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  1. I was accepted off the waitlist last Thursday.
  2. I've declined the offer from Ottawa in favour of Queen's who also offered me acceptance yesterday. Was 1/71 on the final list so I hope this gives hope to those still waiting to hear - one more spot will be open!
  3. Status also changed to admitted (was under evaluation this morning). Best of luck to all those still waiting!
  4. Was put on the "Final Waitlist" today. 1/71. Anyone else?
  5. Interesting that you have until August 1st. I was under the impression waitlist admissions had a quick timeline as to offer the spot to the next person on the list as soon possible.
  6. Thanks! Rooting for you too I saw applying to UofT as a waste of time/money/effort, but at the end of the day it's up to you. If you look in their thread, people with higher stats are rejected, and almost no one near our stats gets accepted. Good luck!
  7. We have similar stats: 3.36/3.5/159, commerce grad with lots of work/volunteer experience. I applied to Osgoode, Western, Queens and Ottawa. Got rejected to Osgoode and sitting on the waitlists at the other three currently. As mentioned above, UofT is definitely out. Didn't apply to Windsor so can't speak to those chances, but search their forum.
  8. Really surprised to see some of the ranks. Is Ottawa switching away from being a CGPA focused school who is forgiving of a low LSAT? I went to Ottawa for my undergrad. Obviously can't speak to the law program in particular, but the admin at the school is horrid. I've had family/friends do their undergrad elsewhere and their post-grad at Ottawa and always speak on how terrible Ottawa is compared to their other universities.
  9. I went to uOttawa for undergrad. The wifi is Eduroam (the wifi network across lots of schools in Canada) so it is your uOzone login, and will actually automatically connect if you attend another school who runs Eduroam. It can get patchy, you can't torrent or do huge downloads, but for the most part I've never had any problems, and I've had classes in FTX. The main campus library gets extremely busy around midterms/exams, however the law library is a great place to study and I actually find it easier to find a spot. With so many students any common area is usually really busy, most buildings have some sort of tables/chairs set up in part of the building, but those are always busy. As mentioned above, there's two gyms, Sports Complex being the nicer one. Both are pretty outdated and I find rather small for the amount of people who use them. During peak times you actually have to sign up for a time slot on some cardio machines. The food on campus sucks. A couple small cafes & Starbucks/Second Cup/Tims where you can maybe grab an overpriced sandwich, and the line ups are always ridiculous. Food Services Website for more info if you want. The cafeteria was recently transformed into an all-you-can-eat buffet area, and is exactly what you'd expect of a place like that. If you plan on studying the entire day and want to have constant food it can be a nice place to camp out. Can find info on prices/menu here. Otherwise, being in the downtown core means there's lots of places within a ~10-15 min walking distance, including the Rideau Mall which has a huge food court. There's a Subway, Freshii and Shawarma place within 200m of campus perimeters.
  10. Also got mine. 76/176 but my deadline to respond is July 11th. This is a hard one. The waitlist is hard to predict based on past years, but I think you just need to decide if you'd be satisfied if you turned down Windsor, and ultimately didn't get into uOttawa from the waitlist
  11. Quick someone take one for the team and call admissions and ask! I would but I'm at work
  12. The fact we have similar stats makes me see where they are in their process Here's to hoping we're at the top of their list!
  13. Just got an email stating the class is full and an offer on their waitlist. Anyone else yet? 3.36/3.5/159 Queen's is my top choice so I have confirmed my interest.
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