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  1. Gerwulf

    Accepted with no LSAT

    Hi @franc. I was accepted at McGill without writing the LSAT. What exactly do you want to know? Gerwulf
  2. Gerwulf

    admissions chances w/o LSAT

    Seems to me you have a strong application. Working on your French maybe a better use of your time than writing the LSAT. At first sight, I don't think you need to write it. However, I'm not on the application committee, so don't take my word for a warranty. Don't hesitate to ask, should you have further questions. Good luck!
  3. Gerwulf

    What are my chances?

    @svln I have to agree with @pzabbythesecond on this one. Before getting into law school myself (I'm a 2L at McGill), my lawyer friends and my own dad told me over and over again how intense law school is. I really thought I was mentally prepared when I finally got started. Guess what? The amount of work I was expecting to face is about 10-15% of what it actually is. Even if you hear it for years, it is almost impossible to grasp how intense law school really is before you actually get started. I have an undergrad in political sciences and modern languages. I thought I had read a lot during my first degree (3 years). To give you an idea, I would estimate that I read at least as much during my first semester in law school than I did during my entire first degree. Bottom line : if McGill's application ''really beats you down'', maybe you should reconsider law school at all. No matter where you end up studying law, it will be extremely intense. If applying beats you down, what are you going to do when you're in front of hundreds of pages of sometimes very hard readings, while getting hundreds more every week, and while simultaneously having assignments to submit? Also, there are huge differences between McGill, Sherbrooke, UQAM, and UDM's Faculties of Law. I personally only applied to McGill because its curriculum was unquestionably the most appealing to me. I urge you to follow @pzabbythesecond's advice and consider why you want to go to law school at all. Your choice of school should primarily be based on the reasons you want to attend law school. It is therefore imperative you objectively assess said reasons and chose consequently. You should not chose to apply to a Faculty based on the fact that its application process is ''much easier and faster''. Your don't pick a law faculty like you pick the first t-shirt you see in your closet. By the way, please don't take these remarks as personal attacks, they are not. Simply trying to help! Once again, best of luck, and don't hesitate if we can be of further help. Have a nice day, Gerwulf
  4. Gerwulf

    What are my chances?

    I would assume your minor in Indigenous and minorities studies will considerably help your application. You seem to have interesting ECs too, which will also help. However, your GPA is not competitive. If you manage to boost it to a competitive level, and you also write a top-notch PS, you may have a chance at getting in. By curiosity, which school is your first choice, and why? Best of luck. Don't hesitate if we can be of further help. Gerwulf
  5. @mootqueenJD69 Thank you very much for your response, I truly appreciate I also thought option 2 would benefit her the most. I am glad and grateful you were able to confirm. Thanks again and have a fantastic day!
  6. Gerwulf

    LSAT Test Deadline - Experience?

    As far as I know, they will. I don't think so. Can't help with this one, sorry. My tip for you : email undergradadmissions.law @ mcgill.ca with your questions. They are as quick to respond as they are helpful Hope this helps. Good luck!
  7. Hi all! A good friend of mine is applying for Fall 2019. She is currently doing a master’s degree. However, she took too many courses and cannot manage the resulting schedule. Consequently, she’s considering withdrawing from one her courses. She asked me if I knew how McGill’s admission committee would perceive a ‘W’ in her transcript. I was unfortunately not able to provide her with a satisfactory answer, and therefore decided to ask the community here. Concretely, she would like to know what would be the most beneficial for her application: 1. Having a lower GPA but no withdraw mention in her transcript; 2. Having a higher GPA with a withdraw mention in her transcript. Any input would be much appreciated! Thank you very much in advance. Kindly, Gerwulf
  8. Gerwulf

