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  1. Nice! Good luck. If you have any questions about the program, let me know. About to begin 1L exams at Dal.
  2. LegalArmada


    GPA is great, but I think you should consider re-writing the LSAT. It would certainly improve your chances here, or at different schools. I do think you have a chance, but that LSAT will make it pretty hard for you. Re-write. If you can get a 157-160 I'd say you'd have a great chance.
  3. The GPA is good, and the LSAT is probably at/just below where it should be to be ideal. I would say you have a pretty decent chance. As always, my advice with Dal and maritime schools is to apply early (Aka two weeks ago). If you intend on applying this cycle, you really should get that application in before January, if you haven't already.
  4. LegalArmada

    Average Scores

    That sounds like the average of people admitted. Where did you find that stat?
  5. LegalArmada

    Advice and Opinions Needed! [2.51, 3.4, ~162]

    I would consider early to have been a month ago. Their early admissions deadline was November 30th. Still, I would get your application in as soon as possible. They consider applications as they are received, so there's no reason to wait, in my opinion.
  6. LegalArmada

    Advice and Opinions Needed! [2.51, 3.4, ~162]

    Nice memory. You are correct! I applied everywhere in Ontario except Lakehead and UofT, then UNB and Dal. UNB I'm confident I would've gotten in if I had applied very early (which I strongly recommend). Dal I got into through the interview process. If you're going to apply to UNB and Dal, please apply early. Their early admissions are serious business and they take in a lot of people through them.
  7. LegalArmada

    Advice and Opinions Needed! [2.51, 3.4, ~162]

    For reference, it was still exceedingly difficult for me to get into law school with 3.1/166. Your L2 might be a bit better than mine, but even with a 160 you might struggle, especially with that CGPA. If you have several low marks that drastically bring your GPA down, I would try applying to UNB. They drop a lot of your low marks which may help you out.
  8. LegalArmada

    Academic Reference

    Probably. This sounds like a question you can probably just ask the school. What you're describing sounds like a non-academic reference, though. Email Rose and see what she says. Also, get your Dal application in ASAP. Early admissions are no slouch at Atlantic schools.
  9. LegalArmada

    Dal Personal Statement Length

    If it says 500 is the suggested limit, you should keep it to around 500. 600 is probably okay, but I'd be very hesitant to do more than that.
  10. LegalArmada

    Bond University

    That's what I was thinking. Ottawa cares so little about the LSAT I still don't know why they even require it. Even Windsor might look past a 153. Both of those options are far superior to going to Bond, in my opinion.
  11. LegalArmada

    I need some advice

    Don't worry too much about following any preconceived 'path' to law school. Get into university, and try your absolute best to get the highest marks you can. Don't let people tell you that first and second year do not matter for law school -- they do. There is no real undergrad program that will do much to prepare you for law school. No matter what degree, political science, sociology, neuroscience, etc., the law school will treat everyone as being at the same level, with absolutely zero knowledge of the law as you enter law school. Take the program you're most interested in, and work hard. If you end up not wanting to go to law school in three years, then at least you'll still have good marks to fall back on. As for a "Plan B" undergrad program, I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps someone else here will be more informed.
  12. Are you talking about OLSAS? I believe you are supposed to list the LSATs you have taken, which would include September. For OLSAS there should be an option to state that you are retaking. Generally, schools will hold your application over until they get your results.
  13. LegalArmada

    Under Review!

    As a 1L at Dal, I can tell you that it's a different kind of stress. I hated the stress of applications because it was completely out of my hands (before the interview, which not everyone has to do). Once I submitted my applications there was nothing more I could do. With law school so far (although it hasn't gotten busy yet), the stress is keeping up with everything. But at the same time at least there's something I can do about it. Good luck to all of you!
  14. LegalArmada

    Law Schools Accepting a 152

    I'm sure they have. If you look on this forum, you can find past acceptance threads. From time to time you will see someone with a particularly low LSAT score; however, this is usually offset by a very strong GPA and other factors. uOttawa is a particularly notable example of a school which puts far less emphasis on LSAT, and a significant emphasis on CGPA. Start with uOttawa's acceptance threads.
  15. LegalArmada

    OLSAS resume

    Unless it's specifically asked for by a school you are applying to, I wouldn't. The sketch section is supposed to essentially be a glorified resume.