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  1. For the first day of o-week we are told to wear professional attire for the ceremony. Does this mean full on suit, or can a female wear a blazer with dressier pants ?
  2. Was looking online and just noticed on uwo's website "please note that the university fall study days do not apply to the faculty of law". Is this implying we don't receive a fall reading week?
  3. Hi all! I read through the thread and I don't believe anyone has asked a question similar to mine. I am trying to keep my current job as it pays well and I could use the extra cash/would like to return to it come summer 2018. In order to do so I have to commit to two 12 hours shifts biweekly (can do nights as well). Is this doable? If I did nights I could also get work done as nights tend to be much slower.
  4. I'm a registered nurse for last 2 years, Co-chair a cqi committee and was on student council in school but that's about it. Letters of reference included 2 profs from school and a lawyer I volunteered for for a short period
  5. Just declined my offer in favor of Western, best of luck everyone!!
  6. Accepted today, just got the email Cgpa 3.3 L2 3.68 Lsat 160 Undergrad nursing at western Hopefully give hope to those with low cgpa's
  7. Accepted final this morning Cgpa 3.28 LSAT 160 RN for past two years, application geared toward access to justice.
  8. I've been in the "referred to admissions committee" stage for well over a month ..
  9. Stupid question but What does it mean when your application is under review? Some people have received it before being accepted and some haven't it seems. Is it guaranteed you will get this email before an acceptance or rejection?
  10. I am also in this position haha, wondering if everyone receives that email.
  11. I'm in a similar position. I emailed them about a week ago and still haven't heard back. I'm assuming they're pretty busy and trying not to freak out.
  12. just want to know if i should bother applying. decent lors and good ECs have been working as an RN for the last year and a half thanks!
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