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  1. Okay, but that's clearly not a right. Section X of the Charter isn't "Everyone has a right to equal opportunity to attend law school in Canada." If you get into the rights-balancing conversation you almost certainly lose. You've got nothing on your side, and the right to freedom of religion and freedom of association on the other side.
  2. What right is being balanced here? Do you have a right to attend law school? Or a right not to have a religious institution discriminate against you?
  3. Because they're not. They're free to get married and have sex. The discrimination is that for a gay person it's "impossible" to both attend TWU and have sex with someone they want to have sex with.
  4. No, but your logic was that constraining choice is disqualifying for a law school. Every other law school in Canada constrains the choices of their students, including constraining fundamental freedoms. If the logic is constraining choices leads to a school being unfit to teach law then every school in Canada is unfit to teach law.
  5. So then we're back to every law school in Canada being disbanded, though for a slightly less egregious violation.
  6. You'd be fine with the community covenant if students were subject to it but didn't have to sign it?
  7. By this logic, every law school in the country should be disbanded, since they all have behavioural codes which constrain individuals choices. See, for example, Dalhousie's recent spat regarding free speech.
  8. It very much depends on the context and how these recommendations were delivered. It's worth noting that the employer told them to see a doctor and continue councilling. If the employer provided the list in the context of recommendations or suggestions that may help then everything on it seems fine (with the exception of moving out, which seems weird — though there may be situations where it's a good situation). For example, if the employer said: At that point, we've covered off everything on the list in what I think would be an acceptable and constructive manner. Now maybe it wasn't delivered that way, or maybe OP didn't receive it that way, or maybe something else happened, but I don't think any of the advice (so long as it was advice) isn't de facto bad.
  9. Of course, it's entirely possible that the work problems are the direct result of that problem. In which case, solving the underlying problem is the only way to solve the work problems. It's also worth keeping in mind that if these work problems are the result of an underlying mental health problem (that pre-dates the work environment) it's unlikely to be solved by going to a new workplace. Based on OP's post (thinking particularly of the paralegal option) it seems likely that they are, and that the underlying problem really has to be addressed for them to succeed as a lawyer. I've never been a lawyer nor a paralegal, but I can't help but think that "I could become a paralegal" coming from a lawyer is essentially just saying "I don't think I can handle the stress of my profession, so I want an easier one with less responsibility and pressure. Which is fine, being in a high-stress, high-pressure profession isn't for everyone.
  10. That makes sense. The only real value-add would be a "backdoor" into the NY market, but if the NY market is your goal it's cheaper and easier to just go to NYU. Since you had to apply and be admitted to both schools it's not even a backdoor. It's just two front doors.
  11. To add to this, most of the health benefits of running can be achieved by the just walking briskly for 20 minutes a day. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your exercise consisting of light jogging, brisk walking, or intermittent sprints. The important thing is to get up, get moving, and get your heart rate going a bit faster
  12. I'd recommend looking into the "Couch to 5K" apps, and trying them out. A healthy person should be able to run a 5 k in about 35 minutes on the slow end, so I would set your walking speed to ~4.5km/hr and your running speed to around 7 km/hr. 7 km/hr will be fast for you, but it starts with very low durations. Then gradually boost your speed as you gain the ability to.
  13. Uhm, are you sure you're doing the math right? 5 km/hr is the average human walking speed.
  14. I thought the problem with Osgoode/NYU one was that you had to be accepted to both NYU and Osgoode independently, and thus there weren't enough Osgoode students with good enough stats.
  15. Both days should be available here: www.scc-csc.ca/case-dossier/info/webcast-webdiffusion-eng.aspx?cas=37209
  16. Though I don't want to use you as a punching bag, it's worth noting that a law degree has one of the highest post-graduation employment rates of any profession (and also much-higher-than-median wages). Though it's not a sure bet, it's probably as close as you get to one without going into the technical sciences (CompSci, Eng) or medicine (both MD and Nursing). People slip through the cracks, just like they do with the careers above, and it sucks. But it's rare and really shouldn't a significant consideration.
  17. My writing sample was literally illegible. They don't care.
  18. Why not just go to a Canadian law school and then get to practice law in Canada in half the time and for, what, <25% of the price?
  19. Yeah your math is entirely wrong for the reason @iReminisce stated. 161 is right around the median LSAT accepted for most of the big schools, so it's (definitionally) better than or equal to the score of 50% of the accepted applicants.
  20. Providence sick as hell at a party for 30 minutes in which she spills a glass of wine and her heel stomps on my foot still sounds like more fun than you at a party
  21. I’m still waiting to hear why you’re not advocating for every school to be stripped of its accreditation though.
  22. Well yes, but a majority of my class in law school support the suspension of due process rights in sexual assault cases and shifting the burden of proof in non-criminal contexts for sexual assault. Law students are idiots (myself included).
  23. So why aren't you telling me about how all the law schools in Ontario should not be accredited, since they all allow students who don't satisfy the "good character" requirement of the LSUC to enroll in their program?
  24. Care to explain? (After your party! Have fun )
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