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  1. Heard from Stikeman's with an East Meets West OCI invite + reception
  2. I am 100% certain your law school's career development office can answer this for you in detail and probably has plenty of documents about this question for ya
  3. Admissions should provide you a letter of enrolment once your deposit is paid if you email.
  4. Unless there is some particular reason you want the MA (want to work for government at GAC, move to politics after law, etc), it's not very relevant to your career afterwards.
  5. Start by converting to a letter grade average if possible and providing the grade curve your school is on.
  6. Quick question for any of our US based forum members (or anyone else who has the answer ) My CPDO recently informed me that whatever agreement that existed between Massachusetts and Canadian provinces to acknowledge a Canadian degree and allow Canadian-trained lawyers to take the bar there without any other accreditation requirements is no longer in effect. Can anyone confirm this for me? I couldn't find the information online except for this site saying it was still valid https://www.lawyeredu.org/massachusetts.html
  7. You are way far off from law school, minimum an undergrad degree away. Nothing you take in high school will matter for law school applications. Focus on picking an undergrad degree you like and getting good grades in that. Do extracurriculars you enjoy.
  8. Last thread I could find on this was back in 2015. Any recent insight on what sort of salaries summer students (1Ls and 2Ls) get working a large corporate firms in major cities?
  9. Draken


    0 downsides to accepting a deferral if you know that you eventually want to go to that school. You’ll likely have to sign something stating you won’t apply to other schools next cycle. probably no downside to rejecting outright either, you’re not so important that the school will care very much why you said no once. I had a few schools even tell me that if I reapplied, being admitted prior was an advantage
  10. I'm coming late to the house hunt game for Fall 1L. I've been living in Montreal and working, so the soonest I was able to get time off to go for viewings is at the end of July, I'm headed to London for 4 days to look for a new home later this month. I've been watching padmapper, Western's off campus housing site, and the 1L accepted group, but I was wondering if anyone had other resources that may be good? I'm looking at a max rent of $1200 per month if all utilities are included. Is that a reasonable budget to potentially work with a realtor? Is that something people do in the London market for rentals? Appreciate any insight anyone has! Thank you
  11. Call the law school loan rep for your school. There is an easily google-able pdf out there with all the contact info.
  12. Draken


    Just go ask for one with whatever reason you have and see what they say. They don't revoke your offer for asking.
  13. Draken


    It's highly subjective to the school. Typically helps if you can show a pressing need, for example, an exceptional job offer that is limited to a year contract, admission to a one year program that is prestigious or has a lot of utility. If your grades/LSAT are good enough, they may just say yes off-hand. My experience last year was that financial concerns and family responsibilities (not pregnancy or having small children) were not considered good enough reasons by my accepted schools.
  14. Do extra-curriculars that matter to you. They aren't massively important in law school applications but they can help a bit and humanize you. You want to show that you are more than just a GPA and LSAT. Don't get hung up on it though, and don't join a "pre law society" thinking that it matters or will make you a better candidate. It does not. Also they are good for your sanity.
  15. Montreal and civil law looks more attractive everyday
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