    Accepted at McGill 2018

  9. Hi @jan, and sorry for the delay. Although I understand your points 100% (I was in your shoes too at one point!), I have to agree with @pzabbythesecond's intervention. Law is a very stressful domain from A(dmission) to Z, and the #1 best advice I can give to anyone starting in the legal field is to start learning now how to cope with stress, no matter its intensity or its source. Being able to neutralize stress is not only a good law student quality, it's a good human quality. To pick on your point, I too have worked really hard during my college & first undergrad so I could get into law school. I had no social life and was working really intensely from 6-7 am to 10-11 pm every single day for years so I could secure a GPA that would in turn get a seat into a top law school (I was initially aiming for Harvard or Yale, but eventually decided on McGill for obvious financial reasons). My point is I also experienced the fear of not seeing all the sacrifices I made since I first started my higher education. I know what it is. I know how you are feeling and I know it is horrible. However, just as @pzabbythesecond stated, getting in is only the begging of the game. We know all of you guys have worked incredibly hard to be where you are today. Simply facing the possibility of being admitted means you sacrificed and worked a lot. However, once you will actually be in law school, you'll still have to work and sacrifice a lot more. At one point you'll dream of working for X or Y firm or employer, and there's a big chance someone else gets your dream job. It's sad, but that's unfortunately how it is. If you do lose your seat, you have to keep your chin up and immediately start fighting for another instead of letting the bad news destroy you. The competition is very intense in the law domain, and you're competing with highly competent players. I basically was at the top of my program during my first degree, and was literally embarrassed when I first started law school because I felt everybody else was so much smarter than me. I felt incredibly average and it hurt my ego really bad. However, that's just how it is. Everybody is crazy smart. Keep in mind that you are in that pool of incredibly smart applicants and are competing against them for a seat. That mere fact means you are also incredibly smart. I know waiting on an admission is extremely stressful, but we can't control that waiting period or the admission committee whatsoever. The only thing we can try and control is our mental reactions to the situation we are facing, and this very fact is the reason for my previous comment. While waiting, our stress is the only thing we can control. It is our choice whether we decide to control it or let it control us. In my book, no stress, no matter its source, should take over your mental state and overall well being. We're human beings before being law school applicants or students. Let's not forget it. In any case, I am really happy to know you have secured a seat Congratulations on your admission Just to double check, were you admitted to McGill, or to another university? If you have any question whatsoever regarding law school, please feel free to ask here, or send me a private message. It will be a great pleasure to help you as best as I can. I hope you have a nice day and sorry once again for the delay in responding. All the best
  10. It is, but once again, try not to worry too much, as it won't help you get in whatsoever. It will rather simply affect your overall well being. I normally don't generalize, but I feel comfortable saying that law school is very stressful in general for almost everyone. As law students, we somehow have to learn to live with that stress at the back of our heads, trying not to let it affect us too dramatically so we can perform. I would suggest you try seeing this waiting period as a good time to practice coping with stress. BTW, I'm not trying to be patronizing at all with this suggestion and I really hope you don't feel I am. I just don't want you guys to torture yourselves with the possibility of a rejection, like I know a lot of applicants do. Your mental health is and will always be more important than attending any law school. I can't really confirm or infirm, but I would be more surprised if the opposite were true.
  11. @Lampadaire @mademoiselle The process of narrowing down 2000+ (very) competitive applications to +-180 admissions takes a lot of time. That being said, they don't leave or forget anyone behind. Good or bad, your time will come. Don't worry, don't lose hope. Bonne chance!
  12. Gerwulf

    McGill Law 2018 Facebook Group?

    You may follow this link. Let me know if it doesn't work.
  13. Gerwulf

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Following @erinl2's request, I created this new thread so we can keep the ''Admitted 2018'' one cleaner. See here : Please use it from now on and limit your interventions on ''Admitted 2018'' accordingly to @erinl2 instructions. You can copy paste comments from ''Admitted 2018'' to this new thread if you need to quote. Thank you.
  14. Hi all. Following a moderator request, I created this thread. Please feel free to share without restriction here, and let's keep the ''Admitted thread'' cleaner from now on. Thank you all.
  15. Gerwulf

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Hi again @analyst Sorry I initially didn't understand well your situation. For some reason, I was under the impression you were on the wait list. I actually can't draw any conclusion regarding this. TBH, I have no knowledge whatsoever on how mature applicants' files are dealt with by the committee, so I'm not able to speculate on how they have and will still approach yours, for complete lack of basis to speculate upon. I guess I can only more or less reiterate what I told @foglawyer earlier : If you haven't been rejected yet, I would personally infere it means you still have a reasonably good chance at getting in. Mature student or not, wait list or not, if your chance was not at least reasonably good, I think you would have already been rejected by now. The people on the committee are aware that applicants are waiting on an answer from the Faculty to plan/organize their lives for the upcoming year(s). For this reason, I think they're doing everything in their power to provide applicants with the most accurate response ASAP. They may seem to be taking a long time to finalize the admission process, but we have to keep in mind that the task of going through tons of really competitive applications and narrowing them down to more or less 180 admission offers is a very onerous task, time-wise. I know you already know this, but it's always a good thing to keep it in mind. Considering this, if you still haven't been rejected, even so long into the ''narrowing down'' process, I would personally take it as a rather positive sign. I would infere it means the committee considers your application is still worth serious consideration, even after they have already minimally reviewed all the other applications and completed a big part of the narrowing down process. In other words, if your file is still worth serious consideration even so long into the process, I would personally infere it can only be a good sign. Once again, please keep in mind that I'm not on the admission committee and don't have access to any inside knowledge whatsoever. I'm merely sharing my honest opinion with you. If any upper year student reads this and thinks my reasoning is flawed, please kindly jump in and correct me. In my book, a very little chance is less than a reasonably good chance. That being said, I can't tell you for sure what it means. In any case, I think you should neither lose faith, nor worry, but rather simply hope for the best You can't do much more than this anyways. On a different note, have you applied for other schools? If so, have you heard from any? Please don't hesitate if you have other questions Good luck and have a nice day! Good luck and stay positive!