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  1. Thanks guys, I will be on the lookout for such positions.
  2. Has anybody had any luck finding paid articling positions in the area of family law? I am currently applying for 2020-2021 positions and there are only a few of these positions but it is still quite early. If anybody has had any success with reaching sole practitioners or other small firms through more of an informal process do you have any advice you could offer? Thanks !
  3. B curve. B is considered average. That would mean I am below average, don't know about ranking however.
  4. Thank you all for the insightful replies, I strongly appreciate it. I will put what you guys have said into action and hope I can turn it around.
  5. Thanks. And yeah the reason I mentioned family law is because I know how important it is to signal interest in an area and I just wanted to get a head start on that. Thanks for all the replies they have been helpful.
  6. Humiliating to even say it but B- across the board with a C+ and a B in there
  7. I have gone through many of the threads where 1Ls discuss their below average grades and they have been helpful. I have below average 1L grades (about a B- average) and would love to chat with a family lawyer or articling student.I have kinda (for various reasons) decided this is the area of law I would like to pursue but I think my grades are holding me back from getting any sort of meaningful employment in this area come articling time. If any one can reach out it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for another "1L FREAK OUT' post. But I have taken the grades for what they are and now my head is looking forward to how I can improve myself in 2L.
  8. It is still early but I wrote the LSAT in Sep and then rewrote it in Dec. I got a 154 on my first write and was pretty upset with myself. I applied to a few ontario schools and the UofA. I am not sure if the Dec write went drastically better than the September write. I am confident enough to say it was atleast a 157 (160.2 was my practise average in the last 12 PTs before I wrote, highest PT was 164). Since Alberta averages scores this would put me at about 155.5 IF I get a 157 or so. This obviously would take me out of the running for schools in Ontario or maybe give me a slight chance at Queen's. Alberta views my GPA as a 4.0 however. This means despite my dismal LSAT I might still get in. My question is IF I only get into UofA should I go out west or reapply next cycle? I ask because the end goal is to work in Ontario and I often hear about how one should go to school where they would practise and the tough Toronto market etc.
  9. Is there a rule prohibiting having a smaller ziploc bag inside of a big ziploc bag? Don't really have any snacks laying around was going to make a PB&J sandwich and put it inside a sandwich bag.
  10. Yeah I hope we both get in. According to the applicant profile there were 2 people accepted with stats lower than ours (152-154 LSAT and 3.9L2). I am definitely rewriting for a higher score.
  11. Do you guys think it is okay for the question (What is the most challenging ethical issue you have faced...) that I discuss something that happened in high school in my senior year? Or would that seem too in the past and be viewed negatively. No other real "ethical issue" comes to mind other than that one.
  12. U guys think I have a shot with a 4.0 L2 and 154? Planning to rewrite in Dec. Think 160 is a realistic goal, my PT average before the 154 was a 159
  13. L2 of 4.0 and LSAT score of 154. Will be rewriting.
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