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  1. Watch the speech the valedictorian delivered this week. I'm sure every school would look fantastic in these addresses (and I encourage others to post videos) but this sums up the experience at Western perfectly, should be stickied in this forum.
  2. 3Ls student centers have been updated to show it, 2Ls haven't yet as far as I know.
  3. Any insight though into cultures? Or, because of their size, would you not have interacted with them and therefore not have an idea of the kind of people/environment?
  4. Just from being in law school I got familiar with a lot of the names of the firms and I was hoping someone could give some insight into (what I thought were) mid-size firms that have been left off the list (or explain why they aren't on the list, why they're not worthy of being in the same list as the above etc.) Torkin Blaney Minden Gross Dickinson Wright Thanks for any input!
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