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  1. I'll echo maximumbob here. Since human rights law is not a very lucrative (or large) area of law I think tuition should be a major, if not the major, factor in your school selection.
  2. Thanks to both of you! I've decided to take the writing course, I figure it may help me get on law review or just get better grades through law school! Thanks again
  3. Just because someone is helping a company doesn't mean they're not helping "real people" as well. At the very least you're helping the company's owners. On the other end, you may be helping a publicly traded company, helping millions of people at once.
  4. You need to go to the review and submit tab and submit your firm acceptance there.
  5. Well the only thing you mentioned in your post was banking hours, so you'll forgive everyone who read it as advice due to banking hours.
  6. I think RBK is commenting on how completely unimportant banking hours are for a business loan compared to things like interest rate, money available, repayment structure, etc.
  7. Hey there, thanks for doing this! I was wondering if your firm (or firms like it) generally hire any students for 2L summer, or if you mostly hire during the articling phase? If you do hire for 2L, what's the recruiting process like, and how many of your 2L students would usually get offered articling positions? Thanks!
  8. Government loans will appear on your credit report, so you shouldn't need to bring that.
  9. A google search for "International Court of Justice Clerkship Program" spat out this application as the third result. The International Criminal Court does not have a clerkship program. However, they offer a variety of internships and visiting professional positions. You'll have to check with your law society if you're hoping to use an internship or visiting professional position to fulfill any articling requirements (and it would be wise to contact your law society regarding the ICJ position too).
  10. Then why make the point? As I said, if you're above the debate or don't want to debate then just don't comment. Otherwise the only two things I can think of are that your stance isn't defensible or you lack the skills to defend it. I guess the other option is just a childish desire to have the last word, but I don't want to accuse anyone of that.
  11. Why do people do this thing where they make a point and then say they no longer wish to discuss it? If you're above having the discussion, or just don't want to, then don't make the comment. If you're not above it, or want to make your point, you should be prepared and accepting of a rebuttal. The whole "This is my opinion now this conversation is over" thing makes me think your opinion is either invalid or you're incapable of defending it.
  12. I may revive this thread a bit. Do any of our upper year friends here have anything to say about the Osgoode Hall Law Journal? More specifically, did many of you apply, how competitive were the spots, and what are the odds of a first year student getting a position? If any of you served with the journal how was the experience? Thanks!
  13. That doesn't sound like something that would happen on the internet. Anyways, OP, I haven't heard anything back from Queen's or UBC yet.
  14. If this is accurate you should report it to the moderators (you can do this directly in the message area). This community certainly gets pretty heated at times, but directly messaging someone to bully them is ridiculous.
  15. Fair enough, I just clicked your name by accident and saw the different scores congrats on your acceptance. And great job on that improving score.
  16. Your post in the accepted thread says 174, here you say 171, and on your profile you say 160. That's a bit odd.
  17. Hey all, I'm finishing up my undergraduate degree before heading off to law school this fall. I currently need one more class to fulfill my degree requirements and have been thinking of taking either an introduction to professional writing course or a business law course through distance education. Both courses interest me, and I am confident I could perform well in either. I also considered a financial accounting class, but the material fees are a bit higher so I'm not sure I want to shell out the extra cash. Do any of these stand out as courses that would be beneficial come September? If not, any suggestions on a course you feel would be useful? Thanks in advance!
  18. I'd err on the side of U of A since it's a bit more established and you have relatively easy access to both the lower mainland and Alberta markets, while TRU's reach is much more concentrated in BC. I also prefer the city of Edmonton to Kamloops, but that's really a personal preference and I can't speak to either without knowing you better! Suffice it to say Edmonton has more of the "big city" things that make them desirable (concerts, sports, shopping, culture) while Kamloops still feels very much like a small town. However, if you like outdoor activities, particularly skiing or mountain biking, Kamloops may be your jam.
  19. Never is a strong statement considering how many places have no fault systems and the government is becoming increasingly worried with ICBC's soaring costs.
  20. Worth noting that in this scenario you can delay your choice between two schools by provisionally accepting one school's offer now. If you've been accepted to, say Western and Queens and are still waiting for Ottawa's decision you can provisionally accept at Western, which rejects your Queens offer. Then, if Ottawa gives you an offer on the 29th with a decision due by 15 April you will have until 15 April to choose between Ottawa and Western (with the Ottawa offer expiring or by firmly accepting Ottawa, withdrawing your provisional Western acceptance).
  21. Only if you accept the premise that they'll be sending out all their remaining acceptances as well as all their wait lists and rejections all on one day, which isn't what usually happens.
  22. I feel like there's a lot of negativity in this thread The other offers have come en masse as well (see last week), so it's perfectly possible that it's an acceptance round. It's also possible it's a waitlist decision or a rejection round.
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