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  1. The writing sample (and whatever the heck this new LSAT Writing thing is) is unscored. From what I read, you only need to have one "LSAT Writing" sample on file and you can do it any time within one year after taking the official test. As an aside, I'm glad they're dumping the useless writing sample from test day. https://blog.powerscore.com/lsat/the-ultimate-guide-to-the-lsat-writing-sample/. So I guess you can just keep the first one you did if my understanding is correct.
  2. Isn't the Vuze the old Fenwick Tower? If it is, (and I'm pretty sure it is), it has been under construction for well over a year (since before September when I started 1L), and it doesn't look like that construction is nearing its end. For what it's worth, I scoped out FT before I moved to Halifax and most reviews of it were not good. Those reviews do not appear to have changed in the past year. See, for example: https://www.reddit.com/r/halifax/comments/b51oms/the_vuze_fenwick_tower/ And: https://www.reddit.com/r/halifax/comments/8ymvv8/the_vuze_formerly_fenwick_tower_is_it_as_nice_as/ That's a recent review of the place, plus the thread that threw me off last year. If I were you, I'd think twice about this place.
  3. You really should almost never be cancelling the LSAT, but especially not if you're in the upper 150s or 160. A 3.52/158-60 is probably good enough for a bunch of schools. Unless you truly know while writing the exam that you seriously bombed it, cancelling is generally not worth it.
  4. No. OTL has two classes a week for the first month or so. I'm not sure if the assignment will be the same as last year, but we were randomly given one of the topics and told to do a 2-page reflection paper on it. I didn't hear of anyone failing it (I did hear of someone failing the intro to legal ethics paper, though). Essentially the entire 1L class comes out to hear whatever topic is assigned for that day. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of material assigned by that and your other (vastly more important) classes it would be fairly easy to get away with just doing the readings for the topic you're assigned and taking basic notes during the lecture.
  5. Classes curve to a B or B- I believe for 1st year classes. The website I linked should describe upper year classes somewhere.
  6. https://www.dal.ca/faculty/law/current-students/jd-students/academic-regulations.html Permissible Grade Distribution First-Year Grades A 10-20% B 40-60% A & B together 60-75% C 15-25% D 0-15% F 0-5% Keep in mind that Dal has a weird grading system where a B- is a 68-69, for example.
  7. Okay. Maybe they have better ECs, references and personal statements? You can't dwell on people who get in with lower scores. There's nothing you can do about them except make your application better. Getting a higher LSAT is one way you can do that.
  8. The difference between a 155 and 158 is not small. 155 is around the 64th percentile, with 158 being around the 74th percentile. That is thousands of test takers (and in that percentile, hundreds of actual applicants). In my opinion, it should make a fairly significant difference.
  9. That sounds pretty similar to the interview process last year. When I got accepted through the interview the adcomm told me they'd meet on a day in June. They sent the acceptance letter that morning.
  10. You're looking for Dal Online. https://dalonline.dal.ca/ It's different from MyDal, which is the e-mail login (and other stuff), and BrightSpace, which is the hub for courses and such.
  11. If it's like last year, we didn't get our schedules until August, I think. As for Orientation Week, it should be the day after labour day (as it was last year). Orientation is a full day thing and everything organized by the school is mandatory. There are some other things organized by the Students' Society that are typically not mandatory.
  12. Last year interviews and subsequent offers ran through May-June.
  13. I was fine with just a backpack. That's what the vast majority use. At the start of the year you can try to get a locker which is probably useful for days when you need to bring multiple large textbooks.
  14. For what it's worth, there will probably still be plenty of offers made in the coming weeks and months. Last year, they had a large batch of interviews in June. Sit tight, I'm sure you'll hear from them soon!
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