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  1. I was wondering if Edmonton and Calgary are more heavily focused on recruiting for the 1L or 2L summers. From what I gather it seems Edmonton favours 1L recruit while Calgary has more positions for 2L. Is this true? Also when applying for 1L summer what grades are looked at?
  2. Accepted today 3.28 cgpa (olsas) 3.56 l2 161, 168 LSAT No sask connection, will be declining
  3. Accepted!! 3.28 cgpa 3.56 l2 161, 168 lsat
  4. Accepted today!! Stats: 3.56 l2 self calculated, 161, 168 LSAT!
  5. Ryn's predictor says you have a very good shot at western and an okay chance at queens. I don't know how your last 2 will play a role in the admissions.
  6. Yup she just replied to me and updated my application to have it completed, thanks guys!
  7. Nope I attended an Ontario school primary language English. I emailed them but have yet to get a response.
  8. I was wondering if anyone else's application has an outstanding item for English proficiency. It says to satisfy this requirement a transcript will do which they have already received but the English proficiency is still outstanding.
  9. I was attempting to use Ryn's predictor to get an idea of acceptance rates for my stats, but he claims they are worthless for splitters and I was wondering am I considered a splitter. My stats: Cgpa: 3.26 L2: 3.56 LSAT: 161, 168 does my 3.26 make the predictor useless?
  10. Can confirm GPA is posted, Ontario student.
  11. From what I've read, the C means you completed your undergrad while a F means you're still in undergrad. I maybe 100% wrong but this is what I recall from another post.
  12. Hi all, Just got accepted and I was given till March 2nd to either decide if I am enrolling or not. I was wondering if there was a "provisional" accept option such as the one given through OLSAS because I do not think I will receive replies from Ontario schools that quickly. Thank You
  13. Accepted as of December 20th Stats: cGPA: 3.2 L2: 3.56 LSAT: 161
  14. Hello long time lurker!! I recently wrote the LSAT and for a 161 while my cgpa is 3.2 and l2/b2 are a 3.6. What do you guys think are my chances at any Canadian law schools?? I was thinking of schools which focus on L2 such as Dalhousie, western, queens, and Calgary. My EC's are average nothing spectacular. Thank you for your responses!!
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