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  1. Back on the main topic, it's worth your time to look into recent initiatives by law schools too; Western has historically not been great on diversity, but the admin and student body are very engaged on this, especially in light of the current uptick in BLM advocacy and conversations in the law school. Admissions has committed to increased emphasis on overall class diversity and there are multiple initiatives on campus broadly and in the law school specifically to address this. I'm sure other law schools are doing the same. Food for thought!
  2. Western had one too if I recall. Always write them; why give an admissions committee less material to consider you on? Why make them think a spot in the class is not worth a few hundred extra words to you?
  3. Hi all, I like to mess around with cocktails in my spare time and I've been thinking of making a "Bay Street" themed speciality in line with my summer job 😆 Any thoughts on ingredients or drinks that law students/lawyers around here would associate with Bay Street? Like what base liquor do you think is the most corporate law-ish? Other suggestions? Would love some inspiration to help me centre my efforts
  4. I wore a button-up and tie for my onboarding zoom and the Directors of Ops literally laughed at me (in good fun). No one is wearing formals to work right now unless they have something with the court. I wear a hat in 50% of meetings so everyone doesn't see how bad my hair is. Just wear some regular clothes, but I would avoid anything very loud if you have video calls.
  5. I mean, this is purely my experience from working with my own law school's admin, but a significant part of the Dean's job is administrative tasks that do not require legal background or training. They were probably looking for someone with those kind of management skills to stop-gap while they search for an appropriate candidate with legal skills. Given his resume points in the announcement, this seems an entirely smart decision to ensure the law school has stable, experienced leadership while they find the right candidate.
  6. Toughest issues are the amount of bs that comes up in student politics because everyone at law school has strong opinions even where they are clearly wrong. Deal with that by drinking.
  7. Winter likely online as well from the same email.
  8. Yeah I've had enough professional experience to know that's an idiotic idea. 😆
  9. Hi all, so I've been at my summer position for a bit now, going great, love the firm, everyone nice and all that. After a very busy starting week, things have taken a turn for the slower side. There are quite a few students and not a ton of work to go around (not because the firm isn't busy, but just because all the associates are so strapped for time right now they don't have a lot of bandwidth to sever off bits of work for us to do and then spend the additional time fixing our errors). Consequently, I've had a fair bit of time recently casting about for work via email and mostly being told that I'll be contacted when something comes up. How would you guys suggest I fill my time during the day in these down periods? I've already made sure I am up to date on the files I have done work on, I've done some side research on general topics in the field, worked on a paper that will make the firm look good if I get any award for it, etc. I just want to make sure that when I log my time for the day I don't look like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I'm sure things will pick up again and I'll have no time to spare, but is there anything else I should be doing?
  10. Toronto boutique I'm at is still on virtual start in May.
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