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  1. LegalArmada

    Law Schools Accepting a 152

    I'm sure they have. If you look on this forum, you can find past acceptance threads. From time to time you will see someone with a particularly low LSAT score; however, this is usually offset by a very strong GPA and other factors. uOttawa is a particularly notable example of a school which puts far less emphasis on LSAT, and a significant emphasis on CGPA. Start with uOttawa's acceptance threads.
  2. LegalArmada

    OLSAS resume

    Unless it's specifically asked for by a school you are applying to, I wouldn't. The sketch section is supposed to essentially be a glorified resume.
  3. LegalArmada

    Opinions on UK law schools?

    If you want to practice in Canada, it is strongly recommended that you go to a Canadian law school. It is generally not worth the time and effort (and expense) of going to the UK and through the NCA process. You should really try your best to get into a Canadian law school first.
  4. LegalArmada


    You CAN use the same references as last year. That doesn't mean you SHOULD use them, though. You should be looking to improve all aspects of your application. If you can improve your references, you should. If not, then just go with last year's.
  5. LegalArmada

    Reference Letters

    Yes. You have to get reference letters for each school, and have the professor individually send them to each school you want to apply to. It's not really multiple platforms. For UNB it was just an e-mail that had to be sent by the professor with the letter. For Dal there was just a small pdf+ letter that was just sent over e-mail. If you're worried about asking for too much, perhaps try to get multiple professors, or narrow down your school choices?
  6. LegalArmada

    OLSAS Sketch verifier blank?

    I don't think they want you to put hobbies on there. At least, I never did. I'm fairly certain they're looking for more specific things such as club involvement, activities that were part of school (such as Model UN) or something. Also you need to have a verifier for everything.
  7. LegalArmada

    Date to Apply

    That should be fine. I cannot stress enough how important it is to apply as early as possible to UNB if your heart is really set on going there! Of course, make sure your application is still the best it can be. If delaying it by a couple weeks makes it twice as good, then obviously you should delay.
  8. LegalArmada

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    Dal has an Indigenous "course", as well. For something like four days out of the year (2 in Fall, 2 in Winter), we spend the entire day learning about "Indigenous law in context." They cancel the other classes you may have for that day. So far, it has been pretty interesting. They definitely at least seem or want to be taking it seriously. It's hard to say that when it's only like 12 hours of class/field trips in the entirety of 1L, though. I also agree that it should be more firmly woven into courses instead of a standalone thing.
  9. LegalArmada

    Applications while Waiting on LSAT

    For OLSAS, Dal and UNB, I just had to put my LSAC Number into the application. They'll do the search and get the result. Generally you'll have to indicate if you are going to write again, so that the schools know that they should check again for new scores. Some schools may also hold off on assessing your application if they know you have another score coming in.
  10. I literally just went to Wal-mart and bought a $10 watch. As long as it's just a normal, non-digital watch with no shenanigans, it'll be fine. Easy way to keep track of time is just to set your watch to 12:00 and start it at the beginning of section 1 (12:00-12:35 = section 1, etc.), then restart it to 12:00 at section 4.
  11. LegalArmada

    Admission Advice Please on Application

    If you don't care about studying in Ontario, you should consider schools like UNB (University of New Brunswick) who drop your lowest 25% of grades. There are a couple others as well, like I believe uVic. If you're applying to maritime schools, just remember that you really need to apply early (way before their early admission deadline).
  12. LegalArmada

    September or November LSAT?

    So, your cold diagnostic was a 144 before your course? Or are you saying your current score is a 144? If it's the latter, I'm not sure a crash course will be able to do much for you. Knowing your current score, plus what your score breakdown usually is would be very helpful (i.e. -4 average LR, -2 average LG, etc.) in providing any directed advice.
  13. LegalArmada

    September 8 LSAT

    A lot of LG is about finding the methods that work for you. I tried PowerScore, and even Princeton Review, 7Sage, etc. Eventually I took the most useful methods for me out of each them, and spliced them to what worked best for me. By the end, I was easily getting -1/2 on every LG section I did. Regarding scoring lower on RC and LR, I found that I was burning out if I studied 'too much,' and that my score would decrease because of this. Perhaps something to consider in your situation? If you want, feel free to PM me.
  14. LegalArmada

    Disappointed Cycle?

    Especially since they waitlisted around 300 people this time around.
  15. LegalArmada

    September 8 LSAT

    Okay, so that mark isn't really going to effectively demonstrate a baseline score, but it doesn't matter. Diagnostics really aren't that important anyway. ---- For PTs, assuming you do blind review, you should, at this point, but moving on to full, realistically-timed tests. Say I was going to attempt PT 71. I would begin with section one, time out 35 minutes, and complete the section. Just as you would on the real test. Then immediately do section two and three, with a 10 minute break, followed by section 4 (or a 5th from an earlier test that you haven't done if you want to practice with experimentals). Then take a break, maybe an hour or so. During the test, you want to star questions you're not 100% confident in. Still answer them as you would, but note that you weren't 100% sure. Now, after the test, go back and review every single starred question. Don't look at the answer. Take as much time as you want to figure out the answer until you're 100% confident. Ask yourself WHY you chose that answer now, versus why you chose it during the test. Did you run out of time, did you get caught up in a trick answer choice, did you just misread the question, etc. Now score the whole thing. Then, go back and review it. Check everything you got wrong (especially ones you DIDN'T star), and figure out what happened. Compare the answer you gave on the attempt versus your blind review. I used to do something like this, which got me a 166. Adjust your schedule as per work/life impediments. And please, don't overexert yourself. Burnout is real on the LSAT, and it's probably what held me back from a higher score (was exhausted on test day). Monday: PT + a bit of review. Tuesday: Complete Monday's PT review, and do some other practice stuff. ' Wednesday PT (repeat Tuesday on Thursday instead) Friday: another PT Repeat Tuesday on Saturday/Sunday, feel free to take a day or two off as well. Feel free to PM if you want !