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  1. Uh...if you don't know what to do about it, you probably shouldn't be banging your staff.
  2. I would guess fabric. I had the same problem with a fairly slim-fitting pair of pants. It only happened with one pair and it was the only pair I owned from that maker. I haven't bought from there again and have had no problems since.
  3. I found handwriting the most useful for me. But, in retrospect, the copperplate was a bit much.
  4. Oosterhoff is the place to start for a general overview of the law of trust.
  5. If you have a good working relationship and she is nearly indispensable, don't roll the dice with a new hire. Take her to the new gig if she's onboard.
  6. Bruce Pardy prohibited them when I was in school, principally because he didn't think students should be taking many notes in his class (about which he was correct, given his teaching method).
  7. As long as it is some manner of hosery, it is acceptable at law.
  8. While it's true that your professional reputation begins before practice, I just can't get myself worked up over this type of thing. So he said something these two didn't like during a debate in school ten years ago and now they've gone to the press...who cares? The only thing that changes for me after reading this story is that, on top of Michael Cooper, I now get to be annoyed by Balqees Mihirig and Brock Roe.
  9. You don't need any accounting or math background to practice tax law. You just need to know about tax law.
  10. I would be grateful if anyone could provide additional advice as to preparing for a panel interview (for a non-litigation in-house position). Asking for a friend.
  11. I have a ticket pocket in all my suits. Tall fellows like myself may find that it helps fill the jacket out a bit.
  12. I'm in the habit of using arabic numerals in all my posts. Should I be switching to roman for the time being?
  13. Commentary first, as noted above, but also it's mainly a practice makes perfect thing. Just keep doing it and you'll get better.
  14. The Law Society should put a moratorium on admitting new lawyers for the next forty years (or however long I'm in private practice).
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