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  1. Did you by any chance use the word 'fuck' in your ps?
  2. Thanks for the info. Did you get the loc with a cosigner or without?
  3. Yep, I was working full-time but got used my vacation time a week and a half before to get my sleeping right and be able to study a bit more. Basically, for LR and games I followed the course plan for 7sage and for RC, I kept on practicing PTs. I would do the same passages over and over again as they practically follow the same structure. Do leave a month or two just for doing complete PTs though and once you finish the PT go over the questions that you weren't sure off until the right answer clicks (especially for LR). If you have any questions feel free to PM.
  4. Highly recommend 7sage, especially for games and LR. I studied for 4-5 months and got a 170.
  5. Am gonna try that however I did call them again and the issue seems to be the TDSR for the joint account. (both together) Anyone has any idea how low it has to be for it not be a negative factor?
  6. low credit score and high debt from student loans were what the bank mentioned.
  7. Unfortunately, that's the only family member I have in Canada One of the members here just messaged me to look into a secured LoC with home equity, am gonna look into that next to see if that's an option or not as my cosigner does own a house (paying mortgage on it).
  8. Thanks for the detailed response. I'll definitely contact my school and see if they can help. Hopefully that along with a few hours of work each week would help me financially without affecting my grades.
  9. No, I've only asked my cosigner to sign for Scotia as of right now. My assumption is that if Scotia, TD, and CIBC dont accept the application, no other bank probably would. If someone has any other experience, I would greatly appreciate if they could let me know.
  10. I recently applied for a PSLOC at three banks (CIBC, Scota, and TD) and all three asked for a cosigner which for Scotia I did provide however Scotia mentioned that my cosigner is not strong enough even though he has a great credit score >700 and a high income. Does anyone know what they look for in a good cosigner as the agent was unfortunately not informative on this matter? The only thing I can think of is that my cosigner has approximately 20-30k in student loans remaining but given the other two aspects, I would think that they could overlook the debt. Also, does anyone know how much bursary do universities provide for students who need the financial help as I am currently thinking of either applying for part time jobs or even waiting an extra year to get my financial situation in better shape.
  11. Hey guys, did anyone's status change on the online page? The written notification to follow status has been removed from my page but I haven't received any email. So should I be expecting some news soon?
  12. Yep, B2 was the same last year. Am really not sure. Maybe you applied earlier, had a better personal statement, better connections to SK, or a combination of reasons.
  13. Not sure yet. waiting for dal at the moment.
  14. Accepted Today! Gpa (wih drops): between 3.2-3.3 LSAT 170
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