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  1. Oh, yeah if you're going to have no discretionary spending then that's true. I didn't think you meant you would be spilling every dollar beyond the necessities into your debt
  2. Because COL is generally based on a basket of goods, and once you've bought those goods the rest of your spending is pretty much discretionary. You can extrapolate how much you need to live in each city, but what you can't do is do a broad salary calculation. For simplicity sake, let's say COL in MTL is $10, TOR is $20, and NYC is $30. Let's also just pretend you make $100 in MTL. The information you can gather from that is that COL is 3X higher in NYC than MTL, but that doesn't mean you need to make $300 to have the same life in NYC as you would on $100 in MTL. You actually only need to make $20 more to be in the same financial condition ($90 in discretionary funds). Now, you may point out that the $90 in NYC goes less far than the $90 in MTL, which is likely true, but it's not necessarily true that it goes 3X less far. In other words, COL is distorted at higher incomes because the basket of goods used (rightly) doesn't include the things we choose to use discretionary funding on. In particular, it's distorted by the cost of housing, which has a huge effect on COL calculations due to the relative expense but very clearly doesn't impact our discretionary spending at all.
  3. Doesn't COL kinda fall apart at those salaries?
  4. Agreed, they're just not super strong in areas I'm interested in. Plus I don't want to burn a bridge and leave after 1L. It's a shitty thing to do, in my opinion
  5. Davies and Blakes. I'm really on the fence about whether I'd prefer to get a job at A&B or if I'd rather hold out for the fall...
  6. 1) It might be convenient to, but you probably won't get punished for not doing it. I changed my number when I got here, but other people from out-of-province still have their old numbers. 2) There's a huge array of dress at school. Mature students tend to dress business casual, younger people dress like university students. There's a guy in my section who dresses like a punk musician (I'm talking studs and everything) Some people wear sweats. For the most part, whatever you wore to class in undergrad will be just fine. 3) No, no judgment. There's a lot of Canada Goose, and I bought one when I got here, but there's no requirement to. Lots of people wear random brands, nobody cares.
  7. I don’t think it’s at all a stretch to say that anxiety from being apart stems from deep-rooted, unaddressed problems in a relationship. Having anxiety derived from a relationship is antithetical to the idea of having a healthy, loving relationship.
  8. No, I just sent it in when I remembered.
  9. Well, I'm pretty sure the point of @theycancallyouhoju's original comment was that people survive far longer distance relationships than a two-hour drive, and thus you would be fine in law school. You can read that as invalidating your (thus far hypothetical) struggle, or you can read it as reassurance that you'll be fine in law school while being a two-hour drive from your SO. The point of my comment was that a two-hour drive isn't even really long-distance. People have longer commutes to work than that. People have longer commutes to law school than that. If you read that as invalidating your struggles I'm not sure what to tell you. Honestly, you could probably commute to and from law school every day from Toronto and see your SO more than you will in your first few years of practice (as noted by @providence and hoju above). You should probably think about that before going into debt chasing a career like that.
  10. London to Toronto is like 2 hours. That's basically downtown Toronto to Vaughan on a bad day. A woman in my year commutes from Woodstock to Osgoode every day. The only way London-Toronto is really long distance is if it's Toronto, Canada to London, England.
  11. I sent in my transcripts two weeks late, and nobody rejected me. I don't think it's nearly as big a deal as people are suggesting it is.
  12. Transfer to the school they rejected. There’s at least one person in my cohort who is planning to do exactly that because they’ve decided they’d like to live closer to home.
  13. It’s exactly like the whole “pre-law students have the worst scores on the LSAT” thing. It’s not that taking a pre-law degree makes you worse at the LSAT, it’s that nobody who took an engineering degree is also going to take the LSAT unless they’re actually good at it. In contrast, all the pre-law kids are going to take the LSAT because what else are they going to do?
  14. Yes, because schools get to dictate how long you can hold an offer for. If you accept an offer and pay the deposit they’re assuming you’re coming, and you could hold the offer through the summer without them knowing you’re not coming.
  15. Yes, of course it is. They've given you a spot, you've accepted, and as a consequence, they haven't filled that seat with the next best candidate. It likely would if you wanted to transfer.
  16. You can, but you would lose whatever deposit you had to give UVic in order to accept their offer.
  17. Nah, it’s a Toronto thread because only people who live in Toronto are self-centred enough to assume that’s the default For real though, my bad! I’ll message a mod to see if they can edit it.
  18. Denton's also came out today, though I didn't apply there.
  19. It always annoys me when OPs try to say the thread is done We’re done when we say we’re done, god damnit! (Or, more accurately, when Hegdis gets annoyed because people start getting personal)
  20. The email they sent said they had completed their review, which suggests there aren’t waves. I imagine they leave a certain number of students hanging for call day such that they can fill in any spots that open up from people turning down interviews.
  21. I thought we were still going with the pit of ravenous gerbils thing?
  22. For what it’s worth, I’m extremely progressive on a lot of matters too. We just never debate those, @providence
  23. I, too, have been amazed at how many people they let into law school that are wrong about nearly everything!
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