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  1. Can those who received FC offers give an idea of how senior the judges were? I thought only high seniority judges give offers, so I'm holding out hope for a low seniority justice I interviewed with to give me an offer. But hearing that FC is giving out offers is making me lose hope (even though I know the hiring goes later than other processes). How do I deal with the stress/anxiety of waiting and not hearing anything? How are y'all doing it??
  2. @KhalilMack I'm not aware of the SCC process. Can you explain what this draft process means? If I haven't heard anything, is it likely I won't be selected?
  3. Will any FC offers come out concurrently with FCA offers? One FC judge I interviewed with was relatively senior, and one relatively junior, so I'd expect it could take a while to hear back
  4. Are you talking about the Business Law Center? You could try contacting an office administrator to ask this kind of question! I don't know of a Prof Pirie, so it sounds like this might not exist anymore?
  5. Current student here! I only applied to UVic and UBC, and I was waitlisted for both. I wanted UBC so I could live closer to home, but was only admitted to UVic and I'm SO THANKFUL that's the case. I love some of my UBC law friends, but I couldn't imagine a better experience than UVic for law school!!!
  6. Hi there! I'm a current 3L at UVic Law. I really like it! I think that people are generally friendly, and that goes a long way whether school is online or in person. I think the competition-aspect of law school is more moderated, since we are not ranked against our classmates (we don't see a ranking). It feels like a smaller community, because each class is smaller compared to other law schools in Canada. The lower tuition is good, but that is moderated by a smaller selection of classes. The registration is a MAD rush and very intense, and often you don't get classes you want and the admin doesn't really care. That said, I've always been able to find things I wanted to take. I like the focus on indigenous law, and I think the indigenous law taught at UVic is the best in Canada. I like the social justice nature of the school, despite my focus on big law for my career. The co-op program is unique, and there are a lot of opportunities. I saw you mention the weather, I think the wind is intense if you live by the ocean, but otherwise it's a more moderate climate than you've find at any other Canadian law school. I'm originally from Vancouver, so that's where my perspective is informed from. But I know that students from all across Canada who have come here, and they find it enjoyable. I'm really happy about my decision to attend UVic Law, and I feel the community is really strong here.
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