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  1. Although by no means whatsoever should anyone assume those are mutually exclusive traits.
  2. This is a problem with management that you probably can't fix. Instructions in writing, and then try at every corner to rid yourself of this person.
  3. Ontario. Retail law in general seems to be going as well as ever (Wills, real estate, family, etc.). I do mostly Estates and that's very steady at the moment as well.
  4. I would care about this. I'm always looking for things to chuckle at over lunch.
  5. What a dumb name for an Act though. For some reason, it irks me how bill names are used for political purposes. I yearn for the days of "An Act to Amend the Family Law Act".
  6. Cosmolex is the best cloud-based solution if you want an all-in-one that includes business and trust accounting. Edit: the only thing it doesn't do is HR.
  7. Sorry for not saying so earlier, but thanks everyone for chipping in above. This has gone on the back burner as things have picked up a lot in the last couple weeks and I'm just trying to keep my head above water (not the worst problem to have, I appreciate). I'll update if and when I proceed with this.
  8. Dictated but not read, as per: __________________________________________________ Mountebank, or an agent, assign, creditor, etc.
  9. I declined (or...indicated that I would decline if so asked), but not because of this. By the time of the call, I had an offer from a firm I preferred (that hadn't participated in the recruit, and therefore did not need to adhere to the schedule) and had decided I was going to accept it.
  10. Yeah, some firms try to undercut others in this way. When I did the structured articling recruit, I was called by a firm the business day before offer day and they advised me that I was their first choice and indicated that they would be offering me a position at the anointed time on the following business day and they wanted to know now whether I would accept the offer when it is made to me. They said if I indicated now that I would accept the future offer, then they would plan to give no offers to anyone else on that day. If I did not indicate now if I would accept it, then they would give the offer to someone else on the day. It was a ridiculous fiction. But hey, that's law.
  11. Ptthft. With my Pavlovian anus, it's basically the only way I can use the bathroom at this point.
  12. Yeah I don't get why you wouldn't bring the work into the firm. If you're the only one practicing in that area, then you're now the head of that group.
  13. What the what. I thought one the great things about government is that you don't have billables (then again, I'm in private practice and I don't have billables...#self-brag#sorrynotsorry!).
  14. I'm certain the PC can own the building and I'm pretty sure (but need to confirm) leasing it out is OK as well, especially if my practice operates out of it, since that isn't the carrying on of a business (rather, it's an investment ancillary to my practice). The PC is more beneficial in my circumstances than the HoldCo from a tax planning perspective, though it does nothing for liability (that's what my insurance is for). But I guess what I was asking about has less to do with the form of ownership than it does taking on a capital investment like this (however title is held) while also carrying on and building my main business.
  15. She's unlikely to withdraw her offer because you ask for $25. I say go for it and if you get offered less, than so be it.
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