formula. The staff member said that the index floating around online isn't exactly correct. He/she said it's a good 'ball park' estimate but to take it with a grain of salt. Then again they could be bluffing.
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