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  1. Basically you should try to prove you're not just going to come here for University and leave once you finish your degree. I heard that is why they want a Sask connection.
  2. I would rewrite the LSAT. Sask really favours applicants from here. Can you convert your GPA to the 4.3 scale?
  3. What is a "limited" connection? Can you describe more?
  4. When I was looking at last year's postings I think admissions were on holidays around this time. Until mid-August.
  5. I tried calling student services multiple times and no one answered. The college is unsure and referred me to SS...I know they say tuition is around $13,600, but I'm wondering if that full amount is due at the end of September, or if half is in Sept and half in January like Arts. Thanks!
  6. Accepted this morning!!!!! LSAT 155 (only write) GPA self-calculated at 3.89 (85%) Very strong Sask connection (born here, raised here). Will be accepting!!!!!
  7. Anyone receive a date change on April 27th?
  8. Ok thanks. Strange, mine still says Nov. 15. Am wondering if there are others with no date change at all.
  9. Has anyone's status not changed yet? Mine was submitted Nov. 15 and wrote the Dec. LSAT and still no change! Can't tell if this is a bad sign or not haha.
  10. I have a feeling that a date change indicates a file has been reviewed. I doubt there is a group of people sitting together looking over 1000+ files together. Likely, based on what I have seen from other unis as well, the review committee is assigned a certain number of files and are expected to look at them. Depending on other time commitments, it is possible some groups are slower than others. This is what I heard for U of C.
  11. Do you know if anyone received acceptance without a date change?
  12. What do you mean by minimal Sask connection?
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