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  1. What do you mean? You said that telling people their beliefs aren’t rooted in their religion is fine. Why would it not be okay to tell people their beliefs are wrong?
  2. So? Surely you're not suggesting that graduates from a religious school would be unable to meet the obligations of the profession?
  3. Importantly, however, I am telling fewer Christian's that their beliefs are wrong than you tried to.
  4. I'm saying that your beliefs that homosexuality is acceptable are not based on Christianity.
  5. That doesn't seem principled. You're fine with the government allowing schools to exist and accrediting them, but not this one particular regulatory body? What's the basis for that?
  6. So your beliefs are the ones not based in Christianity.
  7. So if there were to be some sort of private institution that forbid women from entering without wearing the niqab you would support it being shut down?
  8. @providence and let's be real here, if anyone's beliefs have nothing to do with Christianity it's yours. For nearly the entirety of Christianity homosexuality was banned, and even if we accept your argument that the bible doesn't speak to homosexuality or whatever, the Christian faith isn't composed solely of the writings of the bible. There are plenty of secondary sources of religion that support the proposition that Christianity bans homosexuality, including recent ecclesiastical letters and other analogous dictates in other religions. By any objective standard, your beliefs are the ones that have nothing to do with Christianity and are cultural in nature.
  9. That's denying their beliefs. But fine, I assume you're fine with me saying that the niqab has nothing to do with religion then? And that therefore the wearing of the niqab should not be protected under the guise of religion? After all, most Islamic scholars agree that the wearing of the niqab is voluntary at best, and was imported to Islam for cultural reasons?
  10. Providence, have you stopped to consider how you would feel if someone continually told you that you don't believe something that you sincerely believe? Like seriously, this whole thread is you denying the beliefs of others. What gives you the right to do that? Why are you allowed to tell people what they believe?
  11. That argument is like the biggest "No True Scotsman" fallacy in the world. "No actual religion forbids same-sex marriage." "What about Catholicism? You know, the world's largest religion, which doesn't allow same-sex marriage or sex?" "Not an actual religion."
  12. Sigh, you keep saying this, but you know it's not true. Most religions in the world don't support same-sex marriage or intercourse. Just because you say the proper interpretation of *insert holy book* is same-sex marriage is fine doesn't mean it's true. Stop pretending it does.
  13. Why is your avatar an upside-down-and-red @Ryn ? What are those things from?
  14. I don't know the test for religion, I'm still trying to wrap my head around Pao On But my point is that no matter what your test is, it's very clearly connected to religion. I don't think anyone, including providence, sincerely believes that it's not. Denying its connection is a rhetorical device and nothing more
  15. I don't think anyone seriously believes that the covenant isn't connected to religion. It very clearly follows mainstream Evangelical doctrines.
  16. You literally said that the Supreme Court of Canada should decide against TWU based on the principle that the covenant is "unconscionable and indefensible"
  17. Well, sure, but that's not what the covenant requires. The covenant requires students to agree not to engage in any pre-marital sexual relations, and then defines marriage in accordance with the religious principles of the private institution the students want to join. And the key part of that is that it's a private university, not a public one. Canadian's likely would agree that public universities shouldn't do that. I think they'd agree the freedom of association and religion allows private religious institutions to do that too. But hey, maybe I have more faith in the conscious of Canadians than you do. And yes, you did say that the government should be dictating these things since you're asking the Supreme Court of Canada to make a decision based on the fact that you find these religious beliefs unconscionable.
  18. That's terrifying. You think that a majority of Canadians think the government should be dictating what religious beliefs are and are not acceptable, and demanding that private religious institutions follow their dictates on what's acceptable to ask of their members? That's an incredibly frightening thought. Although, I guess it would explain the Niqab ban.
  19. According to you, maybe. For the majority of the world, it's not. Hell, it might not even be unconscionable and indefensible to a majority of Canadians. If you polled Canadians on "Should private religious institutions be allowed to ask that none of their members have any form of sexual intercourse prior to marriage, with marriage being defined in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs to not include same-sex marriage" I imagine you'd get a fair number of yes answers. Actually, when I phrase it like that, I can't imagine that wouldn't have >50% support.
  20. So long as you believe in the right god, that is. If you believe in the wrong god you're eternally screwed.
  21. I know you occasionally don't think highly of me, but cmon Of course not, the point is that so long as they're not hurting people, why would I care? And before you ask, no, I don't think not letting me go to their university is hurting me.
  22. Oh I'm not saying belief in freedom of religion bars me from debating the correctness of their beliefs. It's just that I take a laissez-faire attitude towards religion. If somebody wants to believe God wants them to love everyone, that's fine. If somebody wants to believe God wants them to stone me, that's fine. So long as nobody is throwing rocks at me I don't care.
  23. Hoju beat me to the punch. It really boils down to whether or not you accept that other people are allowed to have other interpretations of scripture and other beliefs. If they are, you can't say that their God isn't God, because who are you to say that? People can believe what they'd like, and their assertion that God wants you to stone sinners is as grounded in fact as your assertion that God doesn't want that. If they aren't, then you're anti-freedom of religion, and then we can debate whether or not their God or your God is the right one. But that may end in you having to stone people, which doesn't sound like much fun.
  24. I'm thinking of 1 Corinthians 10:3-4.
  25. Well no, they're insulting your understanding of God. They're certainly not insulting their understanding of God.
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