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  1. I can't imagine people won't have access to a lawyer for criminal issues or getting their Wills/POAs in place (Mountebank said nervously). Also, presumably real estate deals have to be able to go forward if for no other reason than avoiding a collapse (although these can pretty well be done online with a lawyer at this point).
  2. Same as always I suppose. Don't touch yourself or anything else, don't go if you have symptoms of illness or you've been travelling, and make use of the sanitizing stations. Unsure what more you can do individually. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people come and go from the hospital daily.
  3. Specific to law, not that I'm aware of. But I'm not going unless the client's death is likely imminent and attendance at the hospital is the only means by which to address the issue. I'll also be washing my hands like Howard Hughes and changing my clothes when I leave. Also, both my local hospital and the one I'm visiting have no reported cases of Covid 19. Unsure if I would go if they did, since I have kids at home.
  4. Because of the nature of my work, I'm still open and seeing clients. I'll be going to a hospital on the outskirts of the GTA today to execute docs with a client on his deathbed (can't very well turn down a client in this situation - besides, I gotta eat). I only have one assistant, so when I'm not in office she's effectively quarantined...
  5. In my view, this would completely violate noblesse oblige. I get to reign imperiously over staff the rest of the year precisely because my assistant isn't expected to take a bullet for me!
  6. Sir, I would vehemently reject your very premise as faulty.
  7. On the plus side, interest rates just went down
  8. I agree that this is highly dependent on the individual course (I skipped most of my corporate tax classes apparently without issue due to the instructor being absolutely dreadful, though he was a fine fellow and an experienced member of the bar). I would absolutely echo @realpseudonym, though, that attending and being attentive at lectures is the most bang for your buck strategy. It's much easier than doing the readings and, all things being equal, a better way to earn a decent grade (with the usual caveats, of course, that doing the readings and attending the lectures is obviously the superior strategy). It also means you get out a bit more and interact with other people, which is never a bad thing. Also, listening to lectures rather than being present isn't a good strategy to save time, since you're still spending the same amount of time on both, except with live lectures you have an opportunity to ask questions, engage, and probably be more attentive generally.
  9. About fees and insurance, in my province firms often pay these in installments monthly or quarterly. If the same applies where you are, repayment may be moot then as your employer would just stop making payments after you're no longer working for them.
  10. Yes, but how can any undergrads get flack for this when the PM himself likes a good race-based costume. And karaoke to boot, what a guy!
  11. I believe it's $40/mo. for the machine I have, which is the wifi device with no base.
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