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  1. Mountebank

    Burnout in the profession

    It continues to surprise me how differently everyone experiences practice depending on the firm. Even though I have more stress than I ever have before, I enjoy practice way more than I did articling, just as I enjoyed articling way more than I did school.
  2. Mountebank

    Changing Articling

    Also, remember that if you jump ship now other members of the local bar will know about it. Consider whether this may be a barrier to obtaining an associate position down the road later if things don't work out with the new firm.
  3. I understand that a lot of personal injury firms view accurate docketing as merely "counsel of perfection". As an insurance-side firm, I am advised that we find this and everything else they stand for with contempt.
  4. I deal with mediators from time to time in my area of practice and we have never hired one who didn't have many years of legal practice under their belts. It can be a difficult area for even senior members of the bar to break into.
  5. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I wonder whether it has a lot to do with the market you're in too (by which I mainly mean criminal defense). It's pretty easy for someone like me (a solicitor in a market with fairly well-established career projection) to say that I'm content now when I know very well that I'm getting a generous raise and bonus every year of practice until I'm either partner or strike out on my own, at which point I will continue to make good and ever growing sums of money. But my clients have money and I'm in a market that could certainly bear a few more solicitors so competition isn't all that fierce. It'd be a lot harder for me to say I'm satisfied if I didn't have at least some expectation of any of that.
  6. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Working a deep fryer for $7.50/hr...not getting the smell out even after showering.
  7. Mountebank

    Solicitor Solo AMA

    Thanks for the update cloud. It's inspiring to read your success story. How have you found the social aspect of being out on your own? Do you miss having other lawyers in the firm you can chat with or bounce ideas off of (and I'm referring here to non-mentorshop relationships)?
  8. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Of course I act for criminals. It's just that none of them are up on charges.
  9. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Pretty much this. If you return your clients emails quickly and are generally decent to them, that's all most of them care about because that's all they really understand.
  10. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Well, I mean...only if you bring them with you.
  11. Mountebank

    Thoughts on DIY legal.

    Best clients, though.
  12. Mountebank

    Thoughts on DIY legal.

    Not sure I agree. If a client wants you to do work that he or she can do, then there's nothing wrong with that, on it's own, if he or she is willing to pay. The DIY issue arises where the client doesn't want you to do any work for him or her at all. Also, just because a client can do something doesn't mean they should. I have a couple litigation files where I not sure I can trust the client to make those requests to third-parties without harming the case in the process by his or her words and/or behaviour. There is value in controlling the ongoing developing narrative by having all correspondence go through me.
  13. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I like nice things too. I wish everybody could have nice things. But all things being equal, I would rather my family get nice things before other people. And I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting more for you and yours. But as a fun for instance, I'm a junior associate at a decent firm outside the GTA and I have a house, a car (albeit a pretty shitty one), am the sole breadwinner, and my wife and I are seriously considering buying a (modest) boat a couple years from now all while chipping away at student debt. I feel like for a dude in my twenties I'm pretty much set and I don't see how the things @shawniebear wants are in any way unattainable for most lawyers today, particularly those some years into practice. I mean, if living in Toronto is preventing you from having the life you want then...I don't know maybe move? Moving for better opportunities is pretty much the whole history of this country.
  14. Mountebank

    Solicitor Solo AMA

    Resurrecting with the hope of an update from the OP almost a year later.
  15. Mountebank

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    All I know is that, at my current salary, we're pretty much having to get rid of one of our cars in order to pay the housekeeper and that just isn't right.