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  1. You don't have to read word for word but you should at least skim read the materials so you have a basic idea where to look during the exam.
  2. PLTC's pass rate is now 73%. You will have to wait until the May session if you fail the February session.
  3. Don't do it at the end of articles. You may to have to wait until the next PLTC session if you fail one of the assessments or exams.
  4. Thoughts on this? I think the biggest concern raised so far is that it will reduce the supply of articling positions.
  5. You'd have to stay on as an articling student until you get called. Just relax! There is always the discretionary pass!
  6. Make sure you follow the marking criteria even if it makes your assessments feel scripted. The overall fail rate is 25% and a lot of people fail on the assessments and not the exams. You only need 60% to pass the exams.
  7. I'm an articling student and I currently drive 50/60 mins each way to the office. Makes a 10 hour day to a 12 hour day. Otherwise my hours would be pretty reasonable. I can take transit but it would take 90 minutes. The hour I save a day is too precious to give up. I have really bad motion sickness so I can't do much while on the bus/skytrain anyways.
  8. What should be done though? I feel like we are told to just accept sexism or racism in the legal profession. Do we call out the partners? Also, as I lurked in previous threads I found lots of posters trying to convince posters like OP that they were mistaken about gender discrimination or racism... some other innocent factors were involved... Remember the South Asian/East Asian thread?
  9. Thanks for the responses. I hope the process doesn't take long. I read on another thread that it took someone 6 weeks to be enrolled 😲
  10. Piggybacking this thread. What about a recent consumer proposal (under the Insolvency Act) that I have since fufilled all obligations? Of course I have to disclose it (also BC) but worried... I can't find any hearings on the topic.
  11. How would I do this if I'm out of province? Should I try to look into meeting lawyers during winter and reading break?
  12. Has anyone heard if Guild Yule has invited people for second interviews yet?
  13. Ah. Hopefully they are calling later in the day.
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