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  1. Use their first name, and if you want to make it more formal use “Dear [X]” instead of “Hi [X]”.
  2. Have a look at the website for WES Canada -- as msk2012 said, you will probably have to get your transcript assessed for equivalency, and I have heard good things about them. You can have a look at what they will likely assess your GPA as at http://www.wes.org/students/igpacalc.asp
  3. Can second this -- once you let go of any preconceived worries about "networking" and just treat it as having some drinks and chatting with interesting people the events are generally quite fun!
  4. For future reference 14 OCIs, 3 infirms, 1 offer (top choice) So to anyone in the future that's worrying that they didn't get many infirms compared to OCIs, don't stress, you can only take one job and not rushing around during infirm week (a) is much more relaxing, and (b) allows you to focus on the ones you do have
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