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  1. Efficiency is tracked and an important metric for associates at my firm, but I don't think anyone even looks at it for articling students. Stats have little to do with hireback and more to do if your're pleasant to have around and will add value to a practice area or areas and the firm as a whole.
  2. Mountebank

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    It is unlikely that your firm is going to want you to be gone for a full two weeks straight, particularly at the critical times Providence mentioned. Talk to your principal or a senior lawyer at the firm.
  3. Mountebank

    Just Started; Wise Advice Appreciated

    Also, if you're confused just say so (subject to hoju's caveat about wasting a senior lawyer's time). I'm new to practice and constantly run into things I don't fully understand. My common refrain is either "I don't know what you're talking about," or, if appropriate, "I don't even understand the question." It humbles you and to most people it's disarming to be so honest about what you don't know that they can't help but want to educate you (or, in a firm environment, at least point you in the right direction so you can educate yourself). This advice is especially applicable in law school, where there are no repercussions for using the prof's time, but it will be useful when working as well...it goes without saying that you shouldn't say these things to a client.
  4. Mountebank

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    Well, except for literal cut and paste.
  5. Mountebank

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    The distinction is often very fine or non-existant, and is firm dependent, but it's one of those things that sometimes matters to the staff. My observation is that it seems to be considered more desirable to be an assistant rather than a clerk (as clerks tend to have to work for more lawyers). But this is anecdotal.
  6. Mountebank

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    News to me (about secretaries, not flight attendants). I've seen my assistant identify herself as both assistant and secretary, although she never calls herself a clerk. I actually prefer the term assistant since it better describes her role, but secretary still seems to be in vogue among some of the older gals at the office.
  7. Mountebank

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    Oh boy, believe me, the staff make sure everyone knows who is a clerk and who is a secretary.
  8. Mountebank

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    We have a couple typewriters at our firm for use by those secretaries who insist they don't wish to prepare mailing labels on the computer. But that's about it.
  9. Mountebank

    New Call & Self-Doubts

    OP, I know you said you were willing to relocate, but what market are you currently in/where do you have family connections, etc.?
  10. Mountebank

    Question Re: Call to the Bar Attire

  11. Mountebank

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    ...does he use pocket squares? You might as well ask if he does up his fly.
  12. Mountebank

    Privilege is...

    No one privileged at my firm. As long as you're from rural Canada, own a cottage, and sail, then you've got a sporting chance regardless of race.
  13. Mountebank

    Imposter Syndrome

    The fear that causes you to second guess yourself is a healthy one. Inasmuch as you're anxiety isn't crippling, it's a useful check on your ego and has a way of forcing you to critically reflect on what you're doing and seek help if you're uncertain. When I second guess myself at work, I usually spend more time researching an issue I hadn't appreciated before or seeking guidance from senior counsel. And I'm usually glad I did.
  14. Mountebank

    Imposter Syndrome

    There's also an extent to which this thinking may save you in your career from time to time.
  15. Mountebank

    Privilege is...

    We're lawyers because we're better than other people. And we're better than other people because we're lawyers. That's all I need to know thank you very much.