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  1. Neither of you. You both have an equal amount of freedom. The fact that you choose not to exercise a freedom is in no way indicative of the existence of said freedom.
  2. I'd just like to point out that this can be reversed the exact way Diplock is talking about. For voicing your (accurate) observations about the world around you, you would be deemed sexist and crass. So the clear message is, keep it to yourself.
  3. Perfect! Step 1: Become wealthy by getting a prestigious professional job, a la investment banker, and becoming a pillar of my community, such as being a top civil servant. Step 2: Convince a beautiful woman to marry me despite our age differences, likely due in part to my fabulous success as a professional. ... Wait, this sounds familiar to a debate I was just reading...
  4. Are you implying that Alexandra Daddario (nearly a decade my senior) and I won't be compatible?
  5. In fairness, I imagine Diplock would be willing to call a male SO all kinds of epithets if the situation was reversed, and I don't think the word "bitch" is ill-suited for OP's SO. I don't really understand how "bitch" is a bit much. In fact, I think it's one of the most appropriate words. Won't argue with you on easy, that's probably a bit out of line, though I would again say it doesn't rise to "gross person" level.
  6. Saying people drop their panties for money makes someone a "gross person" now? Yeesh.
  7. Just finished up the book. I found it relatively interesting. The first two-thirds of the book is dedicated to the building of Heenan (focusing primarily on the Toronto expansion and subsequent business decisions). The final third was devoted to the actual collapse of the firm, which wasn't particularly interesting. I found Bacal prone to self-aggrandizement and deflecting personal responsibility for failures. He has no problem criticizing others, but each of his failures comes accompanied with an excuse (opening the Paris office cost money when we promised it wouldn't but not that much, etc). There are also weird attempts at building a narrative around Bacal, like his pursuit of karate, when I think the firm's story is interesting enough to carry itself. Overall I'd say it's a good quick read, but it suffers from the lack of objectivity that a good journalist could have brought to the table.
  8. Just had to complete the captcha 6 times before I was allowed to post. Didn't lose my post (editor always saved it), but yeah. Sucks to hear ya'll are dealing with a DDoS attack :/
  9. Do you have a source for the bolded? I recently got in a debate with a co-worker and was unable to find strong evidence of this. The evidence I could find showed that IQ was only marginally better at predicting income than parental income, and both were rather weakly correlated (mid- to high-teens).
  10. Thanks Mal! I've got a pair of black cap toe oxfords already, but I don't really love them. To be perfectly honest I wouldn't have really thought about them being noticed if worn too often. Since the monk straps are definitely a bit flashier I'll be sure to rotate them. Thanks for the advice
  11. You didn't read any of the above posts, did you...
  12. I've never seen people so upset about other people's Cs.
  13. If you all want to discuss the Facebook group it may be worth making a separate thread. Better to keep speculation out of the accepted thread
  14. There's no invitation to join the group from the school. The members who have joined the group have done so through things like this forum, invitations from friends/acquaintances, or just searching Facebook.
  15. Providence is particularly agreeable today.
  16. In fairness, there's a pretty big difference between not making grammatical errors and being a "great writer".
  17. @Ryn, @erinl2 or any of the other moderators, perhaps this discussion should be splig over to the off topic discussion? I think there's definitely sufficient interest in continuing the discussion on gender/race bias in hiring
  18. Yeah, as providence said the government program won't give meaningful data for the question I'm asking because the name of the applicant will be known at the time of the interview.
  19. This is not true at all, most people are able to secure the loan without a cosigner and the interest from the loan is usually rolled into the total.
  20. Sorry @HoFChaos, I somehow missed the notification for this. I ended up going for the Monkstraps, picking up this pair on special during my weekend trip to Seattle! Managed to find a pair that was on sale, got an extra bit off for a small scuff on the sole (leather soles, so they'll scuff up the second I wear them outside), and used their military discount to knock them under 150 CAD!
  21. Sorry if I was unclear. When I said "we have absolutely no studies on whether those people are more likely to get the fucking job" I was referring to whether the minority with whitened resumes are more likely to get the job than the non-whitened people. As for why that matters, I would argue it matters exponentially more than if they get offered interviews. If we accept the premise that they're less likely to be interviewed based on their perceived whiteness is a problem then it seems only logical to me that whether or not they're less likely to be hired based on their actual whiteness is a problem as well. Not only that, but it has the chance to actually help people get jobs. If whitening a resume leads to minorities getting hired at a greater rate then minorities have the chance to whiten their resume (whether that's by changing their interests or going all the way to a name chance) and improve their outcomes. It also further verifies that there's systemic racism at play in the hiring process, gives corporations better data to use to improve their situation, and may even allow the government to step in somehow. On the other hand, if it turns out that minorities with whitened resumes and minorities with ethnic resumes end up getting hired at the same rate then we wouldn't have people like OP sending out whitened resumes, and corporations/government would have better data with which to design policies. I honestly can't see how it doesn't matter.
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